Here are the top ZuluTrade signal providers for this current week – 10 2012 to 15 2012. For333 has regained his crown! Congratulations. I’ve removed that signal provider from my portfolio two or three weeks ago but even if he’s now #1 again I am still hesitant to re-add him. I might reconsider if and when his performance improves a bit. His performance for the past two months has been mediocre to say the least.

One of my former signal providers and one of my currently active signal providers have made it in the top 5! The signal provider that I once had active (disabled him a week ago because of his floating losses – have a look at his open trades) is called “good good system” and the signal provider that I still have active and which is now #5 overall is called “Qurenix” Qurenix is still going doing ok with a decent but not spectacular growth level for December so far. Good good system on the other hand is almost at the knife edge. If those open positions hit SL it’s going to be a very nasty Christmas present for his followers. As for me I intend to keep good good system off of my portfolio until he recovers. Even if he does I’m not so sure I can trust him the same. It seems to me that he was piling on short NZD/USD positions in an attempt to recover – ie he was doubling down. This is something that is not acceptable in my book. If you are going to scale positions I would only consider it acceptable if you scale into a WINNING position.

Ohwell, so such is life as a follower of other people’s trading systems. You win some, you lose some. Anyways, here are the rankings for this week:

#1ZuluRank for333 Pips
Amount Following
#2ZuluRank xiaolidao Pips
Amount Following
#3ZuluRank denganyouqianle Pips
Amount Following
#4ZuluRank good good system Pips
Amount Following
#5ZuluRank Qurenix Pips
Amount Following

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Monday, December 17th, 2012 at 7:24 pm
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5 Responses to “Top ZuluTrade Signal Providers for this week (12-10 to 12-15)”

  1. lizafx Says:

    The top ten has not cheanged lately , it’s gonna be either for 333 or dengan….how do you think this will happen? …in my humble opinion, they are not evern thaaaat good of traders

  2. admin Says:

    I think what’s more likely to happen is we’ll see a small group of signal providers jockey for positions in the top 10. You will see movement up and down the ranks but not many radical changes in ranking – at least not for a while. One in a while we may see some hotshot signal provider make it in the top ranks and perhaps even be #1 for a while but whether or not that signal provider will have staying power is anyone’s guess. For333 seems to have some staying power.

    Having said that I agree with you that some of these top ranking traders are really all that good. What I mean by that is that their trading skills may be mediocre but as long as over the time period that their rank is taken into consideration they’re better than the majority of other signal providers then, well, they’ll rank higher. You’ll find plenty of superstar signal providers that shine bright for a short while and then blow up spectacularly in – usually – a short time period.

    Staying power is a prized skill when it comes to trading.

  3. lizafx Says:

    admin you could have not put it better!

    so basically it all comes down to should you choose mediocre over a long period of time or bright and shine for short-term following?…so, if you chooss among them with the proportional allocation of risk might result in a proper devcent long term strategy…correct?

  4. admin Says:

    Yep I choose short-term success with the possibility that I may get lucky in a sense and choose a signal provider that ends up being a long term success.

  5. tasukigap Says:

    most of them is not real trader. only marketer