Top ZuluTrade Forex Signal Providers for this week (2013-01-21 to 2013-01-26)


Hi everyone. It’s that time again – to post the top performing ZuluTrade signal providers. Before I post the ranking I would like to announce that I’ve added the #5 ranked provider to my portfolio.Looking back at his trade history it shows that he’s been consistently making profit (ie no negative months) so I figured why not give him a try for a bit and see how he performs. Rankings follow below:

#1ZuluRank sczx(GBP/USD)50 Pips
Amount Following
#2ZuluRank f8 Pips
Amount Following
#3ZuluRank duanxian(GBP\USD) Pips
Amount Following
#4ZuluRank Claudia Pips
Amount Following
#5ZuluRank xiaolidao Pips
Amount Following

10 thoughts on “Top ZuluTrade Forex Signal Providers for this week (2013-01-21 to 2013-01-26)”

  1. This Claudia sp is a new face in the top 10 , though he is in the system for over 119 weeks , have you added this provider to your account alan? He has good results but i feel like he is a risky one , you know , a provider that needs zuluguard.

  2. Nope I haven’t added her yet, and to be honest I did not even hear about her until now. I will definitely look into her and at the very least put her on a demo account for 30 days and see if I’m happy with her performance.

    I did add xiaolidao as I mention in the blog post and so far I’m happy with his trading style – seems like a scalper to me or at least he’s scalping the eur/usd which at the moment is a strategy that I favor, although it seems the uptrend in eur/usd has resumed so hmm hopefully I don’t see him shorting the pair.

  3. Ok so I’ve had a chance to look at Claudia and holy sh*t her open positions scare me. Way too many open positions. Worst off it seems like she doubled down like crazy on the buy GBP/NZD positions. On the flip side she could be attempting to somehow catch a bottom and also sell a previous top, but if she so confident that GBP/NZD will rise why not close the previous short positions and ride the move up. In short I think she is too risky for me – drawdown way waaaay too much for my taste.

    Just my 2 pips worth…

  4. yes admin, the crazy opened position happend right after i posted here 🙁 i cant agree with your comments more. yesterday’s picture was a totally diffrent scenario…man, those traders seriously sometimes cant stop suprisning me 🙁
    i turned my eyes on this guy now, just got him recommended: Saved FX ….

  5. Yeah Saved FX is doing ok so far and so is greenfx777-6 which is another signal provider that I think I mentioned adding to my live portfolio..or did I? hmm..memory is failing me this morning…

    Anyways, yeah for sure I’m not going to bother with Claudia for now.

  6. Hi…I do not know how to contact you, so just this way want you to ask if you would be willing to write review on zulu provider that is not in top5?

  7. Hi Marian. Sure I would but I’d of course have to test this signal provider for myself for at least 30 days before I would review it. I am guessing that in fact you are the person behind this signal provider, no?

    I also presume the link to it is the one active on your comment.

    Otherwise if not go to the “About” page at the top and there you will be able to find out my e-mail address so you can e-mail me the info you’d like me to review.

  8. Hello there !!!!
    Hows trading going on? You still doing it? I kinda lost track of you on zulutrade…

  9. Hi there. It’s going somewhat ok. I’m stuck with a bunch of bad trades from Kama spot and Saved FX but perhaps they will turn things around. I’m not decided yet whether I want to remove them from my portfolio.

    As for losing track of me on zulutrade, well, I’m going to publish my new portfolio soon so you’ll be able to see what I’m doing lately on zulutrade.

    How are things going for you? Making pips?

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