New ZuluTrade iPad application available


Hello zulutraders. Any of you using ZuluTrade on your iPad? Yes? Cool. Well then you’d probably be interested to know that there is a new version of the ZuluTrade iPad app. Go get it today.

Benefits of using this app:

Open, close and edit manually traded positions;

Automatically execute your selected trading systems’ signals without monitoring the markets 24-hours a day;

Utilize multiple strategies and exchange models from over 5000 systems including a wide array of EAs;

Diversify risk among multiple currency pairs and strategies;

Control your risk by using the Margin Call-o-meter;

Adjust the trade size you want your Signal Provider to trade;

Manually close trades from signal providers;

Manually adjust stops and limits;

Take advantage of bad signals by reversing them;




5 thoughts on “New ZuluTrade iPad application available”

  1. ZuluTrade pretty sucks. Been with them for a while and it was nightmare… Requotations, client disconnects, high spreads, increadible graph peaks…

  2. Really? And you’re not saying that just to get your link across I hope.

    But what zulutrade broker did you choose?

  3. That does look pretty cool. ZuluTrade never really interested me though. Does anyone have experiences with using their autotrade feature? I would be interested in finding out how well those signal providers do.

  4. Seriously guys!? I get the feeling that you folks are commenting just to promote your site links.

    You can request a withdrawal of earnings from your zulutrade account page.

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