Started Testing FapTurbo on ForexMeta


Greetings everyone. As you may have noticed already in my previous post I announced to the world the availability of a new version of the popular FapTurbo forex robot – specifically version 52 (see this post for details.) As I mentioned in that previous post I have upgraded my FapTurbo to this latest version and I have also decided to test it with the broker that the FapTurbo crew recommend. The first broker to be tested shall be ForexMeta.

ForexMeta as far as I know is somehow related to FXDD. I’m not 100% sure of this but I think they are a whitelabel for FXDD. As such they use the GMT +2 setting and as far as spreads go they’re not all that low so I’m not sure how well suited this broker is for FapTurbo’s scalping strategy. But I guess since the FapTurbo crew recommend this brokerage firm I may as well see how well their EA performs there.

I’ve decided to use myfxbook to keep track of the performance instead of regularly uploading pdf performance statements to this blog as I have done in the past. This will not only make it easier for me to test more forex robots without overworking myself but it will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on my performance testing.

To checkout the performance results of the FapTurbo scalping strategy (ALL scalper currency pairs, M15 time frame) see this link:

To checkout the performance results of the FapTurbo EUR/USD M1 aka “long term” strategy see this link:

For FapTurbo newbies or curious visitors I recommend you see the FapTurbo homepage at:

I’ll keep you all posted on any FapTurbo related news as well as on how my performance testing goes.

Oh, and before I end this post I should also mention that I will also be testing FapTurbo on two more “recommended” brokers: FXCBS and IamFX. Two other blog posts will follow with more details, so stay tuned to this blog. Don’t you dare close the browser window! lol