6 Best Forex Trading Systems In The World?

Hello everyone. It looks like Mark McRae, the popular forex educator and promoter, is up to something yet again – something he calls the Surefire Trading Challenge. Last time I remember him promoting the Forex Avenger System, and I eventually ended up buying it. I didn’t have any regrets about doing so as in my opinion the system is pretty good – enough that I’m working on turning it into an expert advisor so it can be traded automatically, but I’m getting off-topic here.

Recently I’ve received several e-mails from him (Mark McRae) in which he is promoting 6 supposedly trading challenge winning systems. This e-mail went something like this:

The biggest Forex trading competition in the world just ended…

…6 winners:

Position #1: 2,307.38% in 30 days
Position #2: 1,120.77% in 30 days
Position #3: 1,014.05% in 30 days
Position #4: 927.93% in 30 days
Position #5: 200.12% in 30 days
Position #6: 156.23% in 30 days

All results VERIFIED… and it doesn’t get better than this:

Each One Of These 6 winners Is About To Reveal, To A Select Gr.oup
Of Traders, The Systems They Used To Achieve These Results!

Naturally I was curious so I continued to read his e-mail….

Why A Forex Trading Competition?

Quite simple, actually…

The organizers of this championship wanted to find the absolute best
traders and trading systems in the world. Trading systems better than
99.99% of whatever you can get your hands on in the market.

The idea was to let every single person (regardless of background and
experience) enter the trading competition and get the chance to prove
that he or she is the best…

But, it’s actually more than that.

The intention was to prove, once and for all, that people from all walks
of life can achieve unbelievable results… to prove that you don’t need
to be a genius to ma.ke 1,000 or 2,000 per.cent per month trading…

…and they succeeded BIG time with this objective!

Out of almost 600 traders from all over the world, from every imaginable
walk of life, 6 outperformed every other Forex system in existence. They
proved, once and for all, that you can be a stay-at-home mom, an artist,
a civil engineer, an electrical charge-man, a drilling engineer, even an
accountant… and still outperform every single professional bank trader!

Why Reveal The W.inning Systems Of This Competition?
Every trader that entered this competition agreed to one thing: if he or
she was amongst the first 6 places, they must reveal the systems they
used to achieve their results.

In fact, every trader in the competition had to enter the championship
with a “sharing” mindset. They had to be willing to teach others what
they know and use.

Each of those 6 traders will soon reveal every minute element of their

I mean it – EVERY single detail:

– How to trade it
– When to trade it
– What pairs to trade it on
– What time frame to use
– If a special indicator is to be used, where to get it

…and every other detail you can think of.

Limited Release
To keep their performance levels optimum and intact, the number of copies
released will be restricted.

Hmm, well, it does sound too good to be true at first. However, out of curiosity I still clicked on the link to his  Surefire Trading Challenge website and I was greeted by some slickly produced video featuring some guy with glasses that I don’t recognize – I was expecting Mark McRae himself, but it’s not him (I recognize his voice from several forex training videos he produced a while back.)

Either the guy in the video is someone related to this trading challenge or some hired actor. He does sound convincing though – maybe it’s the gesticulation that does it? – I dunno. Anyways, I let them have my e-mail so they can spam me in the future of course, but mainly cause I’m rather curious if all of this is hyped up garbage or potentially something good. I like the forex avenger system he promoted in the past so I’m thinking I just may like what he’s pitching this time around.

As some of you guys know, one of my hobbies is testing commercial and free trading systems, so if I’m sold on this latest Mark McRae venture I may grab a copy and give these so called “best forex trading systems in the world” a try. Of course I will report my findings in full detail as I have done in the past with numerous other trading systems. I doubt these systems will be free, but from the looks of it it is being sold via ClickBank so I feel very safe in at the very least giving them a try as I will be easily able to get a refund if the product doesn’t live up to its expecations.

If you’re curious and you want to see the same video I saw drop on by Mark McRae’s Surefire Trading Challenge website and check it out…not sure how long it will be up there though.

I’ll keep you all posted,