Running MetaTrader 4 (MT4) on Mac OS X

Here is how to get MetaTrader4 (MT4) Forex trading platforms to work under Mac OS X.

Requirement: You must be using a Mac with the Intel Duo Core Processor.

1. Download CrossOver
Download a 30-day trial version of CrossOver from CodeWeavers at

(the for-sale version only costs $60).


2. Install CrossOver and quartz-wm
At the end of the installation it will request you insert Disk 1 from your Mac OS X install disks which came with your Intel Mac. This is important as a small file (quartz-wm) needs to be extracted from the X11 package. If for whatever reason you don’t see a dialog indicating that this was successfull (happened to me 2x), delete all installed CrossOver files and try again.

3. Create WinXP Bottle in CrossOver
At Configure/Manage Bottles within CrossOver create a new winxp bottle. You can name it anything you want. For here, I’ll refer to it as the winxp bottle. This will create a bottle stored within your user folder (see path below).

4. Copy/Paste MFC DLLs
From within your valid, licensed copy of Windows XP, navigate to the system32 folder and locate the following DLLs: mfc40.dll and mfc42.dll. Copy these to your Mac and then move them to the equivalent WinXP “bottle” within your user folder. The path is username/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/winxp/drive_c/windows/system32/.

5. Copy/Paste wingding Font
To properly show symbols and arrows, locate the wingding.ttf file in your Windows proper installation and copy it to your CrossOver installation in the /windows/fonts/ directory.

6. Install MT4
Download the MT4 installer (e.g. mt4setup.exe) from your broker. I tested using FXDD’s latest MT4 build 205. Double-click on the .exe and it should take you to CrossOver and begin running the MT4 installer the same as you’re familiar with when running on Windows. Select all of the default options for where MT4 will be installed. At the end, de-select (this is important) the option to auto-launch MT4 after installation is completed. (This doesn’t work.)

7. Launch MT4
From within the CrossOver application, go to the Programs menu and then select the MT4 application (it may be within a sub-menu with a symbolic link to the actual terminal app).

MT4 should launch and look just as good as from within Windows! And, MetaEditor launches as well! Check out this screenshot:



UPDATE: Make sure the broker you are downloading from still has version build 218 and not 220. Also once you’ve downloaded version 4.00 build 218 don’t update it.

Version 220 has added security and will not work with crossover. (See comment #18 below)

If you can’t find build 218 any more use the link below to download a copy of FXDD’s MT4 Installer.

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  1. Okay thank you i have now another problem. If i use the profx template my metatrader crashes all the time what can i do?

  2. Hmm that sucks…maybe there is a compatibility issue at play. Does the profx template require any additional indicators/EAs that need build 225 of MT4? Does it crash with any other indicators/templates? And further does it spew out any specific error message upon crashing?

  3. Sorry for the late reply Johnny.

    Dang, that crash looks pretty bad. Typically that happens when the indicator or EA you’re trying to use does something monumentally silly – ie is very buggy. Does this happen with any other EAs or indicators? Cause if it crashes only with the profx template then clearly there is something wrong with the profx indicators or they’re just plain incompatible with that version of MT4..remember build 215 is VERY old and many EAs these days need build 225.

  4. create bottle w98 it will definitely work to install mt4 in snow leopard thru crossover.

  5. the installer stop when copying c:\program files\fxopen-metatrader\mailbox\119076044.english i hahe wait more than 1 houre but its still stoped, why? can you help me.. thx

  6. pyoox I had the same fail you must first install internet explorer 6 and then you can install metatrader 4

  7. I was the person that created these step-by-step guidelines and posted them on select forums as well as the Codeweavers site. I haven’t been using MT4 for a couple of years and ceased using Codeweavers with MT4 due to all the numerous issues.

  8. Hi Bill. Do you have a website or something I can paste to give you credit? I got this info from a PDF “forex manual” hence why I did not put a source link.

    Yeah, I think it’s better to just run a virtual machine in Mac OS X if you want to run MT4…ie such as using VMWare. It’s by far the least troublesome way to get MT4 up and running. The only downside is that you need a copy of windows. But I’m sure some of you can think of creative ways to get around that

  9. HI, I have downloaded the crossover demo at list 3 times and I have also deleted the demo version 3 times. The Crossover demo was working on the first and second downloads but it stopped launching on the third download. So I purchased the standard crossover mac and every time I try to start up crossover it wont work. Basically whenever I try to open crossover it appears on my macs Dock but it doesn’t launch. I want to try and install meta trader 4 version 218, but first I need to run crossover but it wont open. Can any one help me out please?

  10. Ian did you try to get in touch with technical support? I mean you paid for it so you are entitled to some help!

    MetaTrader 218 may be a problem. I haven’t tried updating to that version. Frankly I think running Windows inside a VMware or VMWare Fusion is a much better solution now – less hassle and problems!

  11. Hi Alan
    Since you’ve found the solution already with MT4 on Mac OSX, is it not possible to get the Crossover bottle from you. It is all too complicated. If I have already got Crossover and since all the other software is freeware, would this be OK?

  12. Hmm, I’m afraid I cant’ 🙁 cause I deleted the bottle as I stopped using Crossover. I now run all my trading apps strictly on a window 7 machine.

  13. Hi, I installed the meta trader4 on my mac but don’t know how to use? I mean how to trade with broker? Please any Idea? Thanks.

  14. Hello sir,
    Thanks for your information and what different in between fapturbo and expert advisor?

  15. carmelo try installing a more recent version like the latest mt4 build..maybe this is something specific with that old version that you’re using..

  16. Hello Sir,
    I wanted with the Mac Broker but I couldn’t get them. What is the best solution? Thanks.

  17. Hello Sir,
    Thanks and I have Mac Computer and would like to forex trade what is the best solution?

  18. Honestly the least hassle solution would be to use a broker that offers a web based or java based trading platform.

    If you can afford the minimum account opening requirement of $1000 I’d recommend the Swiss broker called Dukascopy:

    Once you no longer NEED MT4 then finding a trading platform for Mac OS is not such a big deal.

  19. I just love crossover… Way better than VM ..

    Open an account with Vantage FX or Vantage FX Australia and they will give you crossover for FREE…

    MetaTrader for MAC using crossover for FREE … 😉

  20. I tried installing MT4 build 402 in Mac OS X 10.7 by Crossover Pro 10.1.1. I also followed all your steps except step#1 which the system did not prompt anything to insert the disc. After an installation, I could not open the MT4 app. Any suggestion?

  21. Hi Kong. Cool, I’m glad to hear you got it working. I am going to share that useful bit of info here on the blog.

    Not to worry setting up your broker’s server is easy. All you have to do is go to “File” and then to “Login” type in your live account number and password and press login.

    If you’re trying to setup a demo account go to File and then “Open and account”

  22. Hi,

    Maybe I can help you out as I can see that some of you t are having troubles getting MT4 for the Mac successfully downloaded. We have recently introduced MT4 for the Mac with no crossover needed. you can either use this live or on as a demo account.
    We also have an add on you can use from MT5 called chart trader. ChartTrader is an additional application for the MetaTrader4. Thanks to this application you can move pending orders, stop losses & take profits simply by draging the mouse directly from your charts.
    MetaTrader 4 for the Mac is free for our live clients but also avalible on a 30 day free trial for non Axiory clients.
    Please contact us if you have any question and one of our helpful support staff will be happy to answer any questions.

    Kind regards,


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