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2008 – The Year Everything Changes

2008: The Year Everything Changes

In January 2007, our friends at Elliott Wave International issued a special report called “2007: The Year of Financial Flameout.” The forecast in that report has largely come to pass. At the beginning of this year, EWI delivered a NEW, up-to-date special report entitled “2008: The Year Everything Changes.

Even as 2009 draws near, this could well be The Most Important Investment Report You’ll Read RIGHT NOW. Obviously, some of these forecasts have already occurred, but many of the forecasts in this report will unfold in the future – and in the present, it’s YOURS FREE!

Even as you read this, the financial markets and economy are confirming the scenario spelled out in “The Year Everything Changes.” Please don’t wait. Your portfolio cannot afford to be without these valuable market insights.

It’s not too late for you to position yourself for the short- and long-term opportunities just around the corner.

The Most Important Investment Report You’ll Read in 2008 is yours free when you take 30 seconds to join Club EWI, also FREE.

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Bill Poulos here with a quick
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24 hours left to join select Forex class

Greetings dear future Forex trader!

There’s just about 24 hours left to join a select group of
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Why all the fuss? Here are just a handful of comments some
traders sent in shortly after receiving their copy of the
Forex Profit Accelerator:

“I have had your course open, and have been studying it from
the minute that it arrived at the house… This is by far
the most complete trading course that I have ever seen on
Forex. Thank you for your email as it suggests to me that
number one, you care, and number two that you have
integrity. I don’t mind paying for a course when the person
who’s selling it cares, and has integrity.” -Wayne P.,
London, Ontario

“Bill, I’ve been studying the material non-stop. I am very
excited about these methods, and trading in general. I wish
to thank you for your guidance.” -Ernie W., Hermiston, OR

“I could not have asked for a better course. It was worth
every penny! And thank you, for your added support.” -Peter
R., London, U.K.

“I will probably be spending my entire weekend going over
the course. Let’s just say I think your course is of the
highest quality, and is by far the best Forex course on the
market. I think you and your company are of the highest
integrity and really want to help traders succeed. I am so
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“My FPA package arrived here in Auckland, NZ a week ago. My
first impressions were of quality and professionalism, both
in the written manual and in the production of the CD’s.
Thank you very much for making such a fantastic course
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Once again, the remaining copies enrollment page will be
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Good Trading!

Free Report: Learn How the Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading

FREE Report: Learn How the Wave Principle Can Improve Your Trading

Learn how the Elliott Wave Principle can improve your trading as well as how to make better use of protective stops by using the Wave Principle.

This free report gives you a thorough insider’s look at the very same methods Elliott Wave International’s Senior Analyst Jeffrey Kennedy uses to identify high-probability trade setups.

“Every trader, every analyst and every technician has favorite techniques to use when trading. But where traditional technical studies fall short, the Wave Principle kicks in to show high-probability price targets. Just as important, it can distinguish high-probability trade setups from the ones that traders should ignore.” – Jeffrey Kennedy

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With the Magical Forex Trading System, you’ll have everything you need to make big profits trading the Forex.

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  • How to identify which currencies to trade and which ones to ignore!
  • How to allocate your capital – and ensure you never lose more money than you can afford!
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  • And much, much more, including 8 Trading Software and Live Charting Tutorial Videos that will provide you with the solid foundation you need to succeed as a Forex trader!

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Forex – Do not fall for the hype!

The HYPE in the Forex market at retail level is just going out of control. Every day I see outrageous claims that cannot be possibly backed-up by any mean. You know what I am talking about…

  • “Make thousands of dollars trading Forex with no previous experience at all!”
  • “Trade for a living in just 10 minutes a day!”
  • “Beat the banks day in and day out!”
  • “Automated Trading program makes 800 pips per month, every month!”

I am sure you have come across such non-sense a number of times as well, havent you? I mean, how can anyone actually believe that you can become a millionaire at ANYTHING with no basic knowledge and spending only some few minutes a day? It is just asking for the impossible…

The truth is that becoming successful at Forex is a long and rocky journey, and you need proper trading education if you want to trade full time for a living. And what is more important, you need to weed out the few real deals here and there from a myriad of marketing sharks and pro-wannabes (most of them have never traded live!) who are out there to sell you something that just does not work in order to pocket a quick buck. The quest for a successful system should be taken seriously since quick shortcuts usually leads the trader-to-become to a frustrating dead-end.

That is why the 3SMA Forex Trading Course has been made as straight forward, right-down-to-the-point and all around bullshit-free as it gets, wrapped up around 60+ videos -both lecturing and live trading videos- so you learn all the twists and tricks of the system as if you were watching over the shoulder of a full time professional trader. What you will get with this course is not another quick Forex fix but rather a king-size education program so you benefit to the fullest from the successfully proven 3SMA Forex System.

By the way, the first chapter of the course is totally FREE so hop onboard and check it out. You will not be disappointed! Go to the Forex Course page and register there to receive the first chapter free in your mailbox immediately!

Do not let this fantastic opportunity slip between your fingers because today might very well be the first day of your future successful career as a full time trader!

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To your trading success!

15 minutes inside Bill Poulos’s trading mind

Dear Forex trader,

If you haven’t already heard about Bill Poulos by now, you
should. Bill and his ‘computer genius’ son, Greg, created the
groundbreaking trading courses, Instant Profits & The Super
Divergence Blueprint.

I know from experience that because of his insanely busy
schedule, it’s nearly impossible to get Bill on the telephone
for a private chat.

Well, after several attempts, trader Norman Hallett was finally
able to get through to Bill and got Bill to agree to do an
interview. In fact, this is the ONLY telephone interview Bill
has EVER DONE. However, Bill made Norman promise that the
interview would be hard-hitting, pertinent and quick. He didn’t
want to waste time with chit-chat and B.S.

Previously only available to Norman Hallett’s private clients,
this quick-paced, 15-minute interview gets you inside the mind
of trader Bill Poulos. In it, you’ll learn…

** A bit about his trading background and why he developed his
groundbreaking trading courses…

** Who Bill’s secret ‘computer genius’ is and just what exactly
he did to make Instant Profits and the Super Divergence
Blueprint a reality…

** A broad overview of the trading methodology behind Instant
Profits and its companion method, the Super Divergence

Due to bandwidth limits, and because I know the demand for this
download will be intense, this exclusive, 15 minute recording
will only be available online for the next 72 hours, so you need
to grab your copy NOW.

It’s a quick download (less than 1 MB in size), so you can
listen to the interview almost instantly. Go to the link below
to grab it NOW…

Good Trading!

P.S. Hurry over to the link below to grab your FRE/E copy of
Norman Hallett’s 15-minute insightful interview with trader Bill

Note: Futures, forex, stock, and options trading is not
appropriate for all people. There is a substantial risk of loss
associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will
occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can
guaranty or ensure no losses will occur. No representation or
implication is being made that using this service, methodology
or system will generate wins or prevent you from having losing

NetPicks Forex Day Trading System – Free Two Week Trial

NetPicks Forex Day Trading System – Two Week Trial

NetPicks Forex Day Trading SystemWith your Free Trial You Receive The Following Profitable Forex Strategies:

  • Access to our Real-Time Short Term Trading Forex Signal Broadcast. You’ll receive our EventTrades with high reliability for day trading
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