Russ Horn of Forex Rebellion fame releases Forex Master Method forex training course

forex master method

Hi everyone.

I just received an e-mail from Russ Horn letting me know that he’s got a new forex product coming out soon. The name of his new product is Forex Master Method. The Forex Master Method is a forex training course that seeks to teach you how to successfully trade manually.

Some of you may remember Russ Horn as the creator of what I think was a pretty popular manual trading system called Forex Rebellion. I remember seeing quite a flurry of activity on the Forex Rebellion thread on the Forex Nirvana Forum. His trading system earned some good reviews. It was by no means perfect but from what I observed it was not a scam and did work. I own a copy as a matter of fact and have used it in the past with success. So I for one am expecting something good from Russ.

Now bear in mind that his forex course is not yet available to the public. I was told that the official launch day is June 1’st. But until that day arrives Russ is planning on offering several pre-launch promos and giveaways. The very first promo gives everyone a chance to win a :

iPad 2, $500 broker account, or Amazon Kindle reader

I’ll make another blog post in a few hours with details regarding what you have to do to get a chance at winning those prizes.