I just learned that a new ClickBank forex product has been launched. It goes by the name of Forex Ivybot. There are probably a ton of websites out there trying to convince you to buy this expert advisor, but I’m not so sure about it. Some say that it’s not worth to buy it. I’m not going to comment on it myself as I do not own it. Some who say they’ve tried it gave it a negative review. Checkout the forum thread below for examples:


On the upside if you decide to play around and buy it, you do have a 60 day money back guarantee with ClickBank, so keep that in mind.

If you do buy it and test it I – and no doubt many others – would really appreciate if you shared your performance results. You can do so over here:


Good luck to you all. Hopefully this EA works out for you!


7 thoughts on “IvyBot”

  1. Well, I’m also not to convince about this product. There are many better product out there. But, you may never know in the future this Forex Ivybot works better compare with the rest.

  2. We shall see. I’m watching carefully that forex nirvana thread to see how the bot performs for others before jumping on board and buying it.

  3. Have just bought IVYBOT a few days ago, still back and Forward testing but am definitively not impressed.
    So far very negative results, large gains always followed by large Loss, like heads/tail trading.
    I cannot see any intelligent strategy/pattern in this EA.
    So far the best by far, is MegaDroid, even though it trades only 8 Hrs/week, it almost always wins.
    Will return IvyBot shortly, for sure.

  4. IvyBot is worthless. Only trades USD/JPY and out of the very few trades of that pair, the losses are much greater than the wins. Worst is their support. I can’t get my money back. Avoid this robot at all costs.

  5. Thanks for sharing that with us Doyle! Hey btw yes you can get your money back but you have to go directly to CLICKBANK, DO NOT ask the sellers for a refund – you know they ain’t gonna give it to you.

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