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The High Velocity Market Master is FREE!


Hi there everyone!

Are you having a good week? Mine just keeps getting better.

First, I had the opportunity to introduce you to TradeTrack. Now I get to
be the bearer of more good news and give you the chance to win an entire
HVMM system, plus a shot at $2,500.00!

So what’s the good news (aside from the cash prize)?

The good news is that the system that you have a chance at winning… seems
to actually work (a rarity indeed!).

Case in point: check out Mark’s **28-day winning streak** on Futures.

The numbers don’t lie, folks. And with numbers like 68 pips on the forex,
119 points on futures and 12 wins and only 2 losses on stocks – I’ve got to
admit, they just might be on to something.

Part of what makes the system tick is incorporating three “keys” or
principles that tend to be the make or break for most. Since it tackles
these head-on, it could be the key to “make” you…

See what those three keys are:

All of this adds up to a comprehensive methodology that could very well be
the tool you’ve been waiting for.

So, back to the way you can win it and the CASH. Visit the blog and post
your answers to the questions. Then, sign-up for the HVMM unleashed web
event on Tuesday. It’s that simple.

Go to the blog now:

Don’t forget to reserve your seat for the webinar. Get there early, you
don’t want to miss your name being called!

Tuesday, October 20th at 12:00pm EDT/ 9:00am PST/5:00pm GMT. You MUST be
present to claim your prize.

Register for the webinar here:

I’m rooting for you!

Happy Trading,

How To Profit In This Market, With Maximum Portfolio Protection (F.R.E.E. Webinar)

Options University

I’d like to invite you to a very special webinar happening this Wednesday evening.

This webinar has a provocative topic:

“Why RIGHT NOW Is the Best Time Ever to Be Learning  Options… and How You Can Use Options in Today’s Markets For Maximum
Protection and Profit!”

On this webinar, Ron Ianieri, superstar options trainer and former floor trader, is going to reveal some of his easy to learn yet very effective and HIGHLY PROFITABLE  options trading strategies, and how YOU can master every one of these techniques FAST.

These are the same powerful techniques he learned through the hard-knocks training of live floor trading on the Philadelphia Exchange where he “honed his chops” for over 15 years.

And these strategies were (formerly) the closely-guarded, little-known, “hush-hush” techniques kept confidential among the hard-core, battle-hardened floor traders.

These strategies are THAT POWERFUL. They had to be! Because they gave the floor traders the “edge” they
needed to stay in business.

After just a few minutes with Ron, you’ll begin to get a feel for his intense knowledge – and equally intense passion – for options.

And it will undoubtedly begin to rub off on you!

But be warned – once you see how Ron unveils the unique and many advantages of options trading “his” way you will never see stocks in the same light again and you may actually decide to change the way you trade stocks (at least the way you have in the past) forever.

Here’s the link for more information, and to register for the webinar:

Just think.

You can now get your hands on the EXACT INFORMATION Ron used to train some of the top traders on Wall Street.

Some of these traders have gone on to amass millions of dollars of options trades for their respective trading firms.


This is not your ordinary options training class “everybody else” teaches, where you simply learn a handful of trading strategies without HAVING A CLUE about HOW and WHEN to use each of the strategies.

Not knowing that will get you KILLED in options trading.

Ron will supply the details of how you can avoid killing your
portfolio this Wednesday night.

And that’s just one example of how OU’s optionstraining differs from every other training company out there.

To see what I mean, why not join Ron this Wednesday night for a LIVE session with him ONE-ON-ONE?

One evening spent with Ron could change your whole life.

I can say that with complete confidence, since Options University now has dozens and dozens of student testimonials on file saying that very same thing.

Here’s that link again to register for the webinar:

I hope to see you this Wednesday night on the webinar.

To your success!


P.S. Wouldn’t you like to know how a world-class options trader decides which options to trade each day?

And how a small army of savvy options traders scored BIG GAINS (while cutting risk) in the recent financial meltdown and then once again GOING ALL IN on the subsequent “melt-up”?

Well, now you can!

Join me this Wednesday night for a f.r.e.e. LIVE webinar and discover how YOU TOO can master options trading in the fastest time possible.

Options are the PERFECT HEDGE for rough times in the market, and are the vehicle of choice among the pros to protect their portfolios during those tumultuous times.

Don’t you want to know what THEY know?

Here’s that web page again for more information…

Did you see these options trading secrets videos?


This is just a blog posting to make sure you had a chance to
watch the two videos I recently gave you a “heads-up” about.

These eye-opening videos contain information on certain
strategies and tactics used by some of the savviest, most
successful options traders on Wall Street.

When used correctly, these techniques can not only create large
cash inflows into your trading portfolio, but can also cut your
risk to almost nil as well.

And… truth be told… there is absolutely no way you can do
that other than using options.

So why not take a few minutes of your time right now, and take a
look at these provocative videos?

The way you look at stock trading just might be changed forever.

Here’s the web page for the “Many Virtues of Options” video:

And here’s the web page for the “Options Trading Manifesto: A
Tale Of Two Traders” video:

Happy trading everyone!

P.S. A word of warning, once again…

I know for a fact that… after viewing these two videos…
hundreds of traders have decided that options trading is MUCH
LESS risky than trading stocks or even Forex!

FREE Video: The Options Trading Manifesto – A Tale of Two Traders


Hey, I hope you liked the video from Options University I sent
you yesterday.

You probably discovered some thought-provoking facts about
options trading you never heard of before.

Not to mention how traders and investors “in the know” are making
big gains in this market, as it has moved down (and then up) in the
biggest percentage moves since the Great Depression.

And it’s truly encouraging (and borderline hilarious) to hear
about how the former options floor trader taught his 72-old
“newbie” trader Dad how to trade options.

And how “that thick-headed Italian” is now making the
most money from the market (and having the most fun) than he
ever has!

(By the way, if you happened to miss that video, here’s the web
page to view it)…

Anyway, even if you missed that one, here’s the video you REALLY
want to watch…

This one’s called:

“The Options Trading Manifesto: A Tale of Two Traders.”

With apologies to Charles Dickens, this video will tell the tale
of two traders – a stock trader and an options trader.

The story is actually a real-life case study of a similar
situation that each of these traders found themselves in – and
the trials, tribulations… and eventually the TRIUMPH of one of
the traders over the other.

But here’s a warning…

Quite frankly, after watching this video, you may never want to
trade stocks again. At least not the same way you did in the

(And just wait until you discover the identity of the two
traders in the surprise ending!)

Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away right now. To get
“the rest of the story”, you’ll need to watch the video.

Here’s the link to register for the video preview…



P.S. “Manifesto” is defined as “A public declaration of
principles, policies, and/or intentions.”

After viewing this video, you’ll understand completely the
principles, policies and intentions of Options University
(through a provocative, real-life case study) to help you become
the best trader you can be.

But even more exciting, you’ll discover how this Options
Manifesto just might make 2009 a winning year for you after all
(or how to pad your gains even further).

Still skittish about the uncertainties hitting the stock market
each day?

Discover how to EXPLOIT that skittishness of other traders and
investors to your distinct financial advantage.

Here’s that web page again for more information…

New Video Released – Why You Should Be Learning Options Now


I know this is not forex related but I’d like to personally invite you to watch an exciting video
that just came my way from the good guys at Options University…you just may take up options
trading as a result of it!

I reviewed the video myself, and I must say… I think you
should go there not and WATCH IT IMMEDIATELY.

Here’s why:

On this short, information-packed video, you’ll discover some
‘little-known’ but POWERFUL facts about options trading that
you may never have considered before.

See if you agree…

On this video, you’ll soon discover:

* Why options were designed to be the “Perfect Hedge” against
anything and everything else going on in the stock market (with
the proper use of options, you can PERFECTLY HEDGE your
portfolio against market volatility… EVEN IN TODAY’S MARKETS!

* The many “virtues” of options trading (yes, that’s right…
options trading is not “evil” or “dangerous” as the clueless
mainstream financial media portray… far from it, when used
the ‘right’ way…)

* How you could have used the these options advantages in these
viciously volatile markets to completely protect your portfolio
(you could have even scored some tidy “windfall profits” from
playing the precipitous fall of the financial stocks, last year)

* The 3 major advantages of options over any other type of
trading vehicle (once you FULLY GRASP and understand these
advantages, you may never want to trade stocks again… at least
not in the ways you’ve done so up until this point in time…)

* How to get your hands on the EXACT OPTIONS TRADING INFORMATION
taught to some of the highest-paid options floor traders on Wall
Street (and why this information is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to you
NOW than it EVER was to them…)

* How a 15-year options floor trading veteran taught his
toughest student to date – his DAD – to trade options (and how
this 74-year old, thick-headed Italian is making more money in
the markets than he ever has in his life…)

* And finally… how to get your hands on some of the most
valuable (yet F.R.E.E.), accurate, no B.S. options trading
information you’ve ever seen.

Well, I hope you now see why I’m so excited about this video,
and why I wanted to get this information out to you as soon as I
heard about it.

Anyway, I don’t want to give too much away right now. To get
“the rest of the story”, you’ll need to watch the video.

Here’s the link to watch this video…

And by the way, there’s a special added “surprise” for you at
the end of the video…



P.S. This is one of the most timely and interesting videos I’ve
seen in a long time. I’ll bet you’ve never thought about options
trading like this before, and…

You’ll also discover several benefits about options trading
you’ve probably never even thought about before.

Here’s that web page again to watch the video…

Dive into Elliott Wave International’s FreeWeek Now!



Our friends at Elliott Wave International have just announced the beginning of their wildly popular FreeWeek event, where they throw open the doors to some of their most popular paid services to non-subscribers for one week only.

For the first time ever, EWI is providing complete access to The Asian-Pacific Short Term Update and The European Short Term Update, but only until Sept. 23.

Markets move fast, so having an independent forecasting and near-term opportunity-spotting service on your side is more important now than ever. FreeWeek lets you see for yourself, and each day for one full week will show you clearly labeled price charts with updated analysis of all the major equity markets in the European and Asian-Pacific regions.

If you’re not taking part in EWI’s Asian-Pacific and European Short Term Update FreeWeek right now, you’re already missing the valuable opportunities your peers are getting for free, andFreeWeek only lasts from now until noon Wednesday, September 23.

Dive into EWI’s FreeWeek Now!

Warmest regards,


About the Publisher, Elliott Wave International

Founded in 1979 by Robert R. Prechter Jr., Elliott Wave International (EWI) is the world’s largest market forecasting firm. Its staff of full-time analysts provides 24-hour-a-day market analysis to institutional and private around the world.

No BS answers about the Forex Time Machine

I know many of you had questions about Bill Poulos’s upcoming
Forex Time Machine training course that reveals how to “erase
risk” every time you trade…

-so Bill made a quick video with his son, Greg, and just posted
it on his training website so you can get the “inside scoop”
from “the man” himself.

Watch it here:

(WARNING: If you’re expecting a slick sales pitch, you’ll be
disappointed. Bill’s pretty dry & candid in this video, and
it’s completely unedited, so it’s a little rough in spots.)


If you get this message before 4pm Eastern on Sunday,
September 13th, then you can still get your name in for the
big Forex Time Machine GIVEAWAY.

–> The first copy is going to one fortunate trader, and it
could be you.

(Bill’s even covering s&h anywhere in the world for the
person chosen.)

Make sure you post your entry HERE if you haven’t already
done so:

Good Trading!

p.s. Remember, the Forex Time Machine is officially being
released this Monday, September 14th, at 10am. I’ll try to
let you know when it’s “live” as quickly as I can, but if
you really want to make sure you don’t miss out, go to
Bill’s training website and join his “Risk Eraser” Waiting
List to get a ONE HOUR jump on everybody else:

(the form to join the list is on the right side of the

One LAST opportunity to get the High Velocity Market Master!

I have some bad news…and some good.

I’ll get the bad news out of the way…you may or may not know that the High
Velocity Market Master was taken off the market late Friday, leaving many
of you feeling left out.

I received such an overwhelming response this weekend from those of you who
didn’t have a chance to order the HVMM system before the links were
deactivated, so I contacted the guys over at the HVMM camp.

The good news is…they heard from many traders that really wanted to take
home the system but still had a few burning questions left before they felt
confident completing the sign-up page.

Therefore, the Developers have arranged a private webinar to tackle that
issue. This is your chance to speak-up and address all of your concerns
BEFORE you join.

Sign-up now:

All you need to do is:

*Attend the webinar Tuesday September 8th at 12:00pm EST/9:00am PST/5:00pm GMT

*Get your questions answered by the developers & expert coaches

*Check-out several charts and the latest HVMM results

*And put your listening cap on during the Q&A… (Mark just *might* have
something special for his attendees!)

Make sure you reserve your seat in the webinar now:

Chances are, they’ll only keep the sign-up page open for a brief (and I
mean *brief*) window of time so make sure you’re in the webinar to get
those new sign-up links.

Happy Trading,

P.S. There are a limited number of attendees they can let in. I know
several of you had questions, so don’t wait to make your reservation for
this exclusive event: