My ZuluTrade Portfolio As of March 1 2013


Greetings! It’s been a while since I last published my current ZuluTrade signal provider portfolio so I thought it was about time to update you all on what I’m currently using on my live account. This is for your consideration only and it does not mean that these signal providers are in some way “the best”. This is just what I feel is worth using personally, and of course your opinion may differ. I will list each signal provider along some brief commentary.

1: youron – I just added this yesterday, so for me this is more of an experimental signal provider

2: xiaolidao – This provider is currently ranked in the top 5. So far I’ve been pretty happy with the way he trades. His past record is also pretty good. He’s only had 4 bad months since Oct 2011.

3: TREND RIDER AUD/USD – This guy is pretty good but I consider him a high risk provider. First of all he’s got a high maximum drawdown (34%) and the necessary minimum equity is $463 so a lot of you small account holders will want to avoid him. Also his max open trades are 14 which is on the high side.

4: Saved FX – This guy is pretty impressive. He has a very low drawdown level and good profits every month since June 2012 which is when he started with zulutrade. He also happens to be ranked #4 overall.

5: Kama-spot – This signal provider is #1 right now on zulutrade and I’d say his performance is very impressive thus far. He is relatively new to zulutrade though having started back in Oct 2012. So I dunno, maybe some of you might want to wait a bit longer to see how he performs after at least 6 months have passed. I chose to take the risk and add him to my portfolio.

6: greenfx777-6 –  I haven’t had this signal provider for long, so I can’t comment much on him. I thought he was worth a try though.

7:  FXturtle-EURUSD – This guys is not too shabby. I found out about him through his other signal provider which specialized in eur/jpy. However I stopped using his eur/jpy signals as things started going sour recently. Either way I’d say he’s worth a try.

8: ForexAnomaly – this is an experimental signal provider I’ve added just today. He is ranked #6 overall. So far I can’t comment much as he’s so new to me, but one thing that I noticed is that his eur/usd trades fair out much better than his gbp/jpy.

9: EUReka V – I found out about this signal provider from the provider himself when he posted in one of my forum’s zulutrade threads. After a month or so watching him on zulutrade I decided to so called “bite the bullet” and put him on my live account. Hopefully he will work out for the long term. Time will tell.

10: EUReka III – This is the same signal provider as the previous (EUReka V) but I guess this one employs a different trading strategy. This one is new to me as well.

That about does it for this post. I will as always keep on making zulutrade related blog posts, and will update you  all on what my portfolio is once in a while. If you want to chat about zulutrade signal providers I recommend you join me at the Forex Nirvana forum. Just go to

Cheers, and happy trading to you all!


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