Gallant Capital Markets (GallantFX) $2000 Deposit Bonus

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Hi everyone.

I just learned that one of the brokers that I use for MT4 demo testing – Gallant Capital Markets (formerly GallantFX) – is having a special deposit bonus promo. They will give you a deposit bonus of up to $2000 when you open up a live account.

The size of the bonus is promotional to the account opening balance. Here is a breakdown of the bonus rewards:

$1000 – $100 deposit bonus

$2,500 – $200 deposit bonus

$10,000 – $500 deposit bonus

$25,000 – $1000 deposit bonus

$50,000 – $2000 deposit bonus

Anything above $50K will still earn you a maximum of $2000 deposit bonus.

There you go folks. If you’ve been thinking about opening an account with Gallant Capital Markets (GallantFX) now would be a good time to get it done so you can earn your bonus.

I would also like to disclose that Gallant Capital Markets is one of the brokers my Forex Nirvana forum is associated with (I’m an IB for them) so if you’d like to support the forum and help to ensure that it remains up and running consider using this link to open a live account.

Thanks for your support, and thanks for reading this blog.

Best of luck with your trading!



4 thoughts on “Gallant Capital Markets (GallantFX) $2000 Deposit Bonus”

  1. Thanks it’s just great to get a free bonus 🙂 Umm is the deposit withdrawable after closing X lots or is it just like bigger leverage ?

  2. You have to close x amount of lots. So in a sense the broker still doesn’t “lose” or give away truly free money, but it still nice to have a bit of extra $ in your account.

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