Update on my LMT Forex Formula trade


Greetings fellow traders. A few days back I made a post (over here) announcing with joy that the LMT forex formula system has finally signaled an entry. The entry was a buy EUR/USD at 1.3873 on the H4 chart. Well, I’m glad to report that my position has hit take profit for a total of 251 pips. That marks my first successful LMT forex formula trade.  So far so good!

I did miss a potential trade on the  H4 GBP/USD chart, and I regret doing so as if I had taken that trade I would have easily gained another few hundred pips.  Ohwell, there is always next time.

Btw,  if you want something to chew on in regards to LMT Forex’s performance check this out:


That’s on a LIVE account! Congrats to Mike and hope the money keeps on rolling in.

I’ll keep you all up-to-date on my LMT Forex Formula trades both via this blog and on the LMT Forex Forum via this thread:


Until next time, I wish you all profitable trading!



4 thoughts on “Update on my LMT Forex Formula trade”

  1. I think it is. The system is dead simple. The only thing that may catch a newbie trader offguard is the money management. You HAVE to stick to the money management rules and NOT get greedy. Other than that it’s a very simple system to trade.

    If you’re looking for free community support for this system I invite you to join a new forum I’ve put together so we can all help each other get the most from this system:


  2. Do you have an update on how this system is performing? It would be useful to compare performance over a long period of time.

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