FXCM Now Offers Micro Lots in Standard Accounts


I just found out (fxcm mailing list) that micro lot trading is available to all new FXCM Trading Station II accounts. When trading with FXCM LLC, a trader’s maximum leverage is still 50:1. However, with micro (1k) lots, traders now have access to a greater range of trade sizes, providing more control and flexibility.

The leverage sucks, but what can you do this is the rule with all US brokers.

I used to trade with FXCM’s Trading Station II but I stopped as I got more and more into MT4 and automated trading. I’m curious to hear some feedback from Trade Station II traders though. How is the platform now? What do you think?


2 thoughts on “FXCM Now Offers Micro Lots in Standard Accounts”

  1. Sadly yes. It means there is a barrier to entry for potential traders with low funds.

    The only realistic option at this point is to trade with regulated OFFSHORE brokers – ie non US based. Some offshore brokers will still offer crazy leverage like 400:1. In some cases if used wisely the higher leverage is a good thing as you can better fine tune your market exposure.

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