New version of the free Forex Rebellion indicator is out

Hi everyone.  I have a bit of news for you. In a previous post of mine I announced that a member of the Forex Nirvana forum – jmw1970 – has created a “mod” or enhancement for the Forex Rebellion manual trading system. Well, it turns out that JMW1970 has released a new version of his free Forex Rebellion mod package, and you can easily get your hands on it!

You can get your copy right here:

Please note that this DOES NOT mean you’ll get the Forex Rebellion system for free. JMW1970’s mod requires that you have the original Forex Rebellion indicators. This is just to clear up any ideas that JMW1970 is distributing a pirated version of the Forex Rebellion system.




2 thoughts on “New version of the free Forex Rebellion indicator is out”

  1. I suppose that the best indicators and systems are the ones that are based on support and resistance levels. This is just my opinion. Thanks for information.

  2. Thanks for sharing that may be wrong it may be right..I just hope you didn’t express solely to pitch that link of yours :p

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