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Professional forex software installation services

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Hello fellow traders.

I am often guilty of taking my computer skills for granted and no doubt many of you do the same. But the reality is that we all had to start somewhere. We were all computer and forex newbies at some point. Installing and configuring forex trading platforms,forex robots or indicators is not something that seems immediately obvious even to those people with highly developed computer skills.

So if you’re a beginner forex trader and you find yourself overwhelmed by all the technical aspects I want you to know that you can get help. There are professional forex software installation services out there that you can take advantage of. Today I am going to introduce you to two of the ones that I know best. No doubt there are other ones out there. So if you come across any other reputable and trustworthy ones let me know in the comments section of this post.

Ok, so let’s get started. The first one is:

FX Install: This company will install ANY forex software for you. They’ll install the software either on your PC or a forex VPS. They also have a lot of support options available to you, including skype chat, live chat support, and even telephone!

As far as their fees go, their prices seem reasonable. For a one time install they ask a fee of $67. Or alternatively if you find yourself needing their services on a very regular basis you can sign-up for a monthly subscription the cost of which is $34.95 /month.

EA Setup: This other company has been around for quite some time. They are a bit different than the first company is the sense that they specialize in installing MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) EAs (aka forex robots). Their price for this service is $60 (one time fee). Also like the first company they will setup your EA on any VPS you may have.

Well. there you have it. Two easy solutions if you find yourself in need of a professional forex software installation service.

If you try either company feel free to leave your feedback on what you like or dislike about them, their level of service or anything that may be useful to other interested tradersĀ  – to better help them decide which service to choose.

Good luck everyone!