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PipBoxer V4 Review


Hello everyone. After a long long time demo testing the PipBoxer V4 Expert Advisor (forex robot for all you newbies out there) I’m finally ready to pass some meaningful judgment upon it, hence this review.

First off I should mention that the version I’ve been testing is NOT the latest one! The latest version is V5 and it uses a different trading strategy than V4. Thus my review may be of limited use, but nonetheless I left that I should at least publish my findings. Maybe V5 is better, maybe not. I might find out later on if the good folks at Investatech (company behind PipBoxer) send me the PipBoxer V5 demo package. I’ve fired off a request, so let’s see if they respond favorably.

Before I go any further I would like to kindly thank the Investatech crew for sending me the PipBoxer V4 demo package for testing – without that this review would not be possible.

What is PipBoxer?

PipBoxer V4 (important to note that the latest version uses a DIFFERENT trading style) is an expert advisor (aka EA) that uses a breakout trading strategy.


PipBoxer V4 analyses the market 24/5 to find the best opportunity to enter a new trade. Compared to V3, this version of PipBoxer could enter a trade any time of the day. PipBoxer V4 does not use any indicators. PipBoxer V4 uses a price action mechanism to recognize the direction of the market. The elimination of the indicator makes PipBoxer more dependent on what market shows right now rather than what has happened in the past.

Features it lacks

PipBoxer V4 is only partially compatible with fractional pips (5 digit price feed) and does not send out email signals.

Forward demo testing results

Alright, now let’s get to the meat of the story – how PipBoxer V4 performs. I’ve set it up on a $50K Liteforex demo account on February 25’th, 2009. Until then I’ve had it running nearly 24/7, except for a 3 week period where I was on vacation, and I got the following performance result (click on the PDF icon below to download my performance statement):


As you can see from that statement, my original $50K account slowly drained itself down to roughly $27,000 which represents a loss of around $22,000!


Well, as you can clearly tell by taking a look at my performance statement PipBoxer V4 is not profitable. I thus would not recommend PipBoxer V4. You can’t buy this version any more from the PipBoxer homepage so it’s unlikely that you’d come across it anyways, but if you do somewhere I’d suggest you avoid it. If you feel adventurous try PipBoxer V5.

Like I said at the beginning of this post, if the folks behind PipBoxer honor my request and send me a demo copy of PipBoxer V5 I would gladly test it out and let you all know how it performs. But until they do (that is IF) I am moving on to other EAs.

I wish you all profitable trading – be it automated or manual.


FapTurbo Swiss Is Dead


I bet that title got your attention. Technically it is correct – FAP Turbo Swiss is dead, but fortunately in name only. What happened is due to copyright infringement the FapTurbo crew had rename FapTurbo Swiss in a hurry. They settled on the name “FapTurbo Evolution” with the full name being known as FapTurbo Evolution Edition. Personally I think this name is better than the previous one, but then again it’s just a name in the end and it doesn’t matter as much as trading performance.

The new FapTurbo Evolution homepage can be located at:

As I promised I will let you all know when FAPTurbo Evolution gets released. I’ve been chatting with the creators of this new Fapturbo version and they promise this one will be their best ever. Let’s hope they’re right.

Until next time, I wish you all happy and profitable trading!


Forex Monster


Hello my dear blog readers and visitors. It looks like there is a new commercial forex robot out on the block and making noises. Its name is Forex Monster (yeah I know, it’s a weird name). I’ve been getting swamped with e-mails from the various forex mailing lists I subscribe to regarding this new Forex Monster EA. Granted they’re all pretty much promoting this product, but I wonder if there is any merit to this one. It makes some bold claims:

FX monster *thrives* on the kind of volatile market conditions that cripple other robots, and will never lose your entire balance with a single bad trade.


this invulnerable bot…

– is already proven to turn $10,000 into $59,000 with just 7 auto-pilot trades

– was built from the ground up based on the feedback of 3,000 real-life Forex traders… and NOT some B.S. developer or guru

– was designed for the little guy – 9 to 5’ers with little capital. You can get started on the cheap – with no techie jargon to worry about.

– because it’s automated, it takes just 10 minutes per week to run, absolutely no work and no experience with trading needed.

Forex Monster was just launched today so it may be a bit premature to ask you folks for your first impressions, but I thought I’d still try anyway. So, please give me a shout by leaving a comment on this post.

Hope to hear from all you early adopters 😉 If the EA is good I’ll jump in and buy it too.

Forex MegaDroid

 Forex MegaDroid


Forex Megadroid’s price is going up to US $149 on Friday, January 22nd, 2010 – Get it before the price goes up!

UPDATE: I just bought this forex robot (here is the “official announcement”)  and I’ve also just published the first performance testing results update over here.

UPDATE: For the second performance update go here now!

Have any of you guys heard much about this Forex MegaDroid forex robot? I’ve been receiving e-mails from the usual promoters promising the moon with this forex robot. For example:

Today you’re about to learn WHY a Forex robot can actually see into the

immediate future with an unheard of accuracy rate: 95.82%


The developers of Forex MegaDroid have taken it upon themselves to

push things further… much further …and they’ve certainly achieved their



==> Over l00% Net proflt per month, every month… complete autopilot

robot trading.

The supposed developers are two guys by the name of Albert Perrie and John Grace. I’ve never heard of these people and I wonder if they’re even real persons or just aliases.

The robot itself is said to be based on some RCPTA technology. I have no clue as to what this  RCPTA tech is – do you? If so let me know.

UPDATE: I found out at least what RCPTA means. It’s actually called Reverse Correlated Time And Price Analysis (RCTPA) theory. What it DOES I’m not sure yet, but will soon find out.

I signed up for their “early bird” VIP mailig list so I will post more details about this forex robot as I receive them.

Until next time,

Happy trading!