Free Forex Rebellion Indicator

Hi everyone. I’ve got a nice forex freebie to share with you! This freebie is a mod for the Forex Rebellion manual forex trading system. A very generous member (jmw1970) of the Forex Nirvana Forum is sharing his custom indicator(s) for this trading system. Bear in mind you still HAVE to have an actual legit copy of Forex Rebellion so this indicator is only useful to those who already do. If you don’t already own a copy you can grab one by visiting the forex rebellion homepage.

Once you’ve got your legit Forex Rebellion indicator jump on over to the Forex Rebellion thread at Forex Nirvana and download jmw1970’s indicator package. Here is a direct link to what I believe to be the latest version of his forex rebellion indicator:

This may not actually be the latest version though so if you want to make sure I strongly recommend you go through the entire thread here:

Jmw1970 is currently testing his Forex Rebellion  modifications on a small live account. You can follow his progress here (if you want):

He also mentioned in the forum thread that “ testing will be complete end of July, [and] if all is well then the new indicators will be uploaded early in August.”

I hope you folks found this post useful.

Kudos to jmw1970 for his great work. Please, if you found his mod useful jump on the forum thread and thank him!