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You up on this Forex ‘flaw’?

Check this out.

While researching new ways to save time trading Forex (without
sacrificing pips), this trader kind of stumbled upon 2
‘discoveries’ that may surprise you.

The first one has to do with a ‘flaw’ in how 90% or more of
Forex traders think about trading these markets.

It’s deceptively simple…

-yet it led him to develop a pretty unusual technique around
‘scalping’ the ‘sweet spots’ of the best Forex markets.

Watch this brand new video he just recorded that reveals these
discoveries, along with an unusual ‘scalping’ technique.

You can see it here:


Good Trading!

p.s. If you really, really enjoy staring at your computer all
day long day trading every nook & cranny of the markets, then
you might not like this video, because it shows you how to spend
LESS time trading and MORE time ‘having a life’.


The Euro Game is Up

Hi everyone. Here is an interesting video I came across on David MacGregor’s blog (from Global Freedom Strategies) that is related to the Euro. In this video you’ll get to listen to a very feisty talk on the future of the EU project by UKIP (UK Independence Party) EU representative Nigel Farage:

[youtube Fyq7WRr_GPg]


Oh and if you have any comments or you’d like to discuss this issue in a forum environment I’d like to invite you to the Forex Nirvana forum where I hang out:




ZuluTrade Trading Guides – What is Forex?

I was visiting the ZuluTrade website the other day and and I came across these “trading guides” videos they posted. I thought I’d share this with you folks as I think these brief videos are quite useful, especially for beginner traders. The first episode in this series is entitled “What is Forex” and it goes into the very basics of Forex – like I said perfect for those of you who have either never heard about the Forex market or are have heard about it and are thinking of learning more.

About this episode:

An introduction to the basics of Forex Trading. In order to start understanding how Forex trading works, this video will explain to you the most important terms that you have to familiarize yourselves with and will use on a daily basis when trading Forex. What is a Short position and how is it opposed to a Long one? Which Currency Pairs exist and why do their Rates fluctuate in a volatile way? Terms that seem meaningless to a novice, such as Lots, Pips and Leverage are explained in detail before they become indispensable to your everyday vocabulary.

Video is below. Enjoy!

[youtube 14FbmDpoTdE nolink]



Don’t be surprised when one euro equals one dollar!

Don’t be surprised when one euro equals one dollar… it could happen.

As everyone in the Western World knows, Europe has been having its share of major problems. All of Europe’s trials and tribulations have had a dramatic affect on the performance of the euro, recently putting it under severe pressure.


Unlike the United States, where we can print money and inflate ourselves out of most problems, the Eurozone is accountable to the 16 nations who gave up their own currency to join.

I have had a lot of calls and e-mails about doing a video on the euro, so I looked at the markets and made a video to share my thoughts with you.

In my latest video I’ll explain how our “Trade Triangle” technology has been very accurate since the beginning of the year for the euro. Although we’ve nailed the market thus far, it leads to the big question: Have we seen the euro bottom out?


I hope my new video answers that question and highlights some of the reasons why I believe we could be seeing some strong opportunities in this market.

The video is available for viewing now and there is no charge or registration requirement.

If you’d like to comment on this video, please visit the Trader’sBlog at the end of the video to make your views known.

All the best,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-creator, MarketClub

Is it all over for the Euro?

Things have been bad in Europe recently. Between the travel restrictions due to the volcano and ash, as well as Greece not wanting to conform to strict fiscal policies, problems are adding up and adding weight onto the euro.


It is interesting to note that in the beginning of 2010, everyone was bearish on the dollar. Looking at the market action alone we could see that the dollar has done very well vis-à-vis the euro. This is where technical analysis shines as it is an unbiased viewpoint of the collective wisdom of all market participants.

In this new video I show you how you can trade the euro/USD cross using our “Trade Triangle” technology and come out of winner no matter what happens to Greece, Portugal, or Spain.


As always you can watch our videos without registration and there are no fees involved.

Enjoy the video.

All the best,
Adam Hewison
President, INO.com
Co-creator, MarketClub