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Your second chance at the Forex Profit Multiplier

Forex Profit Multiplier

Dear Trader,

A few weeks ago, I let you in on what has turned out to be one
the biggest Forex surprises of the year:

-The Forex Profit Multiplier

This step-by-step trading program & companion Trade Alert
Software from 35+ year trader Bill Poulos is a multi-media
powerhouse that reveals the quickest & most flexible way to
achieve INDEPENDENCE in the Forex markets & shield yourself from

-ESPECIALLY if you’re inexperienced & have little time.

In just about 4 days, the initial # of programs Bill set aside
for his new students quickly sold out, and for good reason:

* Those lucky individuals who claimed their copy before it
expired figured out that NOW is one of the best times ever to
trade Forex because of the huge volatility being created by the
instability of the global markets.

The profit potential right now is awesome & EXTRA lucrative.


Now that the initial wave of new student inquiries has settled
down a bit, Bill has decided to take on a few more new students
– but only through Tuesday, January 4th, 2011, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

He’s not saying how many more he’ll take on, but I know this for
a fact:

* He’s only letting in a small, limited number…

* The doors close next TUESDAY…

And, it would not surprise me if he pulled his ‘second chance’
offer down early, especially if he gets more students than he
can handle.

So, if you have ANY interest in getting in on what I think many
traders will end up calling THE Forex event of 2010, go here to
see if any copies are still available:


Good Trading!

p.s. If you missed Bill’s awesome complimentary Forex training
website where he revealed the Forex Profit Multiplier, you can
still see the training videos here:


Get the Forex Profit Multiplier Now (It’s LIVE!)

It’s time.

The Forex Profit Multiplier is LIVE!

Get it here:


Make sure you watch the entire presentation on that page — it
reveals some brand new, surprise extras you’re going to get when
you enroll in the program today…

I’ve been following Bill Poulos for some time, and I can say
without hesitation that the Forex Profit Multiplier is his
HIGHEST VALUE trading program he’s ever released.

I think he’ll probably end up doubling the price, so if
you’re ready to add on another safe, predictable
income stream with Forex, go and get this NOW:


Good Trading!

p.s. I just found out that when you enroll today, you’ll get to
INSTANTLY DOWNLOAD Bill’s trade alert software that he showcased
to you last week. Get it here:


Pay Nothing for Bill Poulos’s Forex Profit Multiplier

How’d you like to get your hands on Bill Poulos’s Forex Profit
Multiplier trade alert software… PLUS his companion home study
course, and…


Well, he JUST announced a “36 Hour Scholarship Giveaway”!

If you get this message before 9am Eastern on Monday, December
13th, then there’s still time to enter.

Spend a few seconds and place your entry here:


Good luck!

Good Trading!

Top Forex Profit Multiplier questions addressed

Forex Profit Multiplier

Ever since I posted Bill Poulos’s new Forex Profit Multiplier
training videos earlier this week, there has been a LOT of

-but there’s also been a LOT of questions.

If you’ve been to his training website lately, then you’ve
probably noticed there have been well over 400 comments and
questions posted from traders hungry to get their hands on
Bill’s new software & training program.

He’s been answering as many questions as he can directly on the
website, but he just recorded a special short video that
addresses the top 3:

* How is the Forex Profit Multiplier different from a trading

* What exactly will I get when I order the Forex Profit

* How much will it cost?

To see this short video, go here:


I hope this addresses some of the questions you have about
Bill’s new “predictive” Forex software.

Good Trading!

p.s. Underneath this video, you’ll see a form that will let you
get on Bill’s “Cut In Line” list which will let you get his
software a full HOUR before everybody else. I suggest you add
your email to this list because it looks like he’s going to sell
out pretty quickly when it opens next Monday.


60-second “live” Forex trading (video #3)

Forex Profit Multiplier

Video #3 of Bill Poulos’s BRAND NEW Forex trading lab series is

* “60 Second Live Trading With My Forex ‘Profit Multiplier'”

Watch it here:


In this video you’ll see some actual live trades he placed using
his custom, intelligent trade alert software on the USD/CHF,
GBP/USD, and the USD/CAD…

* Each trade took 3 to 5 bars, start to finish…

* Active total trading time was from 180 to 300 seconds per pair
– that’s FAST…

* He even used a live stopwatch so you can see how your active
trading time during each trading session is less than 60
seconds… (this is COOL!)

* Wait until you see the PIP gains… will every trade be this
good? Maybe… maybe not…

You’ll also see a HUGE surprise, added benefit of his trade
alert software —

* The ability to predict what the trend is likely to be in the
next 8 hours for all 6 major Forex pairs, and how you can use
this to trade shorter timeframes with ANY trading method – his,
yours… ANY method…

(that ability alone has the potential to quickly add on another
income stream for you, almost overnight)

See it all here:


BIG NEWS <– Forex Profit Multiplier RELEASE DATE…

Bill is going to be releasing his brand new, step-by-step
trading program – the Forex Profit Multiplier – which includes
his custom, intelligent Trade Alert Software, on:

* MONDAY, December 13th, at 1pm Eastern (New York time).

Be sure to watch all of Video #3 for more details.

This is going to be exciting!

Good Trading!

p.s. All 3 of Bill’s trading lab training videos will only be
available online for a short time, so if you’re trying to figure
out a safe, predictable, and fast way to add on Forex as a
potential income stream, please make sure you watch them before
they come offline.


EUR/USD is headed here in the next 8 hrs

Forex Profit Multiplier

Did you see the new Forex “Profit Multiplier” training video I
posted yesterday that reveals Bill Poulos’s custom “trade
alert” software?

It’s causing quite a stir on his website…

-and, he just posted the followup to it, Training Video #2:

* His Forex “Profit Multiplier” In Action

You can see it here:


In his second video, you’ll discover:

* A bar-by-bar trade “dissection” that reveals how simple it is
to trade these new methods…

* How to make it a goal every time you place a trade to erase
the risk as soon as possible & enjoy a “F-R-E-E- Trade”…

* His time-tested risk management strategy inspired by Einstein
yet so simple an 8th grader could apply it…

* The key trading secret that could cause your profit potential
to skyrocket, almost overnight (it’s been staring you straight
in the face)…

* The ability to predict what the trend is likely to be in the
next 8 hours for all 6 major Forex pairs, and how you can use
this to trade shorter timeframes with any trading method – his,
yours… any method…

He really digs into the charts in this second video and shows
you exactly how you can quickly & easily fit these methods into
your busy daily routine.

Watch video #2 here:


I hope you enjoy it!

Good Trading.

The $20,000 Forex “secret weapon”?

Forex Profit Multiplier

A few months ago, one of the Forex trading community’s most
seasoned trading “veterans” released a series of training videos
to a small group of traders that addressed the #1 request his
Forex students from all around the world have been asking him

* “How can I make MORE money in LESS time, even if I’m not a
technical Forex ‘geek’?”

To do this properly, he had 2 big challenges:

1. How to shorten the time needed to actively find & manage the
highest probability, lowest risk trades…

2. How to give you total control to manage these trades to
completion, so your portfolio is protected at all times…

After a LOT of research and testing, he finally came up with a
way to MULTIPLY your profit potential in these highly lucrative
markets in 60 seconds or less of active trading…

-and he’s re-opening access RIGHT NOW to his complimentary
presentation that reveals his discovery here:


The $20,000 Secret Weapon

The “secret weapon” behind his discovery is a custom piece of
intelligent software that he paid over $20,000 to develop that
can predict with a high level of accuracy which way any of the 6
major Forex pairs are headed in the next 8 hours…

It does all the “hard work” of finding the best trade setups,
saving you hours of analysis…

-but then gives you total control to place and manage the trades
yourself so your portfolio is always shielded from risk.

And from what I’ve seen, no one is trading like this (yet)…

No, it’s NOT a “robot”… it’s NOT an “expert advisor”… it’s
NOT even a “plug-in”…

It’s a complete, step-by-step approach to trading that’s
probably unlike anything you’ve seen before.

He reveals it all in his new trading lab discovery presentation


This is something anyone can do, regardless of your experience.
Plus, it easily fits into your busy schedule because you really
only need 60 seconds here and there throughout the day to
place and manage your trades.

Good Trading!

p.s. This presentation will only be online for a short time in
order to get your feedback on this discovery, so if any of this
interests you, make sure you watch it here ASAP:


Your second chance at the Forex Profit Multiplier ends tonight – 12 hours left

Forex Profit Multiplier

This is it — your “second chance” at the Forex Profit
Multiplier ENDS TONIGHT, Thursday, November 4th, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

That gives you around 12 more hours to make a decision,
depending on when you get this message.

Since Bill Poulos first announced this new program on October
11th, just over 3 weeks ago, his custom, intelligent trade alert
software has produced the following “pip potential”:

* 54 trades, 41 which turned a profit…

* Total net pips so far of 2,258, or an average of 108 pips per

Of course, there is no way to promise you will do this well –
you could do worse, and you could do much better.

The only way to know is to TRY IT OUT yourself here:


Out of everything I’ve seen on the market, the Forex Profit
Multiplier is one of the most affordable trading programs

Considering you have your whole life to trade, and considering
the potential profit it’s pumped out in just a few weeks, it
really is priced low enough so almost any serious trader can get
started with it easily and instantly TODAY.

But what I really love about the Forex Profit Multiplier is that
it comes with WAY MORE than “just” the awesome trade alert

You also get:

* The complete companion home study course rushed to your
doorstep, which includes CD-ROM video tutorials, trading
blueprints, and more…

* A complete 8-week group coaching program…

* Unlimited support for a full year…

* and a LOT more.

There’s just a TON of value here. It’s unusual to see this —
it’s rare.

I’ve watched Bill Poulos release his trading programs for a
number of years now, and many times he has raised his prices
after his initial releases. I fully expect that to happen with
the Forex Profit Multiplier at some point, so I really urge you
to say MAYBE and try it out now before the price goes up.

Take it for a 60 day “test drive”. If you really don’t like all
the “pip potential” this program can help you spot, send it

-> This is it, folks. You’ve got about 12 hours left.

I hope you get in before it closes.

Get in here:


Good Trading,

p.s. Bill just sent me this note from one of his new Forex
Profit Multiplier students that you need to see. It kind of says
it all:

Steve H. Posted on: Nov 03 2010 04:15 PM

“Good evening!

Just to let you know that I am thrilled with this product. And
to think I nearly didn’t buy it!

In the eight days since I started using it, I’ve made 791 pips
profit – and I haven’t traded all the signals!

I placed 24 trades, of which 18 were winners!

Thank you so much.

Steve H.”