My ZuluTrade Portfolio Update – Nov 18 2012


Hi everyone. Here is an update on what changes I’ve made to my ZuluTrade portfolio (in case you are curious or wish to duplicate my portfolio).

Additions: None so far. I haven’t had much time to do research on signal providers because I’ve been busy manually trading. The funny thing is that I’ve made more money on my own than most of the current signal providers I use. The only exception is Qurenix who has been performing much better than the rest. Kudos Qurenix!

Removals: I’ve removed a signal provider called “mitja1996” and one called “The Himalaya”. The Himalaya I’ve been also demo testing and still have him on demo even though I’ve removed him from my live account. He has had quite a rough time and so far my test account shows him as being in the minus.

That does it for this update. I’ll keep an eye out for any good signal providers and share them with you all.