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Mark McRae Interviews Surefire Trading Challenge Champion

Hello fellow forex traders. I have another update regarding Mark McRae’s Surefire Forex Trading Challenge (btw,my other posts can be found here and here). I was notified via e-mail by Mark that he interviewed one of the winners of the Surefire Trading Challenge. His name is Marcos “The Spaniard” Fernandez, and according to Mark McRae’s previous e-mail, during the trading challenge Marcos gained over 200% in one month with a live account.

That aside I’d like to comment a few things about the interview. First of all “Marcos” sounded genuine to me, and I got the feeling that the guy does know what he is talking about. He, much like so many of us, is not yet a full-time forex trader yet, but he aspires to be one. He is a professional engineer by trade and works full-time, yet he has put in the necessary hard work (I believe he mentions 3 years in the interview) to become successful at this forex game. I really appreciated his honesty when he said that the forex market is one of the hardest financial markets to trade – he is right!

My advice is that even if you end up spending money on these trading systems, it would still be a good idea to get a solid forex education. It’s that whole “teach a man to fish argument.” If you work hard at it and don’t give up you too may end up like Marcos, or possibly even more successful!

Also during the interview Marcos recommended a book that he feels has helped him tremendously in the development of his winning trading system. He did not remember the exact name of the author, but he did partially mention the name of the book. A quick Google check and thanks to the magic of the internet I managed to find the precise book he was referring to. The book is called Beat the Odds in Forex Trading: How to Identify and Profit from High Percentage Market Patterns (Wiley Trading) and it’s written by I. R. Toshchakov. I decided to grab myself a copy as I’m interested in getting an insight into the thinking that went into this trader’s method.

So in conclusion I’d say it was a pretty interesting interview. If you want to see it for yourself browse on over to this link and enjoy:

Also I should mention that the interview will be online for the next 72 hours only, so if you want to see it I suggest you do it now.

Thanks for your attention.


15 minutes inside Bill Poulos’s trading mind

Dear Forex trader,

If you haven’t already heard about Bill Poulos by now, you
should. Bill and his ‘computer genius’ son, Greg, created the
groundbreaking trading courses, Instant Profits & The Super
Divergence Blueprint.

I know from experience that because of his insanely busy
schedule, it’s nearly impossible to get Bill on the telephone
for a private chat.

Well, after several attempts, trader Norman Hallett was finally
able to get through to Bill and got Bill to agree to do an
interview. In fact, this is the ONLY telephone interview Bill
has EVER DONE. However, Bill made Norman promise that the
interview would be hard-hitting, pertinent and quick. He didn’t
want to waste time with chit-chat and B.S.

Previously only available to Norman Hallett’s private clients,
this quick-paced, 15-minute interview gets you inside the mind
of trader Bill Poulos. In it, you’ll learn…

** A bit about his trading background and why he developed his
groundbreaking trading courses…

** Who Bill’s secret ‘computer genius’ is and just what exactly
he did to make Instant Profits and the Super Divergence
Blueprint a reality…

** A broad overview of the trading methodology behind Instant
Profits and its companion method, the Super Divergence

Due to bandwidth limits, and because I know the demand for this
download will be intense, this exclusive, 15 minute recording
will only be available online for the next 72 hours, so you need
to grab your copy NOW.

It’s a quick download (less than 1 MB in size), so you can
listen to the interview almost instantly. Go to the link below
to grab it NOW…

Good Trading!

P.S. Hurry over to the link below to grab your FRE/E copy of
Norman Hallett’s 15-minute insightful interview with trader Bill

Note: Futures, forex, stock, and options trading is not
appropriate for all people. There is a substantial risk of loss
associated with trading these markets. Losses can and will
occur. No system or methodology has ever been developed that can
guaranty or ensure no losses will occur. No representation or
implication is being made that using this service, methodology
or system will generate wins or prevent you from having losing

An Interview with Niki from Easy-Forex

Read an extensive interview with Niki from Easy Forex, their marketing strategy, customer approach, advantages, and future plans.

Q. What is your professional background?
A. Easy-Forex™ Trading Platform, founded by a group of bankers, Forex and Internet experts, offers Forex traders direct access to the global currency markets.

Q. Who are your targeted audience?
A. Anyone wishing to participate in Currency Trading. We particularly focus on the individual, whether it is their first time, or for more experienced traders.

Q. Is your main focus of your business online or offline?

Q. Why should a trader choose Easy-Forex over another broker?
A. We provide an easy to use online platform that gives you 24/7 access from anywhere in the world; with useful features, training guides and full transparency. Key features of trading with us include:

• Start trading for as little as $50USD – credit card deposits possible
• No maintenance margin
• Online software – no software download necessary
• Personal account managers – online Chat and SMS features
• ‘freeze rate’ feature – unique to Easy-Forex™
• Comprehensive technical tools and indicators
• Transparent – no commissions or hidden costs
• Competitive spreads with various account types offered
• Regulated in US, AU and EU
• Islamic trading accounts available
• Security and privacy are a major priority

Q. What advice do you have for someone who is just starting to trade the forex market?
A. At Easy-Forex™, we believe that good training and relevant, up-to-the minute information is essential to achieving trading success. We offer a number of educational resources including guided tours and a comprehensive online guide to Forex trading. Our website has online chat facilities, and live feeds to charts, news, currency rates and outlooks. The best way to learn is to start trading and with a low margin deposit at just $50USD you can learn the market step-by-step.

We also warn our clients that currency trading does involve risk and strongly advise them to read terms and conditions and risk disclaimers.

Q. How different is the forex market today from what it was 2 years ago?
A. There are many more, new platforms available today. However, the trader is better informed and they are looking for a professional company that offers personal service and is fully transparent. Today’s trader wants to know that they are talking to real people, with a real address and with a company that is meeting all regulatory requirements.

The trader in today’s market is looking for value-added features such as SMS functionality, trading tools and personal training and support.

Q. Do you also offer Fund management services?
A. No. Easy-Forex™ acts as Market-Maker. Though, we do serve traders who may trade for others.

Q. Who are the main competitors of Easy-Forex in the on-line Forex market?

Q. What do you think about Forex scam problem in the on-line Forex brokers market?
A. This happens much less in regulated environments such as the EU, US and Australian.

Q. Where do you see Easy-Forex 2 years from now?
A. Continuing to lead the way in opening up the Forex market to individuals wishing to trade. Creating a more accessible and transparent environment for the trader to operate in safely. And maintaining and improving our place as one of the 10 world biggest Forex retail platforms.

Q. What Marketing Methods have you taken so far?
A. Traditional ‘off-line’ marketing including printed media, TV, presence at professional Forex and Affiliate Expos. ‘On-line’ direct advertising through various media providers and internet affiliates. Easy-Forex™ was the first to launch a Forex-Affiliate platform. We now have over 40,000 worldwide registered affiliates.