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My current trading positions as of Jan 25 2013

Hello fellow traders. I thought I’d try something new. I was thinking it might be of some limited value to share my current market biases in the hope of getting some discussion going either here on the blog or on my Forex Nirvana forum (I recommend the interactive trading section).

So as of today Jan 25 2013 my current trading biases (ie positions) are as follow:

1: Long any Yen crosses

2: Long EUR/USD

3: Long GBP/USD (although I’m having second thoughts on this as it looks like it’s not yet bouning back from oversold levels. Further downside is most likely, and it’s time to consider some exit strategy or to see how much pain I can take before I run for the door.)

4: Short USD/CHF (naturally if I’m long eur/usd)

That’s it for now. Good luck to you all with your trading!

I barely finished typing this post and it looks like my long eur/usd is paying off 🙂