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Top ZuluTrade Signal Providers for this week (12-03 to 12-07)


Here are the top ZuluTrade signal providers for this current week – 12 03 to 12 07. It looks like not much has changed. Actually nothing has changed. For333 is still numero dos as they say en Espanol.

Rank Name Graph Pips Trades Followers Amount Following
#1 denganyouqianle 5784 974 6588 $6M
#2 for333 9155 748 5249 $5M
#3 f8 33024 4320 1855 $6M
#4 duanxian(GBP\USD) 24884 2140 1364 $1M
#5 windows88 18259 1718 502 $712K

Disabled two more ZuluTrade signal providers


Just WTF are you doing?! That’s what I have to say to ZuluTrade providers who pile on positions against the trend. Two of what I considered my favorite signal providers have gone “loco” and decided that it would be cool to try to short the EUR/USD (and others) in spite of a CLEAR bullish trend on multiple time frames. I understand that they may have wanted to “short tops” but why in the hell would you double down as you see the market slide against you and open more and more positions?! This is the sign of desperation. One provider broke their promise to not open more than 4 positions at once – they inflated the number of positions to 10! Way the go! Not!

These two signal providers that I’m talking about (which are now disabled – perhaps temporarily perhaps permanently) are: “good good system” and “Qurenix”

So what did I do beside disable them, well, I also closed all their open positions. No thanks, I am not going to hold on to their drawdown. I know they most likely do not give a crap because (some of them)  it’s not their money, right?

I’ve been manually trading in the same zulutrade account and I managed to lock in 9158 pips so far. Why couldn’t they be on the same side of the trend like me? I mean what the heck, they’re supposed to be professional and me the “amateur” no?

Anyways, I’m venting here. I will calm down in a bit.

For now the only signal provider that I have active is “FxTurtle” To this signal provider I’d like to say “kudos” for not doubling down and for sticking with the trading plan. He’s also got in on the EUR/JPY trend which I like. I locked his positions and I will manage them from here on. So far I’m up 134 pips with these two positions. Thanks!