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More Money Than Forex With Less Risk?


Seems as if the guys responsible for the famous Fapturbo Forex Robot have found a much more profitable way to make money to complement their forex earnings.

Someone named Cyril, has been a betatester of their system for months (he regularly posts on their facebook fanpage that has over 11,000 members) and he has made over $6700 in the last 5 months… betting $100 buck stakes only!

$100 USD placed per system bet and he gained over $6700!! That`s a nice change of pace, isn`t it?

In the world of Forex and Investing, that`s a gain of 670% 🙂 What kind of EA makes that kind of a return?!

Unlike Forex, where you need to put in thousands just to see a few hundreds… here, you only put in a few hundreds to see thousands!

And the best part is: It`s scalable! If he had used $1000 USD bets, he would be sitting on $67,000 USD as of right now!

$10,000 and he’d be looking at $670,000!

No spreads, no slippage, no problems that make duplicating a winning system almost impossible.

Even if you placed only $10 bucks, you’d be sitting on $670 effortlessly gained.

Here, what you see is EXACTLY what you get… no ifs, no conditions and no scammy brokers that try to part you from your hard earned money.

It`s a bold claim but its absolutely true and they PROVE IT! It`s really exciting to look beyond forex and to discover new and even easier ways to make money!

We’ve been lulled so much into forex that it`s hard to see on the outside. We need to break that cycle and stop hopping onto every forex-hype train that comes along. If there’s an easier way to make a living, why not embrace it?

You need to read more of what this “Z-Code System” is all about. It`s not just Cyril… there are many other winners… and infact, it seems that 100% of the betatesters have already raked in profits!

You have to see this with your own eyes because they want to give us the goods upfront… meaning if you access their page now for the next 24 hours only, they will give you:

The F.REE Goodies!

a) Showcasing the Betatesting Facebook group with close to 12,000 Fans


b) A F.REE 4 Day Profit Journey for you to experience as they prove their system over the next 4 days, showing you everything about how they make the big bucks in under 3 minutes a day!


That’s 2 bonuses that you can get right away… but these offers will be online only for the next 24 hours, so head over and get yours NOW!

So, even if you don`t like sports at all, you should definitely check this out! After all, we are in for the money, right?

And placing a few bets here and there, while making a truckload of bucks, will definitely turn into a fun experience. Cyril didn`t know about sports nor did he care… still, he’s making good money and a nice income on the side, as are many other people that have been lucky to have been selected beta-testers for Z-Code.

Do yourself a favour and go check it out…

It`s absolutely astounding!

Update: Seems there MIGHT be free Z-Code memberships up for grabs, but that`s yet unconfirmed.

Your second chance at the Forex Profit Multiplier ends tonight – 12 hours left

Forex Profit Multiplier

This is it — your “second chance” at the Forex Profit
Multiplier ENDS TONIGHT, Thursday, November 4th, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

That gives you around 12 more hours to make a decision,
depending on when you get this message.

Since Bill Poulos first announced this new program on October
11th, just over 3 weeks ago, his custom, intelligent trade alert
software has produced the following “pip potential”:

* 54 trades, 41 which turned a profit…

* Total net pips so far of 2,258, or an average of 108 pips per

Of course, there is no way to promise you will do this well –
you could do worse, and you could do much better.

The only way to know is to TRY IT OUT yourself here:

Out of everything I’ve seen on the market, the Forex Profit
Multiplier is one of the most affordable trading programs

Considering you have your whole life to trade, and considering
the potential profit it’s pumped out in just a few weeks, it
really is priced low enough so almost any serious trader can get
started with it easily and instantly TODAY.

But what I really love about the Forex Profit Multiplier is that
it comes with WAY MORE than “just” the awesome trade alert

You also get:

* The complete companion home study course rushed to your
doorstep, which includes CD-ROM video tutorials, trading
blueprints, and more…

* A complete 8-week group coaching program…

* Unlimited support for a full year…

* and a LOT more.

There’s just a TON of value here. It’s unusual to see this —
it’s rare.

I’ve watched Bill Poulos release his trading programs for a
number of years now, and many times he has raised his prices
after his initial releases. I fully expect that to happen with
the Forex Profit Multiplier at some point, so I really urge you
to say MAYBE and try it out now before the price goes up.

Take it for a 60 day “test drive”. If you really don’t like all
the “pip potential” this program can help you spot, send it

-> This is it, folks. You’ve got about 12 hours left.

I hope you get in before it closes.

Get in here:

Good Trading,

p.s. Bill just sent me this note from one of his new Forex
Profit Multiplier students that you need to see. It kind of says
it all:

Steve H. Posted on: Nov 03 2010 04:15 PM

“Good evening!

Just to let you know that I am thrilled with this product. And
to think I nearly didn’t buy it!

In the eight days since I started using it, I’ve made 791 pips
profit – and I haven’t traded all the signals!

I placed 24 trades, of which 18 were winners!

Thank you so much.

Steve H.”

Surefire Trading Challenge ending soon – Get it now before it’s too late!


“You’re Probably Not Going To Make A Single Dollar
In The Forex Market Unless You Act NOW!”

A couple of days ago we opened the doors to the
most elite trading club in the world but sadly we’ve
just about hit capacity and it’s time to shut it all
down once more.

Needless to say, the response has been overwhelming
and we’re barely keeping up with all the testimonials
streaming in from traders up to their necks in pips!

I can literally count the number of available spaces
left on my fingers so by the time you read this it may
be all over. Just in case though, head on over here
real quick and see if there’s still a chance you can
get in to my club:

We’re weighing anchor and heading out into open
water. Everything’s coming down as soon as the last
space is filled up. Remember the videos, interview
and sound bites from last week?

I really hope that you had a chance to check them
out because this stuff is reserved exclusively for
the eyes of the traders in our special group. It may
be a very long time before you get to see the kind of
info real traders are used to seeing again.

In fact, I’d have taken these down already if I knew
how to do it myself but, you still have a chance to see
if before the tech crew arrive on the scene so make
the most of it while you can. This is how the winners
in the market get things done:

Check out some of the comments traders have posted
as well. The response to these great videos have been
way better than expected!

You see, most traders go through their entire
trading careers and far too many dollars
that may have been better spent without even knowing
that there is a place where they can go to get tried
& tested systems that actually work.

Look, I’m not gonna kid you, the ‘trading’ materials
you are currently using were most likely put together
by a marketer or a writer hired by a marketer. Neither
have any real ‘in the trenches’ experience but they do
put together a mean sales pitch 🙂

Heck, I’ve been duped more than a few times myself.
That’s why I got to take it all down. In order to ensure
that the traders in my community get the edge over
everyone else out there we have got to be EXCLUSIVE!

This is what the 5% that actually make a killing in
the Forex market use to get the job done:

* The winning systems from the most gruelling Forex
trading competition in history!
* The winning systems from the previous 8 trading
* Access to a very special forum where you can talk
with the winners and hundreds of other likeminded
traders that want to see you succeed!
* You will be able to attend bi-weekly webinars
where you can watch the winners trade live and
maybe even make a trade or two with them.
* You can take part in live apprentice trading where
someone will hold your hand as you learn to trade.
What would that be worth to you?
* You will be able to see the results of their live
trading robots review page – PRICELESS!
* Access thousands of articles and videos of trading
techniques. More added each week from traders (not
authors) all over the world.
* Speak with professional traders who will help you
to become a successful trader.
* These proven winning systems will save you years
of learning and thousands of dollars in potential
* You will be able to trade more confidently knowing
you have a whole community behind you, ready to help
and give you guidance.
* If you have never traded before or you’re just about
ready to start, there’s no better place than a whole
community of traders to put you on the right track.

If you’re reading this, then it’s clear that you have
been reading my emails for some time now so, I would
just like to extend a very personal invitation to you
to be a part of my inner circle while you still can.

I’m calling you out Today’s the day you decide whether
you’re going to run with the big dogs or just going to sit
on the porch. The clock’s ticking… your move 🙂

Good Trading
Mark McRae

P.S. Where else can you find trading systems that have
been put through such rigorous testing and still come
out on top? It’s never been done until now:

Last Chance To Learn To Trade Forex With Ease

Surefire Trading Challenge

There’s only a few days left to join the most elite
trading club in the world and if you’ve been looking
for a way to get into trading Forex without having
to go through the steep learning curve then this one
is for you!

This is why no other trading course on the planet
comes close to joining this trading community:

* All the research has been done!
* The methods have been tested on Live and Demo
accounts and found to be profitable!
* See the live and demo statements from the winners.
* You get more than 35 pages of system rules and
examples from each trader.
* Listen to an interview with each trader.
* Watch over 60 videos from chart setup to live

By the time you go through half of these materials
you will know how to trade systems that have been
tried, tested and proven to work! To be sure that
you’re not left out in the cold just make you way
down here and sign up now:

That’s just the materials from the latest trading
challenge, they have done 8 previous challenges and
each series comes with just as much if not more of
the same.

Just take a look at some of the other stuff that you
get included as a member of this elite trading community:

* The winning systems of the latest trading
* The winning systems from the previous 8 trading
* Access to a very special forum where you can talk
with the winners.
* You will be able to attend by weekly webinars where
you can watch the winners trade live.
* You can take part in live apprentice trading where
someone will hold your hand as you learn to trade.
* You will be able to see the results of their live
trading robots review page (How cool is that? Never
get suckered in to buying a bogus robot again!).
* Access thousands of articles and videos of trading
* Speak with professional traders who will help you to
become a successful trader.
* These proven winning systems will save you years of
learning and thousands of dollars in potential losses.
* If you’ve traded before then you will be up and
running with these systems in hours.
* There is a community of traders who have already
used the systems that can tell you how they get the
very best from the systems.
* You will be able to trade more confidently knowing
you have a whole community behind you, ready to help
and give you guidance.
* If you have never traded before or your just about
ready to start, there’s no better place than their
community of traders.
* They have professional traders and 2 of the most
sought after EA programmers on the planet standing
by to help with any questions you might have.

That’s more than you will find anywhere else on the
World Wide Web! They’re about to close the doors soon
and stop accepting new club members so don’t get left
out in the cold. Get it before it’s gone:

Check out the link above and remember that all this
great content will be taken down soon so this will be
the only time you get a chance to see it.

All the best

P.S. Testimonials are streaming in from traders all
over the world that are already making pips just a
few days after the release. You better get this one
before it’s gone for good. Find out more here:

Information, charts or examples contained in this
blog post is for illustration and educational purposes
only. It should not be considered as advice or an
endorsement to purchase or sell any security or
financial instrument. We do not and cannot give
investment advice. On certain occasions we have a
material link to the product or service mentioned in
the email. This may be in the form of compensation or

The Forex Income Engine 2.0 is LIVE

Here’s what’s up…

In the past week, thousands of traders got exclusive access to
35+ trader Bill Poulos’s complimentary 3-part “Flexible Forex”
2.0 training videos…

-these videos revealed his recent Forex discovery that shows you
how to manage risk first when placing a trade, and THEN look for
a profit as quickly as possible (and as many times a day as
possible) all according to YOUR schedule.

So if you have ANY interest in discovering how to finally become
an INDEPENDENT trader in the Forex markets, where you always
know what to do, no matter what happens… keep reading and GET


Bill was planning on releasing new his course in the Fall, but
due to extreme interest from the Forex trading community, he put
all his other projects on hold in order to release it this week.

Based on the early feedback he’s been receiving from those lucky
enough to see a preview copy, it looks like this may be a
turning point in Forex trading.


Because Bill does everything in his power to give you the “keys
to the kingdom” where you understand EXACTLY what to do when you
go to place a trade. There’s never any second guessing or

CAUTION: This is NOT for “systems junkies”, or individuals who
like to let others make their trading decisions.

==> But it IS for traders who like to have FULL CONTROL of their
destiny in the markets.


Bill designed this new method with YOU and YOUR schedule in
mind. It’s all about giving you the flexibility you need in your
busy day to trade in as little as 20 minutes… or even all day
long if that’s what you have time for…

-but he’s only planning on releasing a limited amount of courses
in the next week that show you how to find trade setups quickly,
protect your position with a sort of “risk shield”, and then
look for profit as fast as possible so you can move on to the
next trade.

So if you want to…

  • Triple your profit potential by simultaneously looking at the
    short, intermediate, and longer-term trends and then
    automatically using the dominant trend to virtually ensure your
    edge and give you the best chance for a successful trade…
  • Get started quickly and place your first trade with as little
    as a $500 trading account when you use “mini lots”…
  • Trade in as little as 20 minutes, or all day long, by
    customizing your daily trading plan with the timeframes of your
    choice to fit your changing schedule…
  • Enjoy frequent and fast trades from start to finish by quickly
    identifying only the highest-probability, lowest-risk trades…
  • Practically “rub out” account-crippling losses by using simple
    yet profoundly powerful risk management rules. It’s like having
    a Forex “Risk Shield” so you’re protected at all times…
  • Become an independent trader and stop relying on so-called
    gurus, black box systems, or other gimmicks. Be totally
    confident when you know what to do every time, no matter what
    happens in the markets…

…then check out the open letter Bill wrote for you that
describes all the details…

I hope you’re as excited as I am about this.

Good Trading,

p.s. I’ve seen this developer’s trading courses disappear in a
matter of days in the past, and it’s a near certainty it will
happen again… so IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME, I really urge you to
check out his letter here, and then ask yourself how what he has
to say stacks up against how YOU currently trade…

High Velocity Market Master System LIVE Demonstration

I challenged you to a pop quiz last week. These guys are taking what I
consider the ultimate test!

I’m going to see if they’ll crash and burn or pull through like champs…

By now you’ve had a chance to start mastering the 12 simple
‘tried-and-true’ trading commands that may keep you from making so many
common mistakes. Those same guys who produced that video report are now
putting the commandments to the test along with their High Velocity Market
Master (HVMM) trading system.

They’re giving you a LIVE demo of the HVMM and applying their commandments
along with the strategy this Thursday, June 24th!

Sign-up and watch what happens live and in real-time:

The HVMM is used for day trading and swing trading alike and on every
market from gold to stocks, to futures and forex. I’ve only heard they’re
seeing amazing results…but I (like you) want some real evidence. And
apparently they’re up for the challenge!

Catch the HVMM in action LIVE on Thursday:

Don’t miss this event. The session starts at 9:30am EST/ 6:30am PST/
2:30pm GMT.

I’ll be in the room and following along in the market. Hope to see you

Good Trading,


P.S. Before the live demo, sneak a quick look of the HVMM technique. Watch
the 8 minute video on the blog. They cover 4 different markets and recap
the HVMM trades that you could have actually taken (none of this
hypothetical nonsense!)

Last chance to get the famous Ultimate Swing Trader 10 min strategy


Back by popular demand!

This is it. Your last chance has arrived!

I know this time of year can be hectic, with the kids getting out school
and summer vacations beginning. Since we’re heading into a busy summer
some of you may have missed my important emails from last week, so I
arranged for one more chance to grab the famous 10 minute strategy.

You can’t count on this proven system being around for even one more day!

I had to convince the guys to dig in the warehouse for any extra copies and
plead with them to release a few more digital versions. I was just told
they had 16 more copies to release.

Order here:
Physical package:

For a discount you can order the downloadable version here:

This is your final chance to get the forex, futures, stock, and options
deluxe package at a HUGE discount. Seriously, just 10 minutes a day can
put you back on the ascending equity curve!

Happy Trading!

P.S. Don’t make me say “I told you so.” : )

Here is the order link, click through immediately for the instant download

Quick trick to find the most profitable day to trade

What is the most profitable day and time to trade and how do you
capitalize on this info?

No doubt you’ve asked yourself that question. That’s why I think this little trick may help
you out:

This universal technique can be applied to any market, timeframe, and
system you use to trade. It doesn’t matter if you trade forex, futures,
stock or options this info can come in handy.

Check-out how you can know your best day and time to trade and how it can
be applied to grow your account:

There’s no cost involved and the video explaining the method is less than 5
minutes long! Let me know if you like it.

Good Trading!