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Japanese Charting secret recently ‘programmed’ (free download)

I just installed this plugin, that you’ve gotta see.

Brick Charts Advanced

From what I’ve seen, the Japanese have been holding onto
(and protecting) a charting secret that’s kept a select
few ‘keepers’ of this method heavily in the black…

But at the time, it was all being done MANUALLY.

Not anymore, thanks to these programmers!

It eliminates choppy markets and price action to basically
smooth out the charts for easy reading… and TRADING!

Read more and download here


P.S. When I got mine, I was told about an extra video
sequence, make sure you get it too:

Review it here

You don’t have to hand chart this anymore: (download)

Did you know there’s an old Japanese charting
technique that’s so consistent, it actually WIPES away
market noise?

Sadly, it’s also a technique that had to be
HAND-WRITTEN manually.

That is, until some crazy genius Russian programmers
got a hold of it and turned it into an push-button
plug-in that installs…


And I’m totally loving it (clean charts are a
Godsend!). Anyways, it had such a cool story, I had to
tell you:

Click here to get this plug-in, too


P.S. Not everyone can trade this – in fact, MetaTrader
users still don’t even have the option…

Until now!

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High Velocity Market Master System LIVE Demonstration

I challenged you to a pop quiz last week. These guys are taking what I
consider the ultimate test!

I’m going to see if they’ll crash and burn or pull through like champs…

By now you’ve had a chance to start mastering the 12 simple
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So are you a forex trading whiz-kid?

How did you do on the Pop Quiz I sent earlier in the week?

Did the answers surprise you? Even as an experienced trader, I know some
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Are you a forex trading whiz kid? Take the test

Pop Quiz!

How many markets should YOU trade to be successful? (Do you know the
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Even if you did fire back the answers, there are some unique nuggets of
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So, the answers. Here they are:

No matter what market or timeframe you trade, this video will give you
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Last chance to get the famous Ultimate Swing Trader 10 min strategy


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You can’t count on this proven system being around for even one more day!

I had to convince the guys to dig in the warehouse for any extra copies and
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