LIVE FOREX TRADING ROOM did 10,678 PIPS from May-Dec of 2009

A Better Way to Trade!

I have to admit it…for all of the so-called Forex “pros” out there, not too many of them will actually trade in-front of you everyday in a live webinar.

This guy however, I have to say, is the real deal.

Colin Atkins started trading Forex about 10 years ago and is now one of those 5% of successful traders unlike the other 95%.

He began doing seminars in London at first, before he was finally convinced to put his skills to better purpose…

What he’s done now is created a LIVE WEBINAR ROOM for members to enter 5 days a week, with 3 sessions daily. You can simply watch him trade (a few trades per session, nice and simple) and DUPLICATE what you see him doing! It’s truly simple stupid.

He averages around 60 pips a day, and managed to do 10,678 in the LIVE ROOM in the first 7 months of opening it up!

Really, anyone who can simply WATCH this guy trade can duplicate his success. This is DEFINITELY worth a look.
NO more “signals” or “systems” that never work like you want them to. This guy is going to be in the same trades with you, and talking to you live. This is the answer for 95% of Forex traders…long-time traders, and newbies alike.

You need to take a look at this, click…

7 thoughts on “LIVE FOREX TRADING ROOM did 10,678 PIPS from May-Dec of 2009”

  1. 10,678 pips in 7 months is definitely solid trading and good performance. Especially for the room just being open for seven months.

    That type of performance reminds me of JCL’s Forex who did 7,022 pips in just ONE MONTH. That trading room has been open since 2005 so there is over four years experience there which could be the difference.

    A very good start though!

  2. Disa I’m not familiar with JCL..but yeah you’re right these guys that I linked to definitely show promise. If they keep this up they’re golden.

  3. I guess I will never know how good the room is or not considering there is no trial or “guess pass” offered. If the results are as stated, there should be no problem with offering a trial period to let potential subscribers “try” before they “buy” like some of the other services out there do.

  4. well I can tell you that forex malibu has an online trading room with transparency and a free trial.

    Hope this helps..

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