Forex VPS

Hello everyone. This page is dedicated to my recommended forex VPS (virtual private servers) providers. At the moment I recommend mainly five providers.

1) Commercial Network Services (CNS) – This is the forex VPS provider I used to use before launching my own. I was very happy with their services and especially their level of reliability. This company has VPS packages specifically designed for us forex traders. Another interesting service they provide is the ability to subscribe to several commercial EAs directly through them – if you like to use expert advisors that is.

2) FXVM – This is a forex vps hosting provider with really good data center setups. They have servers in Equinix NY, right where a lot of brokers host their server so this means you’ll enjoy a super low latency connection to them. The VPS servers are Windows based.¬† Checkout their homepage for all the details.

3) SWVPS – Out of all the VPS providers I recommend this one offers the lowest price. If price is the bottom line for you then this VPS provider is what you’d want. Bear in mind that they are NOT a dedicated forex VPS provider, thus they won’t get any MT4 install scripts or any of that other fancy stuff¬† you’d get with the other ones. If you know what you’re doing as far as installing and setting up MT4 this company provides the best “bang for the buck.”

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