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My ZuluTrade Portfolio – Dec 2015


Hello everyone. Alan here with an update on my latest ZuluTrade forex adventures. So like I said a few posts back, I got into “auto-trading” again on the ZuluTrade platform and so far so good I’ve made some money. My live account is up ~$3000 which is not bad for a month or so of trading. I thought I’d share my current signal provider portfolio in case any of you guys are curious. Please do not assume that since I’m using a signal provider that I’m also endorsing it. Do your own research and make your own decision before you add any signal provider that you see here to your account.

  1. traderua
  2. SwissRunners
  3. Jaowtech1 – currently temporarily disabled while I figure out if his latest drawdown is worth putting up with and keep him in my portfolio.
  4. FXTrading24
  5. Flyingfx
  6. AdaTradingSystem
  7. Absolute Piper

ZuluTrade new feature – Social Charts


Greetings everyone! Here is a cool new feature introduces by ZuluTrade just a few days ago. They call it “social charts” and it’s precisely what it sounds like. Social charts allow you to comment and see other traders’ comments on what price action is doing at specific points. So if you feel the inkling to let the world know your interpretation of what price action is doing, you now can!

Here’s a few highlights of what you can do:
Pick a moment on any instrument chart and share your comments or insights
Exchange views with fellow followers, ask your Traders a question – fast and on the spot!
Explore trends visually – where’s the buzz at?
Discover interesting events (for now “Top trades”) drawn on the charts as they happen
Social Charts

An innovative review of The CopyTrader feature from eToro

eToro is a Forex trading portal with a global edge that stands out from the crowd. If you are an online forex trader, you remain logged for the better part of the day for your dealings. In addition, you are bombarded with titillating invitations via newsletters from sundry online forex forums and your inbox is choc-a-bloc with such newsletters. However, you don’t know what you are missing if you’re not on eToro’s system.

The trading platform is powered by potential software that allows the trader to easy navigation through any and every aspect of forex trade-be it trading with currency pairs, securities, commodities or indices. Irrespective of wherever you are, the platform gives you immediate and peerless access to the forex markets around the world.

Nevertheless, eToro’s USP is the CopyTrader feature that allows you to imitate and emulate the trading practices of the crème-de-la-crème forex traders. Following in their footsteps allows the relatively new and hence wary trader to assess their investment ends and make optimum profits from their spread. Hence a CopyTrader review becomes imperative.

Since the site went public with its online forex trading framework in 2007, it has been creating waves and since its CopyTrader signature feature got underway, it hasn’t looked back. More than a million online traders are registered with eToro and they regularly trade on this forum after a CopyTrader review and keep referring the site to their friends and relatives. It’s time you hopped onto the bandwagon of traders on eToro.

You can make a large profit as a forex trader with CopyTrader:

If riding is one of your passions, then it goes without saying you will enjoy riding piggyback on the shoulders of experienced forex specialists and speculators who are a class apart. You can easily profit from the global FX markets by going for a CopyTrader review and thereafter, aping these traders, who trade on the premier investment network that is eToro. And getting started is simpler. You need to open an account- that is the first step. Next, you need to discover the best of the best traders. Thereafter, you opt for the one who you think would be your ideal calling card. Thereafter you assess how much you can afford to put on stake. So, you see getting started can’t be simpler.

You need to open an account with a minimum of $100 to copy traders although starting with $200 gives you more advantage and leeway. You’ll have at least 5 expert traders to choose from. The CopyTrader review relieves you from the burden of placing your bets manually. The platform will choose the best traders to trade with for you and you’ll receive email updates. In case you lose your opening balance of $100 by emulating a trader, you’ll receive a full refund. You also get a 25% bonus on your first deposit.

About Author:

Visit Intellitraders to know more about Forex copy trading feature introduced by eToro.

Top ZuluTrade Signal Providers for this week (12-10 to 12-15)


Here are the top ZuluTrade signal providers for this current week – 10 2012 to 15 2012. For333 has regained his crown! Congratulations. I’ve removed that signal provider from my portfolio two or three weeks ago but even if he’s now #1 again I am still hesitant to re-add him. I might reconsider if and when his performance improves a bit. His performance for the past two months has been mediocre to say the least.

One of my former signal providers and one of my currently active signal providers have made it in the top 5! The signal provider that I once had active (disabled him a week ago because of his floating losses – have a look at his open trades) is called “good good system” and the signal provider that I still have active and which is now #5 overall is called “Qurenix” Qurenix is still going doing ok with a decent but not spectacular growth level for December so far. Good good system on the other hand is almost at the knife edge. If those open positions hit SL it’s going to be a very nasty Christmas present for his followers. As for me I intend to keep good good system off of my portfolio until he recovers. Even if he does I’m not so sure I can trust him the same. It seems to me that he was piling on short NZD/USD positions in an attempt to recover – ie he was doubling down. This is something that is not acceptable in my book. If you are going to scale positions I would only consider it acceptable if you scale into a WINNING position.

Ohwell, so such is life as a follower of other people’s trading systems. You win some, you lose some. Anyways, here are the rankings for this week:

#1ZuluRank for333 Pips
Amount Following
#2ZuluRank xiaolidao Pips
Amount Following
#3ZuluRank denganyouqianle Pips
Amount Following
#4ZuluRank good good system Pips
Amount Following
#5ZuluRank Qurenix Pips
Amount Following

Jason Alan Jankovsky the “Lion of LaSalle Street” on ZuluTrade?

Greetings fellow Zulutraders. I don’t know how many of you have heard of Jason Alan Jankovsky, but I have come across news that he’s now a signal provider on ZuluTrade. So who is this guy? On his website he offers the following description of himself:

Jason Alan Jankovsky is a 25+ year veteran of leveraged transaction trading. Trading extensively in Futures, Options, and FOREX since 1986, first as a customer and then as a registered broker, he is self-taught and self-educated. Working in almost all facets of the trading business, he has authored several trading systems, trained other successful traders and has been published in many industry periodicals; his numerous articles on global cash FOREX have appeared in “Traders Savvy”, “The Perspective”, “SFO Magazine”, “Futures Magazine”, “FX Magazine” and other industry publications. He is a regular guest on FOREX TV and the Jack Bouroudjian Show as well as other business radio and television shows. He is the author of “Trading Rules that Work: The 28 essential lessons every trader must master”(John Wiley & Sons, October 2006), a regular Amazon top-100 best seller in the category of “Futures”. His second book “The Art of the Trade: What I learned (and lost) trading the Chicago futures markets” (John Wiley & Sons, October, 2008) is an autobiography of his education as a trader and is also a regular Amazon top-100 bestseller in the category of “biography/business”

So, yeah, he is not just your average trader joe. But nonetheless just because he published a few books does not make him a good trader in my opinion. I have not seen any proof of performance in the forex market, so when I first heard that he might be offering forex trading signals on ZuluTrade I was at first surprised and then immediately skeptical. I’m not 100% sure if the ZuluTrade signal provider that goes by the same name really IS Jason Alan Jankovsky. I have no obvious reason to doubt it but also no rock solid reason to believe it either. For now let’ s just assume that it is really Jason sending the trade signals.

With that in mind I have started following him. What immediately stood out (and factors which I like) is that he is using a LIVE account and that so far he has kept his word and stuck with his promised 30 to 50 pip stop loss. He just started as a signal provider this month so he does not have much of a trading history on ZuluTrade, so be careful here folks. Try him out on a demo account for a month or two before you let him play with your real money. So far his account performance is in the red, but the month is not over so he has plenty of time to recover.

Click here to see his ZuluTrade signal provider profile page.

That does it for this post.

Happy trading.


Top ZuluTrade Signal Providers for this week (12-03 to 12-07)


Here are the top ZuluTrade signal providers for this current week – 12 03 to 12 07. It looks like not much has changed. Actually nothing has changed. For333 is still numero dos as they say en Espanol.

Rank Name Graph Pips Trades Followers Amount Following
#1 denganyouqianle 5784 974 6588 $6M
#2 for333 9155 748 5249 $5M
#3 f8 33024 4320 1855 $6M
#4 duanxian(GBP\USD) 24884 2140 1364 $1M
#5 windows88 18259 1718 502 $712K

Disabled two more ZuluTrade signal providers


Just WTF are you doing?! That’s what I have to say to ZuluTrade providers who pile on positions against the trend. Two of what I considered my favorite signal providers have gone “loco” and decided that it would be cool to try to short the EUR/USD (and others) in spite of a CLEAR bullish trend on multiple time frames. I understand that they may have wanted to “short tops” but why in the hell would you double down as you see the market slide against you and open more and more positions?! This is the sign of desperation. One provider broke their promise to not open more than 4 positions at once – they inflated the number of positions to 10! Way the go! Not!

These two signal providers that I’m talking about (which are now disabled – perhaps temporarily perhaps permanently) are: “good good system” and “Qurenix”

So what did I do beside disable them, well, I also closed all their open positions. No thanks, I am not going to hold on to their drawdown. I know they most likely do not give a crap because (some of them)  it’s not their money, right?

I’ve been manually trading in the same zulutrade account and I managed to lock in 9158 pips so far. Why couldn’t they be on the same side of the trend like me? I mean what the heck, they’re supposed to be professional and me the “amateur” no?

Anyways, I’m venting here. I will calm down in a bit.

For now the only signal provider that I have active is “FxTurtle” To this signal provider I’d like to say “kudos” for not doubling down and for sticking with the trading plan. He’s also got in on the EUR/JPY trend which I like. I locked his positions and I will manage them from here on. So far I’m up 134 pips with these two positions. Thanks!

Top ZuluTrade Signal Providers for this week (11-26 to 11-30)


Here are the top signal providers for this week. I post last weeks as well in the previous post ( forgot to post it on time – sorry ). I guess not much has changed besides for333 losing his crown, first to Artem1584 and now to denganyougianle.

Top signal providers for this week:

Rank Name Graph Pips Trades Followers Amount Following
#1 denganyouqianle 5641 962 5997 $6M
#2 for333 9225 742 5327 $6M
#3 duanxian(GBP\USD) 24945 2114 1265 $1M
#4 f8 33289 4289 1770 $6M
#5 windows88 18212 1694 402 $588K