Forex Megadroid Price Dropped to $97


Hi everyone. I’ve got some interesting news to report regarding the Forex Megadroid robot. I am surprised to find out but apparently the developers have dropped the price of Forex Megadroid from $149 to $97!! It used to be $97 when it first got launched, then they increased the price to $149, and now it’s back down to $97. Not sure what they have in mind here – maybe sales have dwindled and this is an attempt to make their product more approachable? I’m not sure, but I’d say this is a deal too good to pass. I have mentioned on many cases that Forex Megadroid is one of the few forex robots that I trade live.

You can see my live account performance either here on this blog (use the google search box to search this blog for “forex megadroid”) or at my forex robots forum. Here is the specific thread dedicated to forex megadroid where I will be posting regular performance updates:

Happy trading everyon!