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Triangle “sketches” predict Forex (79.6% accurate)

Dear fellow trader,

You’ve probably heard about some unusual ways to predict the
Forex markets…

…but with nearly 80% accuracy?

Yep. And I think you’ll be shocked when you see how these unique
triangles scribbled on this dirty napkin make it all happen:

“dirty napkin” predicts Forex 79.6%? <<< Click Here (Play Video)

Watch carefully so you don’t miss the actual dirty napkin in this
video, scribbled with my game-changing notes.

“dirty napkin” predicts Forex 79.6%? <<< Click Here (Play Video)

Good Trading,

Bill Poulos

p.s. Pay close attention to what I reveal around the 4:37
minute mark… I think we’re on to something here…

Forex ProfitCaster – 20 months of trade results

Dear fellow trader,

I have another quick Forex ProfitCaster update for you…

It’s a short “side-scrolling” video that goes back in time to
January 2011 and then applies the Forex ProfitCaster to 20
months of daily charts…

You’ll like the transparent nature of this update, because you see 12
LOSING TRADES. Hey, it’s honest.

However, when you see the GOOD trades…

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

Forex ProfitCaster bar-by-bar trades

Dear fellow trader,

2 quick Forex updates…

1. I just posted my long-awaited 3rd Forex ProfitCaster training video, which shows 3 bar-by-bar trades using my new software.

I think you’re gonna love it.

See it “in action” here…

2. I also just announced the release date for the Forex ProfitCaster. You can get your hands on it:

  • Next TUESDAY, October 16th, at 12pm Eastern.

So mark your calendar!

More soon…

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. Don’t forget to also DOWNLOAD my Forex ProfitCaster trading blueprints that I gave away on Wednesday.

Get the Forex Profit Caster method FREE

Dear trader,

If you saw the new Forex “ProfitCaster” training video I shared
a few days ago that revealed how to predict the direction of the
8 most profitable Forex markets w/ 79.6% accuracy, then you’re
probably excited…

But that was NOTHING compared to Video #2, which was just
released, that actually teaches you the COMPLETE Forex
ProfitCaster trading method from entry to exit

You also get 2 companion trading “blueprints” that spell it all
out in easy-to-follow English.

I think I’ve seen just about everything on the market, and it’s
better (& easier) than many Forex home study courses you’d have
to pay for… but you get it all for nothing… zilch… nada.

I’ll probably end up selling this in the future, so grab it while it’s
still open to the public on my training website here…

Good Trading,

Bill Poulos

p.s. After you try it out, please send me your test results. I’m
excited to hear how you do w/ what many people are calling my
most innovative and visually simple approach to Forex.

Forex Profit Caster – Forex Triangle Patterns Breakthrough

Dear trader,

Get this…

One morning, during breakfast at a local greasy diner, I sketched
some unusual triangles on a napkin…

…& kind of stumbled upon a way to predict the direction of the
8 most profitable Forex markets with 79.6% accuracy.

(I’m a retired industrial engineer, so my mind is always working,
even during breakfast!)

I put together a little video that shows you what I came up with

(Watch carefully to see the actual dirty napkin in the video,
scribbled with my notes.)

Good Trading,
Bill Poulos

p.s. Let me know what you think about what I reveal around
the 4:37 minute mark… I think we’re on to something here

“deliberately trading” markets? (it’s like this)

Dear Trader,

I just got done talking to Bill Poulos over at Profits Run and
he was telling me what a great time he’s been having working
with his new “Cashflow Catalyst” students that joined up this

He says one of the biggest joys is to hear feedback from a new
student as they finally discover how to trade INDEPENDENTLY.

And one of the biggest steps to trading independently is
something he teaches you in The “Cashflow Catalyst” video.

What is it?

Well, it’s a technique Bill uses to identify what he calls:
“deliberately trading markets”.

This video shows you a profit-taking technique that’s the
complete opposite of how most people trade (and why they often

You can “eyeball” this technique in just seconds, and once you
“get it”, you’ll NEVER look at a chart the same way again.

Personally, I think trading this way is a breath of fresh air
for many traders, because it puts the odds squarely in your

-maybe for the first time EVER.

You can download his entire “Cashflow Catalyst” trading
method, along with the trading blueprint and 2 bonus trainings:
The Trade Position Worksheet AND the special Options Strategy
Tutorial that shows you how to supercharge what you learn with
the “Cashflow Catalyst”.

Get it instantly here…

Good Trading!

Forex Profit Multiplier being pulled off the market – 24 hrs left

Last week, I alerted you to the release of the step-by-step
Forex Profit Multiplier program that’s totally taken the Forex
trading community by storm.

Well, its developer, Bill Poulos, just announced that:

  • He’s pulling it OFF THE MARKET on Thursday (TOMORROW)
    at 11:59pm Eastern (New York time).

That gives you just over 24 hours to secure your copy and
download his custom, intelligent Trade Alert Software before the
doors SLAM SHUT.

He also put up an inventory counter that shows the remaining
number of programs he’s planning on releasing… as of this
writing, it shows “49 copies left” here.

See the latest inventory count here…


If you’re still struggling with the Forex markets, or are just
sick and tired of all the confusing, conflicting, and needlessly
complex information out there about Forex…

…then I really encourage you to take 35+ year market veteran
Bill Poulos’s Forex Profit Multiplier for a test drive.

Why? Well, I was thinking about what specifically it is that I
like the best about this program and what sets it above most of
the other methods and courses I’ve seen. Here’s what I came up

  • COMPLETE — This is one of the most complete Forex trading
    programs I’ve ever seen. Period. There’s material to get
    beginners going quickly, and it’s structured in such a way that
    more experienced traders can jump right into the “meat” of the

    Further, it’s a multimedia powerhouse — on top of the amazing
    Trade Alert Software that has everyone excited
    , it’s also packed
    with screen capture CD-ROM videos to full color reference
    manuals to detailed “trading blueprints”. It’s designed to make
    sure you really understand all the concepts quickly and

  • CLEAR — Bill’s teaching style is among the best I’ve ever
    seen. He speaks in a clear, nurturing way that steps you through
    all the material. It’s very apparent why so many traders keep
    coming back to Bill’s courses.

  • CONSTANT — I think of this as the “surprise” of the program.
    Bill constantly follows-up with his students after they get his
    course. He mentions this on his video presentation, but I really
    believe this is the true value of his program. His students
    receive regular new bonus video lessons, and Bill is fanatical
    about offering concise, thoughtful answers to his students’

(He’s even throwing in a complete 8 week group coaching package
at no extra cost – that’s plain CRAZY high value that you’d have
to spend a LOT of money on if you were to buy it separately –
and you get it for NOTHING extra…)

So that’s what stands out for me about the Forex Profit
Multiplier. And frankly, I’ll even go out on a limb and say
that if you can’t succeed in the Forex markets with Bill’s
course, then you probably never will. That’s how powerful his
program is.


I cannot promise that copies of the Forex Profit Multiplier will
be available when you visit the web page – it may already be
completely sold out.

If that’s the case, please put your name on the waiting list.
Bill may release more copies in the future, after the initial
“spurt” of student support inquiries slows down, but I can’t say
when that may be.

If any copies are left, you can claim one here…

Good Trading.

p.s. I just checked Bill’s real-time inventory counter before
sending this email to you and it now reads 43 copies available.
Time is running out. You can check it here…

p.p.s. One final thing… I’ve seen just about everything
available on the market to help you succeed with Forex, and the
Forex Profit Multiplier is the most affordable way to get an
immediate edge
– hands down. I don’t think you’ll find this much
ANYWHERE else right now…