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“It’s a game of trust.You trust Me, and i hope i will give you the profits… I’m trying to get pips from breakout strategy. I will open the trade about 12-24 hours/day, it depends on the daily target. Please try it first with 0,01 lot with $500 and see the result. Usually i put the stop loss at swing low and swing high. Enjoy it and please make a report to me… Thank you all…”

Profit 2206.0
Open positions 0
Balance $2,256.76
Trades 133
Winning trades 115 (86.0%)
Average pips/trade 16.6
Average trade time 16 hours
Maximum drawdown -400 pips
Followers 121
Has live followers Yes
Ranking 46
Running weeks 14
Viewed 3802

9 thoughts on “Hertcz – the latest forex signal provider on ZuluTrade”

  1. heeeeeeeeey, this is one of my signals 😉
    mate, i am one of your live followers 🙂
    good job, really good one! keep them coming !!

  2. @John: Definitely worth a shot. I haven’t followed them yet but you can bet I am.

    @lizafx: cool 🙂 I shall keep them coming indeed 😉 Hopefully ones of these days I’ll run across one that will make us all rich…lol

    Cheers everyone, and thanks for visiting my blog!

  3. Hmm well I decided that I will add this signal provider to my account – Hertcz – as soon as I add some additional funds to my brokerage account.

  4. woohoo I’m live with Hertcz. Let’s see how he does. I’m also testing out a signal provider called signalforex88:


    so I’ve got both Hertcz and Signalforex88 on a demo account. Hertcz is the only one I’ve got live on a AAAFX account for now. I may add signalforex88 to the aaafx account. I’m also gonna need some more live accounts so I can separate the more risk with the more “safe” signal providers.

    Stay tuned to the blog as I will be posting some new providers soon…probably in a few minutes.

  5. It’s been ok. I’ve had my ups and downs, but overall I made money, so I’m happy. Soon I will publish my latest portfolio so stay tuned to this blog for that in case you are interested.

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