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Forex Roboteer Forum

Greetings everyone!

I’ve got some news to report here. I’ve decided to re-open the old RangeTrader forum and rechristen it as the Forex Roboteer Forum to reflect the fact that RangeTrader has now morphed into Forex Roboteer. RangeTrader? Forex Roboteer? If you’re confused, don’t worry as I’ll clear things up for you.

Basically the story goes something like this. A while back when I was a forex newbie I came across RangeTrader on a forum thread somewhere and after doing some investigation I decided to buy it. In fact I think RangeTrader was the first commercial fore robot that I’ve purchased. After buying it I happen to do a search on Google to see if there was some sort of support forum where I can chat with other RangeTrader owners. I did manage to find one (and it was the only one) but the drawbacks of that forum were numerous. First off the layout was poorly organized and it used some free web hosting very basic forum software that I did not like at all. So I got together with the creator of that forum and we setup a spiffy new forum using the latest and greatest forum software package available at the time. And thus the RangeTrader forum was born.

As time went on the RangeTrader community grew nicely and everyone was making money with that peppy little forex robot – including me! I took a puny “test account” from $250 to way over the $1000 mark in a few months, and I did it with the lowest risk setting possible. What was happening at the time is that the Euro was in that massive uptrend that eventually hit 1.60 – remember that? – and RangeTrader was kicking ass.

Sadly though as the uptrend hit a brick wall and the market started getting choppy RangeTrader started to flounder and many people lost faith in it and moved on to other things. That’s when the RangeTrader forum started to decline. All great things must come to an end I suppose. I met a lot of similarly minded people by administering that forum and it was an enjoyable experience.

By the time everyone ditched RangeTrader, Peter Parson came out with a new forex robot called Forex Roboteer. What set Forex Roboteer apart from RangeTrader is that Forex Roboteer was designed to automatically download settings optimized for the current market conditions. However, to have access to the optimized settings you have to pay a monthly fee.

When RangeTrader started getting its but kicked by the market I too decided to ditch it and move on to other things. By the time Peter released Forex Roboteer I was too busy with other things to give it a second look. But I’m thinking now may be the perfect time to give it another try. I recently came across Peter’s live account performance statement on MT4Stats, and to me it looks pretty good thus far. Check it out here:

If Forex Roboteer really starts to gather support I can definitely see a return to the old days when the RangeTrader forum was blazing with activity.

So if you already own a copy of Forex Roboteer please drop on by the Forex Roboteer Forum over here:

If you’ve never heard of Forex Roboteer I’d recommend you visit its homeapage over here:

Cheers, and see you on the forum side!


Canada’s Heart of Gold


Great job team Canada! I would like to extend my warmest congratulations and respect to all the great Canadian athletes who made us all proud.

I’m a big hockey fan, so for me the highlight was the men’s hockey finals. What a game! My heart was pounding like a sledgehammer from start to finish.  In my opinion that game was a truly of Olympic quality. Both teams played with great skill but in the end Sidney Crosby – who no doubt will become a national hero – came through for Team Canada and showed us he’s got the magic touch by scoring an awesome goal 7 minutes and 40 seconds into overtime.

Canada also managed to break the world record for most gold medals won at a Winter Olympics with a total of 14. The Soviet Union, in 1976, and Norway, in 2002, each won 13. Amazing achievement!

Until next time, keep the Olympic flame burning brightly in your hearts!



Please Help The Families Of Five Slain Police Officers

Take a good look at these faces folks as they are genuine heroes who dedicated their lives to serve and protect us all. Sergeant Mark Renninger and Officers Ronald Owens, Tina Griswold, and Greg Richards were all loyal and dedicated servants of the public good at the Lakewood Police Department but sadly their lives were needlessly and brutally snuffed out by a cold-blooded and savage coward. I pray that justice is done upon him swiftly and with fitting measure to the crime he committed. For what it’s worth I offer my sincere condolences to the families of these fine officers.

A good friend of mine and member of the law enforcement community who also happens to be a member of a forum I run has started a awareness campaign asking good citizens such as yourself to kindly support the families of the slain police officers. So I ask you dear reader to read his message below and consider making a donation to support these families.

— quote —

As some of you may know I am in law enforcement and it really pains and saddens me to have to write about this. Our community has just suffered one of the biggest tragedies my state has ever endured. Four Lakewood, WA police officers where shot and killed at a coffee shop right before their shift began earlier this week. And just three weeks before that a Seattle police officer was shot and killed. This is five families lives that have been shattered and each police officer had children. These families need our help and support. If any of you can donate even the smallest amount it will go a long way to help these families. The funeral ceremonies for the four officers will be on the 8th of December.

Below are a few links to check out to read the whole story.

To make a donation please click on this link and then please click on the donation link. It will then bring you to a PayPal donation page.

If you have any questions please PM or email me.

Thank you for all your support.

— end quote —

You can get in touch with my law enforcement friend by visiting the following forum thread:

Once again please consider donating.

Thank you for your attention!


Forex Position Size Calculator

Hi everyone. I found a little website that may be of use for many of you. It helps you calculate your possible position size based on what percentage of your account you want to risk. Say for example you have a $2000 account and you want to risk 2% of it. Then let’s say your stop loss on a hypothetical EUR/USD position is 200 pips. Now all you need to do is input all the variables in the proper text fields, press calculate, and badaboom-badabing – the result is that you should trade with max 2 microlots which will give you a total “dollars at risk” value of $40.

Without further ado here is the website I’m referring to:

Hope you find it useful. Good luck with your trading!



Hostgator Spring Special – 20 Percent Off Initial Order

My favorite web hosting company, Hostgator (where I host this blog), is having a special 20% off “Spring Special” that I thought I’d let you all know about. I personally recommend this web hosting company. I’ve tried numerous hosts and so far I’m extremely satisfied with the level of service they provide. The speed and reliability is great, and I can host unlimited websites – perfect for us online marketers.

Coming from another host?

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