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Metatrader Spread Recorder Indicator

forex spread recorder

Hi everyone. I just came across a neat metatrader 4 indicator that records the spread history of any currency pair you choose. Basically the way it works is you attach it to the chart of any given currency pair you prefer and it will record to a file every change in that currency pair’s spread (difference between bid and ask) until you tell it to stop recording.

This can be a really useful tool to keep an eye on your broker if you suspect that they’re doing something fishy like artificially raising the spread at key times during specific trading sessions, or it can of course be used as a mere curiosity and research tool.

For me this indicator is most useful in finding whether a particular broker is well suited for the Asian session scalper EAs that I use.

You can get this indicator by visiting the thread I created on the Forex Nirvana forum. You have to register to download the indicator, but worry not, the registration process is really quick and easy. Here is the link you need:


Hope you find this post useful!



Forex News Calendar MT4 Indicators

Hi everyone. I’d like to share with you two very useful indicators that show you the upcoming forex news releases. One is called FFCal and the other Plot News (version 3.0 – last and final release).

Install instructions for Plot News:

1. Download and unzip the News v303.ZIP file into your MT4 folder, unzipping the files within to the relevant sub-folders, and overwriting any existing files of the same name.
2. Restart MT4.
3. Run the Calc Timeshifts.EX4 script if you wish to have the time offsets calculated automatically for you.

For further instructions, additional information, screenshots, release history, etc, please read the ‘Operating instructions’ document (it’s in the ZIP file).

OR you can run the automated install program located in the NewsSetupv310.zip file.

Install instructions for FFCal:

Copy the FFCal.mq4 file into your MetaTrader 4 “indicators” directory, restart MT4, attach it to the chart.

In order to use it, you need to turn on DLL Imports in your Metatrader platform options, because it calls a DLL to get your timezone, as well as another to read the ForexFactory web page to get news information. (Be aware it will write out .XML files to your expert/files folder).

This is how one of these forex news calendar indicators looks like when attached to your MT4 chart:

forex factory calendar

You can find them both over at the Forex Nirvana forum:



P.S. You have to register for the forum in order to download the files attached to that forum post.