Recession-Busting Forex bonuses just announced

Forex Profit Accelerator

Just a quick update about Bill Poulos’s Forex Profit Accelerator
(FPA) home study course I let you know about earlier this

(I don’t know if he’s announced all these yet, but I wanted to
give you a heads-up as soon as I heard about this.)

Starting today, he just added on some “RECESSION-BUSTING” bonus
training materials valued at $691 which I personally think is a
little crazy for him to do…



Because one of them is two GROUP MENTORING web-seminars that let
you “spy” on his trading computer and get your questions
answered live in “in person”.

Here are the details:

* After you get his Forex course, Bill’s going to give you
private login instructions were you can join him on 2 separate
web-seminars. You’ll get to interact live with Bill, ask him to
pull up Forex charts, take a look at trades, and more…

-I’ve seen these kinds of sessions go for $200 or more, but he’s
including both of them “on the house” if you pick up his course
TODAY. Folks, that’s like someone handing you $400.

Get them here:


Bill is also giving away the complete digital video content to
his Super Divergence Blueprint trading course that reveals his
take on the “classic” divergence setup.

These videos show you how to spot trades in any timeframe and
any market that most traders flat-out MISS.

This course sells right now for $247, but you can get the videos
“on the house” when you pick up FPA here:


Finally, Bill’s giving away one of the all-time great reports on
getting your discipline & psychology of trading “in check”.

You might be surprised by some of the crucial trading mistakes
you’ve been making after you get your hands on this report,
valued at $47.

Get it here:


HERE’S THE CATCH <— they expire SOON

These bonuses disappear tomorrow, Friday, March 27th, at 11:59pm
Eastern (New York time).

So unless you like walking away from $691, I urge you to grab
them NOW.

All the details are here:

Sounds like a pretty good deal to me.

Good Trading!

p.s. If you are among the traders who’ve already picked up a
copy of Bill’s FPA course, don’t worry. He’s going to
“grandfather” you in on all these extra bonus items: