FapTurbo 56 Without FX Choice Optimized Settings = Big Time Fail


My fapturbo saga continues. A while back I made a post about how the fapturbo team have improved performance via better settings. The bad news is that at the time those customized settings were only available to people who would open up an account with their preferred broker – FX Choice. Essentially you had to sign-up through their IB (introducing broker) link which means that no only do they get money from you when you pay for fapturbo itself but they also get regular commissions from FX Choice for as long as you continue to use that broker. But anyways,  I was expecting the fapturbo team to eventually release these custom settings to everyone (as they said they would) that is a rightful owner of the product.

That has not happened!

So while I waited for them to release the fx choice optimized settings to everyone I thought I’d just run the default settings on FX Choice. The end result was not impressive at all. My demo $50K account is now at $43K after 3 months of testing.

So the conclusion is that I guess if you want at least the chance of making profits with fapturbo you have to give in and open up an account with their preferred broker and through their IB link.

I’m going to ask the fapturbo team to let me use the optimized settings on a DEMO FX Choice account but I doubt they’d be willing to do that. It’s worth a shot though as at this point I can’t open a live test account with that broker.

I’ll keep you up to date if I succeed in getting this accomplished. If I do I will restart my demo testing.

Until next time,

Happy Trading!


3 thoughts on “FapTurbo 56 Without FX Choice Optimized Settings = Big Time Fail”

  1. Hi Alan, I agree with your point. I think its ok to have them as an IB. I have made good experiences with the combo FAP and myfxchoice.com. My account is up 17,5% compared to 2 months before so ok why shouldn`t the fap guys have some bucks for doing the programming work. The nice thing is: http://www.myfxchoice.com is a good broker without dealingdesk! Best, Jegor

  2. Even you make advertisement yourself on your site. So don´t blame the Fapturbo guys for being IB. Sorry to be in your face but… you get it… no worries. Jegor

  3. Whoa whoa..hold on a second there Jegor. I think you are way off base there. I never blamed them or said anything bad about them because they are IBs. I don’t care if they are IBs with the devil. But I do think it’s a bit unfair for them to not release optimized settings for other brokers for their existing clients. For new clients it’s ok to ask them to signup with their preferred broker as long as the clients are made fully aware of this. But asking existing clients to switch brokers just so they can get more money from them is a bit shady.

    You see my point of view now?

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