Your chance to be mentored in Forex by a 35+ year market veteran

It’s time.

Over the past week, trader Bill Poulos “spilled the beans” on
the top 4 problems his coaching students face with their Forex

-and then he showed 10,000+ regular folks just like you how to
solve those problems on a special “three-peat” online training

As of this writing, 4,075 of those that attended his training
have already applied for more information on his brand new
“Forex Profit Accelerator Group Coaching Program”, which just
went live today…

-but the sobering reality is that there’s no way Bill can take
on that many new students, so if you have ANY interest in
finally becoming an Independent Master Forex Trader, you need to
move quickly.


I’ve seen a LOT of Forex educational programs online, and here’s
what stands out about what Bill’s doing with this time-limited

1. He has a totally unique twist on Forex trading that he
specifically designed for BUSY PEOPLE. Essentially, he shows you
how to treat the 24-hour Forex markets as “end of day”
markets… so you make all your trading decisions for the day in
20 minutes or less…

2. He’s giving you most of the benefits of 1-on-1 coaching
(which can cost $15,000… $20,000… or MORE) at a FRACTION of
that investment…

3. PLUS… he’s throwing in his time-tested Forex Profit
Accelerator home study course if you’re able to get into his
group coaching program before it closes…

All-in-all, it’s one of the most generous, solid Forex training
programs I’ve ever seen.

So if you want to:

* Quadruple your profit potential…

* Start with a $500 trading account…

* Trade in 20 minutes or less…

* Enjoy high-probability, lower-risk trades…

* Never have to suffer huge losses…

* and finally become an Independent Master Forex Trader…

…then check out the open enrollment letter Bill put together
for you:

If you think 2010 is YOUR YEAR for finally mastering Forex,
I hope you get into this program in time before it closes.

Good Trading!

p.s. I’ve seen this developer’s trading programs disappear in a
matter of days in the past, and it’s a near certainty it will
happen again… so IF YOU VALUE YOUR TIME, I really urge you to
check out his letter here, and then ask yourself how what he has
to say stacks up against how YOU currently trade: