Russ Horn’s Forex Master Method Trading Course Is Now Live!

forex master method

Hi everyone.

I’ve got some news to relay. You remember how in a previous post I mentioned that Russ Horn is due to launch a forex trading course called Forex Master Method? Well, the launch day is upon us! In fact The Forex Master Method course is now live and available for purchase.

I checked out the sales page and the price seems pretty reasonable considering what you get. It is by no means another one of those $97 ClickBank products. It is more like $999, but price aside let’s hope the dictum “you get what you pay for” hold this time again. By the way you can also buy it for 2 payments of $650 if cashflow is a problem for you, but as you can see you end up paying more in total than if you were to buy it for the full price.

This product is sold via ClickBank so you have a full 60-day 100% money back guarantee. It works. Trust me I’ve returned tons of ClickBank products that ended up beingĀ  junk and I haven’t been denied once.

As I type this post there are a total of 312 copies left.

Those of you that get a copy please feel free to share your opinions regarding this course over here at the following forum thread:

Best of luck to you all!