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Rent a Signal discontinues its business operations

Hi everyone. I’ve got some news related to the forex “trading signals marketplace” industry. Apparently the forex trading signals marketplace “Rent a Signal” has decided to close its business operations. Rent a Signal worked pretty much like ZuluTrade. I’ve tried to use them in the past but never got around to actually funding an account and checking out the signal providers they offer. This means that there are only 2 of these forex trading signal marketplaces left on the net – as far as I know. Those two are Zulutrade and Collective2.

Here is a copy of their press release/mailing list notice:

Dear Rent a Signal user ,

Since 2007, Rent a Signal is proud of providing with its services to thousands of clients around the globe. However, it is the time to focus on the rest of the services provided by the firm who owns Rent a Signal and accordingly, it was decided to discontinue the Rent a Signal’s operations in October 2012.

In order to ensure an ordered disconnection of its services with regards your Broker trading account, Rent a Signal will be disconnected according to the following calendar:

– October 14, 2012: your account on Rent a Signal will no longer receive any new incoming trades from any Signal, even if you are still subscribed to them. That means that your Broker trading account will only receive changes made by the Signal Providers with regards the trades opened before October 14, 2012.

– October 21, 2012: the Rent a Signal Platform will be disconnected completely from the Signal Providers. This means that, if you have any open trade into your Broker trading account, you will need to manage it manually, through your RAS account or your Broker trading account.

– October 28, 2012: the Rent a Signal website will be completely disconnected. Accordingly, any open trade on your Broker trading account, must be managed by you directly and only through your Broker Trading Platform.

In order to avoid any misunderstanding, we would like to stress that any open trade that you may have on your Broker trading account, must be managed manually by you from October 21 on. Note that Rent a Signal will not receive/send communications automatically from October 20 on. In the case of any discrepancy between the information on your Broker Trading account and the information of your Rent a Signal account, the information of your Broker Trading account must prevail.
We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all your confidence.

The Rent a Signal team

Happy trading everyone!


The June 2012 issue of Currency Trader magazine is ready to download

Hello. Just a brief post to let you all know that the latest issue of Currency Trader Magazine is out. If you’ve never read it it’s worth checking out. I don’t think there are many magazine dedicated to us forex traders so it’s neat to have at least one out there. If anyone knows of any other ones let me know. Anyways..

1. Click here to download the current issue.

2. Click here to download last month’s issue.

January 2010 issue of Currency Trader magazine is ready to download

Hi. Just a quick heads up to let you know that the January 2010 issue of Currency Trader magazine is ready for your reading pleasure.

You can get it at the following link (free subscription – so far):

Happy reading and of course profitable trading!

Oh, and one more thing. Permit me to throw in a plug for my forex forum. The Forex Nirvana Forum is the discuss all thing forex related. Come and join me and other traders!



Last Chance to Get the Forex Profit Accelerator Course

Forex Profit Accelerator

(Due to ’email pleading’, you
may have a chance to get in on
this sold out Forex solution…)

Last week, 35+ year trader Bill Poulos filled up his next group
of students who jumped at the chance to grab his sold out Forex
Profit Accelerator home study course.

This course was then pulled off the market last Wednesday (the
countdown timer flashed “Sorry, Expired” at midnight that day).

Then over the next week, Bill received an unusual amount of
“email pleas” from hopeful traders who missed the deadline…
begging him to open up a few more spots…


So, Bill decided to open up his enrollment page again, but only
for 35 more traders.

Why 35?

Well, this year marks the 35th year he’s been trading the

…but the page is only open through Thursday, April 9th, at
11:59pm Eastern because he doesn’t want the final 35 traders to
fall behind his other students who got on board in time last

Bill already has hundreds of traders who signed up on his
‘Soldout’ page for his notification list, so these 35 copies
will be gone – the question is HOW SOON… ?

So if you missed out last week, and want a final chance to “get
in”, go ahead and claim your copy of Bill’s step-by-step Forex
home study course that reveals how you can finally achieve Forex
F-R-E-E-D-O-M in less than 20 minutes a day…

Get it here:

Good Trading!

p.s. These final 35 copies will be “doled out” on a first come
first served basis, so please be sure to make your decision
quickly and then do your best to grab one of the remaining
copies here:

Remember, that page will expire on Thursday, April 9th at
11:59pm Eastern (New York time).

Forex MegaDroid Price Is Going Up

Forex MegaDroid

Hello everybody. I received an e-mail from a Forex MegaDroid promoter (Andreas Kirchberg of Forex Killer fame) a few minutes ago notifying me that the Forex MegaDroid developers are going to increase the price of their product. The way I see it either they’re just saying this to drive up sales (last minute rush sort of thing) or they really mean it. Your guess on his is as good as mine. Right now the Forex MegaDroid EA costs $97. I tried to find out how much they’re going to raise the price but unfortunately I did not find anything. But I don’t think it’s going be raised all that much – maybe to $140? I’m basing my speculation on the same tactic that the FapTurbo developers used. They too said they’re going to raise the price, raised it once, then they said they’ll raise it again but that second time never happened – could this be a repeat of this tactic? Could Forex MegaDroid be related in some way to FapTurbo? Anyways, enough of my speculations.

Here is a copy of the e-mail I received (this is an excerpt – I removed some stuff that was not pertinent to the subject):

The launch of Forex MegaDroid is almost over and, as
promised by John and Albert, the price is going up.

Remember, Forex MegaDroid has unique features that NO other
robot on the market has:

– Broker buster in-built mechanism (no broker in the world
will ever know you are trading with it and hence cannot
stop you from doubling your account every month)

Consistency – Year-by-year impressive performance. In 2009
alone the robot has almost QUADRUPLED the deposit!

– Multi-Market Performance – the only robot that is
capable of trading with 95.86% accuracy in every single
market condition: trending, non-trending, volatile,
non-volatile. This is HUGE since it’s the reason the robot
is able to trade every month with an uncanny accuracy rate.

– New Artificial Intelligence technology (RCTPA) which
allows the robot to see what will happen in the market
within the next 2-4 hours with unheard of accuracy rates.

You can get Forex MegaDroid here before price goes up.

March 2009 issue of Currency Trader Magazine now available

Hello fellow traders. I thought I’d make a quick post to let you all know that this month’s issue of Currency Trader Magazine has hit the news stands.

By the way, you have to register with your e-mail to get a copy.

Here is the link to get this month’s (and previous issues as well) copy:

Happy reading.



NetPicks UMT FX Live Limited Time Discount

FX Live!

I’m thrilled when technical glitches work in my favor!

Over the past couple of days, I received a number of complaints from you
all about not being able to access the NetPicks UMT FX Live! order page.

Seeing as how I’ve been recommending it so highly, I contacted NetPicks and
managed to negotiate a sweet deal just for you.

If you were one of the many traders who didn’t get a chance at the
discounted price because you could not access the FX Live! order page,
here’s your second chance.

You have until Sunday at 11:59pm to take advantage of your 2nd chance
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Note that this is NOT a public link. Use it for yourself but please refer
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If you’ve been keeping up, you already know the benefits of the FX Live!
system. Mastery of the forex markets within 30 days is enough to sell
anyone but if you want more info, click on over to their informational page
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Just remember that your discount is only valid until Sunday night.

Good Trading,

P.S. Now just because it expires on Sunday, doesn’t mean you should wait
until the last-minute! I’ve got it on good authority that even if there is
another server issue, I cannot get you another opportunity to score the
lower price (trust me, I’ve already asked!). So head on over now before the
price goes up OR the server goes down!