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Forex Demolition Performance Update #2

forex demolition

Hello fellow traders. This is the followup to my first performance update (available here) of the Forex Demolition EA. I will keep this brief as there isn’t much to discuss. The gist of it is that Forex Demolition is still making me money. The market has been a bit rough lately so I haven’t had as many trades as I would like but the at least I’m not losing money. Like I said previously this EA trades with the trend so if the market is choppy it’s just not going to trade at all. It plays it safe and that’s fine by me.

So now my live test MB Trading account has so far a total profit of 184%. The monthly return for this month is 3.48%.

Now considering the good performance I am thinking of opening an account with a different broker and see how that one goes. So far it’s between MIG Bank or FinFX. As to which I’ll choose I’m not sure yet, but eventually I’ll make a decision.

That does it for this brief performance update. Stay tuned to this blog (or subscribe) and I’ll keep you up to date on how this EA performs.



PipJet is Now Live – New EA from the Forex MegaDroid Team!


Hi everyone. It looks like the Forex MegaDroid team has been quietly working on a new EA and they just officially released it today. Their new EA is called “PipJet” and if I understand their sales page and promo material correctly is basically a Asian session scalper for the USD/CAD currency pair. I must admit that is a pretty neat idea that has crossed my mine on multiple occasions.

Now I’m not going to tell you a load of bullshit how this EA is going to make you rich overnight, all I can tell you is that it warrants a try. The forex megadroid team has had success with their previous EA so it would be safe to assume that they are fairly good at coding a decent forex robot.

So I bet you are wondering why USD/CAD. The Pipjet team says the following (taken from their sales promo e-mail):

a) In the last 36 months the tick volume on the USD/CAD during the Asian session has gone from a paltry 244 to a MAMMOTH 4,324.

b) The average range has gone from 69.63 pips to 27 pips in the last year! If you don’t know what that means, let’s just say that…
…the smaller the range, the tighter your trades can be…so basically you don’t need to do anything risky.

c) The symbiotic nature of the US and Canadian economy means that the USD/CAD does not have acid reflux when news releases come out! It’s STABLE!

d) The spread has gone down from 5.1 to 1.8 pips! Okay, I KNOW I don’t have to explain that one to you!

e) This price channel on the USD/CAD during the Asian session is ACTION PACKED!

I did notice the decrease in spread on this currency pair, but never noticed the increase in liquidity during the Asian trading session. I use another Asian session scalper but that one so far only trades EUR/USD. Maybe PipJet might make a good addition to my EA repertoire. Either way I’m hoping to get a copy to try out either for review purposes or I’ll just outright buy it. I’ll of course report my findings with 100% brutal honesty as I always do.

For now if you’re the curious type and would like to give PipJet a try (it’s sold via ClickBank so you have that 60 day money back guarantee if it turns out it’s not your cup of tea) you can do so by visiting the PipJet homepage.

I’ve created a forum thread at the forex robots forum for PipJet. If you wish to chat and share your experience you may do so here:




Forex Demolition Performance Update #1

forex demolition

Hello there.

I’ve been really busy lately with my VPS business so I haven’t had much time to dedicate to my blogging, but let’s see if I can spare a few minutes to write this quick update post regarding my ongoing testing of the Forex Demolition forex robot. As I announced in my last post on this topic  Forex Demolition was recently released to the public. I’ve had a copy all along and have been quietly testing it. So far so good. My live MB Trading account is up by a lot. I started with $400 and I’m now at over $1000

The last few months have been pretty rough for the EUR/USD pair but thankfully this EA has smoothly sailed the turbulent seas of volatility.

So for the curious you can see my live test account’s entire trading history here:


I’ll try my best to keep you all up to date on the latest happenings regarding Forex Demolition.

Oh, one more thing before I end this post. I spoke with the main developer who told me that they are working on tuning the EA for other currency pairs. Hopefully that will turn out to be a success as it will mean we can extract more pips from the market.

Happy trading to you all!



Forex Demolition is now LIVE!

forex demolition

Hi everyone.

I have a news announcement to share with you. One of my long time profitable forex robots (EA) has finally hit the market – ie it’s now available for purchase. The name of this EA is Forex Demolition. I’ve been using this EA for a very long time. A good friend of mine is the main coder behind it so I’ve been lucky enough to be able to test it out on a LIVE account.  This is the only EA that I’m  using on a real money account for now. It is not a super frequent trader but when it trades it’s very accurate. My live account performance can be accessed here:


This is a MB Trading account. I activated the EA on the account right after that big dip in the account balance. Previously I had some other EA that nearly crashed my account so I manually traded my way back up to the initial account opening balance and placed Forex Demolition on it, and have been happy with it ever since.

I should mention that Forex Demolition is a scalper EA so the broker you use and the spread matters A LOT! If you notice that you don’t get many trades or no trades with a particular broker try another. Some brokers increase the spread during the time when this EA trades and since this EA has a spread protection mechanism it will NOT trade. ECN and STP brokers work best. The lower the spread the better.

So in conclusion I think you definitely want to look into getting your own copy as this is the real deal folks – an EA that makes pips not empty promises and lofty claims.

To find out more or to get a copy you can simply visit the Forex Demolition Homepage.

I would also encourage you to share your experience and performance over at my forex nirvana forum. There is a thread dedicated to this EA over here.

Happy trading!



Forex Demolition Light – Free Profitable Expert Advisor (EA)

Hi everyone. A long long time ago I posted about how a very good friend of mine has been working on a new EA called Forex Demolition and how he was giving away free copies for those interested in becoming beta testers. Well, that chance has long passed but I have something that could be the next best thing. My friend – the main developer of this EA – decided to give away a FREE and profitable EA which he calls ‘Forex Demolition Light’ . This EA unlike the official commercial version contains only one trading strategy but nonetheless it is still a profitable trading strategy. How do I know this you ask, well, I used it on a live account so I know for sure it makes pips. I’ve been testing the full version of the EA on a live account for quite a long time – probably a good part of a year now if my memory serves me correctly. Anyways, here is where you can download the Forex Demolition Light EA:


On that page you will also find a backtest of the EA using Dukascopy tick data.

The full version of the EA will be available at the following page:


I’m not sure when this will happen but I will be one of the first to find out and I will post here when that does eventually take place. Alternatively you can just sign-up for the mailing list on that page.

If you wish to discuss this EA there is also a thread on my Forex Nirvana forum regarding this EA:


I told my friend to open a thread dedicated to the free EA – ie Forex Demolition Light – so soon he will open one and as soon as that occurs I will post it here.

Enjoy the free EA! Good luck everyone!


Forex Robots Forum – Dedicated to Commercial Forex Robots

Hi everyone! I’ve been busy lately with a new website idea, and I’d like to let you all know about it as I’m sure it would interest most of you. This new website of  mine is a forex forum dedicated solely to commercial forex robots – meaning forex robots or “expert advisors” that you have to pay for.

There are a TON of these products floating around and it seems  everyday a new one comes out. A lot of them are pure junk, but some of them end up being solid money makers. The idea with this forum is to bring together a many people who are interested in these forex robots as possible so we can all share performance statements, experiences, ideas, etc. Thus using the power of a community effort we can sort out the wheat from the chaff – as incidentally is the forum’s motto.

To become a member of the Forex Robots Forum please click the link below:


See you there!



Want to run an EA but can’t leave your PC on all the time?


Hi everyone. If you’re like me, you probably want to run a few expert advisors here and there. However, not everyone wants to leave their PC running all the time to do this. There is a solution, but of course it’s going to cost you. I’ve been hunting around the net for quite some time and came across a fairly cheap provider of Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that caters specifically to Forex traders like us. They even have some of their own EAs you can subscribe to for a reasonable fee. I haven’t really looked that much at their EA subscription offering but feel free to look into that if you’re interested. I was mainly interested in their VPS offering.

Here is what they’re offering (quote from their website):

  • 64 bit Windows for maximum performance! [especially traders]

  • Windows Virtual Desktop hosted in a major US datacenter

  • Accessible from any Windows PC, Mac, web browser
    or Windows Mobile Phone!

  • Your programs keep running, even when your PC is shut off

  • High speed Internet to your desktop – even for dialup users

  • No maintenance at random hours

  • Subscription EA’s and/or upload your own!

  • 24/7/365 support, trusted by subscribers in 67 countries

  • Virtual Desktop Feature & Security Pack for FREE!

Virtual Private Server Detailed Specs:

  • 384MB RAM
  • 5G Hard Disk
  • 5GB Backup Hard Disk
  • 2.5x Power (CPU Share)
  • 250 Processes
  • Windows 2003 Enterprise Server 64 bit
  • 2 Remote Desktop Sessions
  • Online Trader Software Application Templates
    MetaTrader, VTTrader, iqChart, Speed Trader, Mig Trading Station, TCNet…or install your own!
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Remote Desktop Sound & Printing Support
  • Free .com/net/org Domain Registration
  • Virtuozzo Power Panel Included
  • Dual Firewalls
  • ClamWin AntiVirus
  • Virtual Desktop Feature & Security Pack

The price is a modest $30 per month.

They do have a “Power Edition” package but that’s gonna cost you $65 per month. I think for me (and probably for the rest of you) the $30/month package is good enough.

If you’ve got an EA that earns you over $30 per month (which I hope you do) then your forex earnings will pay for the VPS service easily. I intend to give this company’s services a try in the next few weeks or so.

All interested parties please visit this link to sign-up or to find out more details.