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Professional forex software installation services

automated forex trading systems

Hello fellow traders.

I am often guilty of taking my computer skills for granted and no doubt many of you do the same. But the reality is that we all had to start somewhere. We were all computer and forex newbies at some point. Installing and configuring forex trading platforms,forex robots or indicators is not something that seems immediately obvious even to those people with highly developed computer skills.

So if you’re a beginner forex trader and you find yourself overwhelmed by all the technical aspects I want you to know that you can get help. There are professional forex software installation services out there that you can take advantage of. Today I am going to introduce you to two of the ones that I know best. No doubt there are other ones out there. So if you come across any other reputable and trustworthy ones let me know in the comments section of this post.

Ok, so let’s get started. The first one is:

FX Install: This company will install ANY forex software for you. They’ll install the software either on your PC or a forex VPS. They also have a lot of support options available to you, including skype chat, live chat support, and even telephone!

As far as their fees go, their prices seem reasonable. For a one time install they ask a fee of $67. Or alternatively if you find yourself needing their services on a very regular basis you can sign-up for a monthly subscription the cost of which is $34.95 /month.

EA Setup: This other company has been around for quite some time. They are a bit different than the first company is the sense that they specialize in installing MetaTrader (MT4/MT5) EAs (aka forex robots). Their price for this service is $60 (one time fee). Also like the first company they will setup your EA on any VPS you may have.

Well. there you have it. Two easy solutions if you find yourself in need of a professional forex software installation service.

If you try either company feel free to leave your feedback on what you like or dislike about them, their level of service or anything that may be useful to other interested traders  – to better help them decide which service to choose.

Good luck everyone!


Japanese Charting secret recently ‘programmed’ (free download)

I just installed this plugin, that you’ve gotta see.

Brick Charts Advanced

From what I’ve seen, the Japanese have been holding onto
(and protecting) a charting secret that’s kept a select
few ‘keepers’ of this method heavily in the black…

But at the time, it was all being done MANUALLY.

Not anymore, thanks to these programmers!

It eliminates choppy markets and price action to basically
smooth out the charts for easy reading… and TRADING!

Read more and download here


P.S. When I got mine, I was told about an extra video
sequence, make sure you get it too:

Review it here

You don’t have to hand chart this anymore: (download)

Did you know there’s an old Japanese charting
technique that’s so consistent, it actually WIPES away
market noise?

Sadly, it’s also a technique that had to be
HAND-WRITTEN manually.

That is, until some crazy genius Russian programmers
got a hold of it and turned it into an push-button
plug-in that installs…


And I’m totally loving it (clean charts are a
Godsend!). Anyways, it had such a cool story, I had to
tell you:

Click here to get this plug-in, too


P.S. Not everyone can trade this – in fact, MetaTrader
users still don’t even have the option…

Until now!

Free forex news calendar software

Hello fellow forex traders. A buddy of mine on the Forex Nirvana forum posted a link to a free forex news calendar program for windows that I think you’d all find very useful.

What I like about this program is that I no longer have to visit any website(s) to keep up-to-date on the latest economic news releases. Although from the looks of it this software gets its news update data from the dailyfx calendar website. So from a technical point of view it seems like this software is more or less a windows front end to the dailyfx news calendar. Not that I really care much as using this windows software is very convenient. All I gotta do is run the program, minimize it, and it goes and quietly hides to the system tray until I call it up again.

Among some of the cool features it has are:

1) Automatically figures out  your time zone info from your computer

2) You can manually set the time zone info in case you travel often with your computer

3) You can filter out news releases according to their relevance to a particular currency

4) And perhaps the coolest is that you can set the software to notify you a specific amount of time BEFORE a news release is about to be issued.

You can download this software over here:

If anyone out there knows of any better software than this please feel free to share it with me. You can either comment on this post or you can hop on over to the Forex Nirvana Forum where I  hang out and let me (and of course other traders) know about whatever whiz-bang software you came across.

Happy trading everyone!



New Zulutrade iPhone app version


Greetings Zulutraders! The geeks at Zulutrade have released a new version of their ultra cool iPhone app. This makes me wish I had an iPhone. Come to think of it, I’m really tempted to get one. Trading forex from a cellphone is uber cool in my opinion.

Here is a list of all the new features of Zulutrade’s iphone app version 1.3:

  • New real-time generated graphics

  • All providers scrollable in preferences page

  • Broker logos inside the application

  • Positions/Orders summary added

  • New update mechanism, notifying the user upon the availability of new version

  • Minor bug fixes

By the way, here is the iPhone app in action. This neat little app makes managing your ZuluTrade account from anywhere in the world (well almost anywhere) a breeze!

To download Zulutrade’s iPhone app visit their homepage.  You’re going to need a valid Zulutrade account to use the app so don’t forget to register one if you don’t already have one (be it live or demo.) To open an account visit the Zulutrade homepage and then click on that big “Open Account” button at the top.

Have fun playing around with the app.

Until next time,



Capital growth application on-the-house


What do you think of the capital growth app I blogged about in my previous post?

You can’t argue with the cost – it’s completely affordable with the
$0.00 price tag!  But I’m sure some of you thought since it didn’t cost
anything it wasn’t worth much…

How pleasantly surprised were you when you found out that this
application and seminar will make dreaded tasks like budgeting and
setting financial projections for your trade business totally simple?!

If you didn’t grab it yet, what are you waiting for?

Get it here:

I’m stoked about this app, as probably you are too, because you
realize how much time and effort it can save you.

The pro trader who developed this app uses it with the High
Velocity Market Master but you can use it on literally any system!

Good Trading,


P.S. The capital growth application is on-the-house.  Download it
before they wise up and start charging:

Free Universal Capital Growth Trade Tool


Capital growth…

Isn’t that why we’re traders in the first place?  So, why is it
hard to learn the truth about growing your account?

I guess it’s because the truth isn’t always pretty.  If you’ve been
a trader for many years, as I have, then you know you have to treat
trading like any other serious business. And that means setting a
budget and developing your own financial projections.

Doesn’t sound very glamorous, does it?  Well, it may not be
glamorous, but it’s really not hard.  Especially with the tools that
are out there today.

That’s why when I got my hands on this cool universal capital growth
application I had to pass it along to you.  The best part is there
is not cost involved!


If you’re looking to make trading your #1 career, you’ve got to ask
yourself, “Are you taking it seriously?”

This trade application and seminar are going to show you exactly
what you need to get your trade business in order. You’ll be able to
set realistic expectations for your income and capital growth as
opposed to believing the hype you receive in your spam box every day.

If you’re a beginning trader, even better! You have no bad habits
to break, which means you can learn the RIGHT way from the very start.

Grab this trade app and listen to the seminar (why not, it’s FREE):

Let me know if you like it.

Good Trading,

P.S. I wouldn’t wait to download the application. I’m not sure how
long this link will work.  Once the masses find out about this,
I’m sure these guys will start charging for the tool!

Universal trade management software for nothing

You know, traders struggle with a thing or two or ten throughout their
trading careers. I’m no exception to that statement. It took a long time
and tons of hard work for me to get where I am today.

With all the ups and downs of my career, I’ve come to truly value and
recognize helpful tools when I find them. That’s why when I got my hands
on this crazy new piece of trading software I had to share it with you.

It really sucks! : ) I mean where was this software when I was starting
out? Even as an experienced trader it’s already saved me and (the guys who
developed it) countless hours of figuring out ‘the little things’ when you
trade… you know, exact position sizes, statistics of your trade
performance, not to mention for us Forex traders, the currency pip values.

Check-it-out now:

Even better, it works across all markets, all timeframes, and all trading
strategies… it literally doesn’t matter if you trade one of the
developer’s systems, your broker’s, or even your own personal method!

I’ve arranged for you to get access to the software for no charge. There’s
nothing to load or set-up. Literally you can download this awesome
resource and start using it to your advantage.

Good Trading,

P.S. Since this powerful tool is a no cost, no strings attached, pure give
away I can’t say that it will be available for much longer.

Grab yours quick!