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FapTurbo Forex Robot Is Now Available

As I said in the post below FapTurbo was set to go live today at 9:00 AM EST, and that is exactly what just happened. I got my copy 2 minutes ago. Here is proof of purchase so you know that I’m not just pulling your legs on this one:


Order Number: QK7EM***
Order Date: 11/25/2008 6:06 AM PST
Product: FAPTURBO Forex Trading Package
Product ID: 1

I am now going to slap this baby on a demo account and see how it performs. Those of you who wish to join me for the testing fun checkout this link. Once you’ve got some demo results I’d encourage you to share it with the rest of us here at this forum link:


I hope this forex robot (aka EA) will make you guys some $

Cheers, and happy trading everyone.

FapTurbo Goes Live Today at 9 AM EST

Those of you who read the post below may be interested in knowing that FapTurbo will “go live” today November 25, 2008 at 9 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time). I’ll grab my copy as soon as I get home.

There is quite a lot of talk about this EA all over the net on various forums. I also came across many so called “review” sites out there, but in reality they are just trying to convince you to buy it and provide no real review data whatsoever. Many of them use underhanded reverse psychology sales techniques like “fapturbo scam” or “fapturbo is a scam” and so on.

Like I said before, I suggest you wait until I (or any other honest reviewer) buy it and post some real forward demo test results. Don’t just blindly trust the performance statement on the fapturbo website. It is always best to get a second opinion before you commit to buying this product.

Cheers, and happy trading,

FapTurbo – The super forex robot that doubles real money?

Hey everyone. It appears that Marcus Leary of Forex Autopilot fame is at it again and introducing another expert advisor to the public. Judging by the name of FapTurbo I think it could be an improved version of his Forex Autopilot expert advisor. What is interesting about this new product is that there is a section on the FapTurbo website where they’ve got two live trading account performance statements that are updated every 15 min. If those performance statements are truthful then I’d say I’m quite impressed with this EA’s performance.  FapTurbo has taken a $370 live account all the way up to $2988 (as of November 20, 2008) There is also another account that started with $2500 and is now at $4504.81.

I currently own the forex autopilot EA and if FapTurbo is an improved version of that I will definitely buy it because I am happy with Forex Autopilot’s performance so far.

Here is a copy of the promo e-mail I received form Marcus


We finally got some more information in our hands and we
absolutely have to let you know upfront before this
spreads all over the web.

The super robot FapTurbo is upon us.. We just received a
special Proof page and since Marcus has worked closely
with the guys we can assure you: Everything you see on this
page is 100% REAL

Real Money accounts that double in under 30 days..
Small accounts almost 10 times (!!) the original size in
under 60 days. Here is the link.


Do yourself a favor and check this proof report out. It`s
something truly exceptional and an impressive sight to
behold. The statements update every 15 minutes
(unfortunately not over the weekend as brokerages close
down) to let you see the robot reap reward after reward in
live trades!


We keep you posted…

Andreas Kirchberger
Marcus B. Leary

Note: At this point you cannot buy this product yet, but be patient as it will be released soon. Visit the FapTurbo website and bookmark it. In either case I will let you all know when it is out. Like I said I will join in and buy it and test it along with you folks. As always you can expect honest and non-manipulated performance statements from me. If the product is crap, I’ll bluntly tell you.

Oh, by the way, I also started a forum thread over here:


Feel free to join in on the chat and share your opinion.

Best of luck to you all,

Want to run an EA but can’t leave your PC on all the time?


Hi everyone. If you’re like me, you probably want to run a few expert advisors here and there. However, not everyone wants to leave their PC running all the time to do this. There is a solution, but of course it’s going to cost you. I’ve been hunting around the net for quite some time and came across a fairly cheap provider of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that caters specifically to Forex traders like us. They even have some of their own EAs you can subscribe to for a reasonable fee. I haven’t really looked that much at their EA subscription offering but feel free to look into that if you’re interested. I was mainly interested in their VPS offering.

Here is what they’re offering (quote from their website):

  • 64 bit Windows for maximum performance! [especially traders]

  • Windows Virtual Desktop hosted in a major US datacenter

  • Accessible from any Windows PC, Mac, web browser
    or Windows Mobile Phone!

  • Your programs keep running, even when your PC is shut off

  • High speed Internet to your desktop – even for dialup users

  • No maintenance at random hours

  • Subscription EA’s and/or upload your own!

  • 24/7/365 support, trusted by subscribers in 67 countries

  • Virtual Desktop Feature & Security Pack for FREE!

Virtual Private Server Detailed Specs:

  • 384MB RAM
  • 5G Hard Disk
  • 5GB Backup Hard Disk
  • 2.5x Power (CPU Share)
  • 250 Processes
  • Windows 2003 Enterprise Server 64 bit
  • 2 Remote Desktop Sessions
  • Online Trader Software Application Templates
    MetaTrader, VTTrader, iqChart, Speed Trader, Mig Trading Station, TCNet…or install your own!
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Remote Desktop Sound & Printing Support
  • Free .com/net/org Domain Registration
  • Virtuozzo Power Panel Included
  • Dual Firewalls
  • ClamWin AntiVirus
  • Virtual Desktop Feature & Security Pack

The price is a modest $30 per month.

They do have a “Power Edition” package but that’s gonna cost you $65 per month. I think for me (and probably for the rest of you) the $30/month package is good enough.

If you’ve got an EA that earns you over $30 per month (which I hope you do) then your forex earnings will pay for the VPS service easily. I intend to give this company’s services a try in the next few weeks or so.

All interested parties please visit this link to sign-up or to find out more details.