My own Forex VPS solution – anyone interested?

Forex VPS

Hello everyone.

Alan here with an important announcement geared
toward all of you who trade foreign currencies (forex) like me.
I am seriously considering putting together my own Forex VPS
solution and I thought I’d send out an e-mail to see if any of
you would be interested in signing on board.

I’m not sure how many of you know what a forex VPS or even a VPS is
all about so I’ll briefly explain it here. Those of you who already
know this stuff can just skip it.

Basically a VPS is a dedicated computer/server that is hosted in a
high-end data center with a very high speed and reliable internet
connection. This VPS server’s job is to run your forex trading
platform and any forex robot(s) (automated trading systems, also
known as expert advisors) you may wish to use. It is the ultimate
in piece of mind for traders. IT ensures that power outages, slow
home internet connections, and other such problems do not affect
the performance of your trading applications. I think that every
trader should use a VPS solution if they’re serious about what
they’re doing.

Suffice it to say that what I have in mind to setup will be a very
advanced platform. It will be Linux based so you can’t get virus
infection, it will be rock solid stable, it will be portable
(you can log into your vps platform anywhere in the world), and
last but not least it will offer you unlimited bandwidth plus
unlimited memory usage – so you can run as many forex robots (EAs)
as you’d like.

Platforms that will be made available: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and
MetaTrader 5 (MT5)


The vps servers will be spread across 3 data centers – US, UK , and
Hong Kong. I will configure your VPS account to use the server
which is nearest to the MT4 server of your chosen broker thus
providing the lowest latency connection possible.

One thing that may interest affiliates and system sellers/marketers
is whether we will have an affiliate program. The answer is yes.
You can even have it so that your clients will not have access to
whatever EA you’re selling but merely “lease” it while running on
the VPS account.

To launch this venture I’d need about 100 clients to start.

What about cost?

Well, I did some research and I decided that given the fact that
there will be no bandwidth and memory restrictions then $45 /month
would be a reasonable price to ask. Most other forex vps providers
charge double!

So whoever is seriously interested please let me know by signing up
to the interest group mailing list I setup for this purpose. Here
is the link:

If I get 100 or more people on board then I’ll get the wheels
rolling and in a short while the vps platform will be made

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to e-mail me or post a comment.
Also if you have further questions I recommend you checkout this mini FAQ I’ve put
together over here:

P.S. Feel free to share this info with your forex trading friends
and associates.

Thank you for your support.


14 thoughts on “My own Forex VPS solution – anyone interested?”

  1. Simon it’s entirely possible. MT4 will be running in a virtualized or emulated environment. A while back I was working on a post that showed people how to run MT4 under linux but I never got around to finishing the post and publishing it. Do you use linux? Perhaps I can spare a few hours on the weekend to work on that post.

  2. Thanks. True, but not necessarily better. The two forex vps solutions are totally different. So in the end some may prefer the easier to use solution I have in mind to setup. That and like I said in the post I plan to offer unlimited memory and bandwidth so you won’t have to pay extra if you’re a “power user” and like to have a lot of EAs running.

  3. Jason I know I’ve seen them too. But bear in mind I’m not trying to compete with the low end providers. They don’t give you enough server resources for that price, that’s the main problem. For $45 people get the “buffet” treatment..meaning they can use as much server and bandwidth resources as they need.

    For example the $20 ones give you just 256 mb of ram! That’s ridiculously useless. Another problem is that because their VPS runs a virtualized complete copy of windows that memory will be almost entirely be consumed by windows, leaving precious little for your MT4 sessions.

    I’ll most likely be able to lower the price as I get more clients and economies of scale kick in, but unfortunately for now I have to keep it at $45. I’ve looked around before setting that price and the VPS providers that give you 1 GB of ram or more charge over $45..$65 and above seems to be the average.

  4. 38€ Linux Root Server, unlimited bandwidth, 8GB RAM, 1.000 GB RAID, 4x 2,3 GHz Athlon etc
    +10€ for Windows Server 2008

    that are my costs at the moment, more than enough power for me and my users
    just look in Germany 😉

  5. Simon that’s a very good rate! I would’ve loved to get hooked up with such a server. The main issue for me is that the majority of my traffic comes from US/Canada and latency would be an issue if I had a server in Germany. But I may consider it as the costs are much higher here in the States. I pay way over 38 euros for my dedicated server.

  6. Just mail me, if you want to test the latency. I could setup a test account for you on my server.

    Connection: over 150 GBit
    through: Deutsche Telekom, Level 3, Global Crossing, cogent, DE-CIX, interoute, u.a.

    I provide EA signals for my users, but only FDAX.
    Most of them trade with UK accounts. No complaints from them so far 🙂

  7. Well I would not need it for VPS purposes though, just as a regular server to host my websites. For the VPS solution I intend to use Rackspace with servers placed in 3 separate data centers.

  8. Hello all,

    I would much appreciate if someone who is familiar with VPS can answer the following question:

    IS there any risk the code of an EA to be copied/stolen or whatever by the host of the VPS service?

    Thank you in advance.


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