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Hello everyone. I was introduced to an interesting ZuluTrade signal provider by a member of the Forex Nirvana forum on the ZuluTrade signal providers thread, and I though I’d share it with all my dear blog readers. This provider is called “Tradeworks [HTT]” (not sure what the HTT is supposed to mean) and its trading signals are for the GBP/USD currency pair only. Looking at its stats one can easily discern that its a very high performance signal provider. It’s been on ZuluTrade for 28 weeks and so far has 422 followers. So far the overall profit is 8,449 pips with a 76% winning trades ratio which is pretty damn good. Maximum drawdown is 23%.

Now, before you go on and quickly add this signal provider to your portfolio I should warn you that even though this provider demonstrated good performance so far, it is in my book considered a HIGH RISK provider. His max open trades is 18 so you better not do something stupid like put this signal provider on a small account because if he gets into a drawdown period with 18 positions and they all hit the stop loss you will loose quite a big chunk of your account –  this is assuming you trade with mini lots. So personally I recommend an account size of $2000 and up and to dedicate 1 mini lot per position to this signal provider.

I’m mentioned on that forum thread an idea I’ve had about how it would be wise to have two separate ZuluTrade accounts, one “high risk” account and one “low risk” account. This signal provider would be suitable to be used on a high risk account.

Now as far as what trading system this signal provider uses, my best guess is that he’s using some type of grid trading + martingale system. I personally don’t like these trading system styles (especially martingale!) but this provider has managed to contain and control risk remarkably well. Since the beginning of his trading history on ZuluTrade he’s had positive months, which is pretty impressive and precisely what us pip addicts want. Losing pips sucks!

Well, that does it for this post. I hope it has been of some use, and as always your comments and suggestions as well as Zulutrade signal provider recommendations are always welcome.



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  1. I take it all back. This is no longer an interesting provider as essentially it imploded. It’s now holding on to a 3254 pip drawdown.

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