Important ZuluTrade iOS and Android app update


Hi everyone. I’ve been notified by ZuluTrade via their newsletter that they’ve just released a new version of their iOS and Android smartphone/tablet app. According to the newsletter they’ve made the following improvements (quote):

An account capital protection shield that recognizes and performs predetermined actions against potentially harmful shifts of trading behavior.
Lock Trade:
You might be a follower, but ZuluTrade always wants you to be able to have the last call on every trade on your account. Now, all you have to do is click the lock on any trade coming from the Traders you follow and its destiny is yours.
ZuluTrade Dashboard:
Enables multiple account management and monitoring from a single point
Brand new visuals:
We have redesigned the iOS and Android user interface to match with the ease of use and user friendly nature of our latest ZuluTrade platform update!
Overall performance improvements:
Our mobile app is now even more stable and fast!