Dividendltd.com/ Forexsystem.biz- Avoid

I was passing by Jude’s Blog and I saw this post, and I thought I’d pass on the info to my readers. If you’re into HYIPs, watch out for the two being mentioned below! Avoid them!

Got an email from one of our reader asking me to review the above programs after receiving our monthly e-zine.

I wouldn’t know how to explain but it just comes to me pretty quickly that both Dividendltd and Forexsystem.biz are nothing but pure ponzi scam sites. It will come to you straight without fail when you’ve been in the arena long enough.

Just avoid them. Keep your money in the pockets and wait for something genuine to come by.”

Review of Marketiva FOREX trading platform

Guess what anxious readers :)…I’m back with a review of a popular FOREX trading platform. Forex? you say. Yes FOREX, or the foreign currency exchange market. If you absolutely do not know what I am talking about then I STRONGLY suggest you visit http://www.babypips.com and familiarize yourself with the basics of the FOREX market. Now, if you’ve read that site you should have by now the most basic knowledge necessary to become a FOREX trader, so I am dedicating this review to you; the beginning trader.

Ok, so first of all I must confess that I’ve only been using the Marketiva platform for about 3 days now. I’ve heard a lot of talking about it in various online investment and forex forums, and being the curious creature that I am, I decided to give it a try to see what all the fuss is about. Normally I trade using InterbankFX’s MT3 platform for my grid-trading and I use StrategyBuilder FX’s MT4 platform for a demo account where I test all my strategies, and I execute all my trades on InterbankFX’s MT4 platform. However, like I’ve said, I was curious to checkout the Marketiva platform.

The first time I ran the platform I was pleasantly surprised by its simplicity. It is by far less complicated than MT4, but it has all the tools a normal trader needs. Pretty much all the indicators you could possibly use are to be found readily accessible in this platform. Charting is at an acceptable level, but not as good as on the MT4 platform. Another feature lacking is a scripting language so you can run automated trading systems such as on Mt3/MT4, but realistically not every trader will use this feature; especially the beginners. Its simple and elegant interface is perfect for a beginning trader.

Another cool feature of Marketiva is that you can fund your account via e-gold and e-bullion!! Yes, I would say that feature is pretty cool mainly because it is so convenient and you avoid high wire-transfer fees. Of course you can still fund your account via wire-transfer, and I would advise you to do so if you plan on transferring astronomical sums into your trading account.

Some commonly asked questions:

1) How much money do I need to start?

They have no requirements for initial deposit. When you open an account you get real $5 reward and virtual $10000 for training (woohoo!). If you want to open an account please go to http://www.marketiva.com and fill out the form there.

2) Can I open two accounts?

NO! Marketiva is pretty strict about this. Besides, if you need to test a strategy, use the virtual account to demo your strategy, and when you’re sure it works simply use it on your live account.

3) Does funding via e-gold and e-bullion occur instantly?

Oh you betcha! That’s primarily the reason why I decided to use this platform. It is so convenient to just log into my e-gold account and blast some $ into my trading account, and off I

4) How can I withdraw my money?

Via wire-transfer, e-gold and e-bullion. Note that withdrawals are NOT automated like deposite via e-gold and e-bullion are!

5) Are there any fees to withdraw?

Yes, and they are the following:

Wire-transfer – $14

E-gold – $7 (once only!)

E-bullion – $7 (once only!)

6) Can I take a tour of the trading platform?

Absolutely yes, and I did and that’s how I decided to actually go through the process of opening an account. All you have to do is go to the main Marketiva homepage and click on the “Take a tour” link

7) How long does it take to open an account?

It took me 5 minutes. They don’t ask you for any proof of ID or anything like that. But, please provide real info when asked for you address. Overall the sign-up process is easy and painless. In 5 minutes I was up and running and placing trades!

Another really cool feature that I like a lot is the built in chat rooms. I can chat with my fellow traders and share strategies and information all within the trading platform, so I am never away from both my friends and the trading platform. There are numerous chat rooms, including one for just about every country out there. I usually hang around in the Romanian one with the nick “allinvain”, so if you’re there give me a shout 🙂

I think this should be the end of the review as I don’t want to rant on and on. Just give the platform a try and if you like it, good, if you don’t you still have nothing to lose – plus you’ll get $5 free to start.

To give
Marketiva a try go to: http://www.marketiva.com and click on “Open account”

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Infinity-Shares: no further e-gold funding allowed

Here is another update from Infinity-Shares administrators:

Infinity-Shares closes E-gold deposit,

Dear members,

We have closed E-gold deposits for a couple of days until we have looked deeper into the current situation. We want to avoid that people use IS as a stocking place for their gold.

It would not be fair to the other members if all of a sudden the worst case scenario occurs for E-gold, which I personally think is almost nihil, but still, for the members, we did anticipate and blocked E-gold deposits for now.

Also, we are looking at pecunix and E-bullion as backup option in case anything happens.


Steven, Stijn and Xtian”


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Infinity-Shares: Update from the program administrators

To those of you who are invested in Infinity-Shares, please read this important info pasted below. The admins have sent an e-mail to all the program members so you should also get an e-mail copy of what I’ve just pasted here. To those of you who aren’t members of Infinity-Shares, you’re missing out on a great and genuine opportunity. I have a link you can use to join on the right hand side of my blog under the rubric “High Yield Investments”.

Here is the update from Infinity-Shares:

“Good Day, After 2 weeks of searching, we found an alternative broker that we feel covers our trading needs. Our new broker is HMS, which is also based in Lux, making our transition from Internaxx a lot easier and faster. Paperwork will be done on Monday, applications, bank wires and other required materials. Of course once everything is approved, we will allow a few people to audit the new account to verify that everything is there.

We expect to resume trading as soon as all of the requirements are met and things are looking up for IS so far.

Concerning the E-gold situation, we have around 10% of total IS capital in e-gold, but we will be reducing that down to 2% this Monday to ensure the safety of the funds. The 2% left online will be maintained to cover short-term withdrawals and from our point of view is an acceptable risk to deal with rather than go through the process of exchanging small amounts back and forth between accounts.

Pet Project Photos will also be posted in the forum within the week. Chris’ father is slowly improving, and will be (hopefully) out of the hospital in 2 weeks. Some good news at least.

Steven, Stijn and Xtian

Private 1: New private investment program

Greeting fellow internet investors. Some of you might be interested in this. I am going to give 9 people the opportunity to join one of the HYIP world’s most exclusive Elite Investment Club. I was told by the administration crew not to discuss too much or to advertise the program too much as they don’t want too many members in the program. The investment program generates profit from the FOREX market. Our (dont forget I’m in it too so it’s MY program too) traders have been generating healthy profit every week. It varies according to market conditions but, on average they can pull over 2.40%+ per week – sometimes even 5.5%!

I should note that this program is not for the “hit and run” or “small fish” players. The minimum to invest is $260 for e-gold and $267.50 for e-bullion e-currency. Also since the program is closed to new members and is 100% private getting in is really hard.

However, if you’re lucky enough to know someone who is already in (like me), then you’re all set. But wait, it’s not gonna be this easy. I was given only a few referral codes (expire once used) so I can’t invite you all in, only on a first come first serve basis. I’ve reserved a few codes for my friends and family and the rest I can sell to you at a modest fee (given the opportunity).

The fee is $25 USD in e-gold. Remember I have only 9 referral codes!!

Here is how we’re going to do this. To pay me, click the button below, then send me an e-mail to allinvain6@gmail.com with the transaction details (account number, batch number, etc) and request that I send you the “referral” link:

Pay Now with e-gold...

Infinity-Shares – Forex Based Investment Program

–UPDATE May 25, 2007—

Infinity-Shares is now a private forex club! That means that new investors will have to be invited by an existing member! Sorry folks, as with all good things people want to keep it to themselves. If you still want to get in I can refer a LIMITED number of people, but please note that you have to join with a least 20 shares (which is roughly about $100) to be eligible for membership. E-mail me at allinvain6 at gmail.com if you want to be invited (note that I will only allow hmm maybe 20 people to join as the more people join the more the share pool gets diluted)

Also read this post which tells you what procedure to follow to become a member!


Hi there! You are quite fortunate to have found this blog, because today I am going to tell you about a real online investment program that is for real. Yes, that’s right, no HYIP scam! This program is based on FOREX trading, and has been online for a bit (May 6,2006). I have been an investor in this program for about 3 months, and I am quite happy with the returns. I must state that the returns are REALISTIC (not 200% per day or some other nonsense).

Extensive due diligence has been done on this program; in fact, check out this link for an extensive review of this program:


You will notice that we have photos of the program administrators (and traders), along with statements of their forex trading account The person who performed the review of this program even had live access to their trading account, so we know that the traders are for real, and are not some scammers looking to run with our money. They are just two enthusiastic forex traders that need some starting capital, and in return for our investment capital they are willing to give us a realistic (I would say very good) return on our investment.

Here is an excerpt from their site:

“We are an online based Investment program and use our funds to trade on the forex market. InfinityShares.com launched on May 6, 2006.

“We are currently OPEN to new members and deposits. You can already become an investor when you buy only 2 shares. ”

Currently the share price is 3.48 Euro. The program is based in Euros because their Forex broker is located in Europe so it makes things easier for them instead of converting between currencies.

Program performance:

“Since May we have made 47.26% profit (average of 8.89%/month when September is excluded). Our goal is not to give insane return, but to create a stable income for our members for a long time. We aim for a weekly return of 2% or higher.”

To invest you must have an e-gold account. I hope you already have some e-gold to invest – if not go here to open an account:


To fund your e-gold account you’ll need to purchase some e-gold from an e-gold market maker. One that I recommend is Goldex. You can find them at this link:


To join this program click the link below:


Note: make sure you have “allinvain” in the referral field otherwise you won’t be able to join as this program requires you to be referred by someone already in the program.

That’s all for now. Be on the lookout for two new real investment opportunities! I will post them soon.

An adventure in currency trading