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As you may have noticed over the past two week or so I’ve been blogging about my intention to start my own Forex VPS hosting venture (I first blogged about this here). I’m glad to report that it is now more than an intention. I am nearly 100% sure I have enough interested traders to get the vps solution up and running.

In light of this I think I should post some images to show you how the VPS platform will look like. All these were taken from a fully functional vps account on the new platform. So permit me to show you how the platform will appear from a user’s point of view.

1) This first image shows what you will see the very first time you log into the VPS platform. Bear in mind that you have to choose beforehand in your vps control panel which broker’s platform you wish to install. I used FXDD purely as an example but you should be aware that the platform will offer you a large selection of mt4 brokers.

2) Once you’ve created a demo account or bypassed the demo account creation process and logged into your live account you should be presented with the main MT4 window:

3) In the image below you see me attaching an expert advisor (EA) to the chart. You do however have to first upload it to your EA library or use any of the preinstalled EAs. But once you have an expert advisor uploaded it will show up in the Expert Advisors section in the Navigator window. Trust me when I say uploading EAs to your vps account will be as easy as it can get – you won’t have to mess around with FTP or anything else.

4) Adding indicators and manipulating charts is just the same as it would be if you were running the trading platform on your own computer – nothing different.

If you wish to see any other parts of the vps platform or have questions that I can address please feel free to either leave a comment here or join the forex nirvana forum and post your question in this thread.

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Now if you’re excited to get on board this vps platform once it goes live please sign-up for the following mailing list (link below) and I will notify you when the platform goes live:

Forex VPS Mailing List Sign-Up

Thank you for your attention and support!

Best of luck with your trading!


6 thoughts on “My Forex VPS solution will look like this”

  1. What do you think of the Metatrader 4 platform? I have been using this for a short while and have found it great but quite complicated for a newbie.

  2. I love it, but I will admit that it’s not exactly super easy for a forex newbie. There is a learning curve but I think it’s worth it. Best part of MT4 is the ability to use automated trading systems (aka EAs, or “expert advisors”).

    Plus there is a HUGE community of MT4 users/fans and plenty of freely available expert advisors and custom indicators!

  3. more trader using expert advisor to trade nowdays. i think is’s good bussiness to start VPS hosting

  4. That is definitely true. Automated trading systems are growing in popularity and in my opinion the best way to ensure that they’re given the best trading environment is to run them on a high quality internet connection with low latency and no congestion.

  5. Hello all,

    I would much appreciate if someone who is familiar with VPS can answer the following question:

    IS there any risk the code of an EA to be copied/stolen or whatever by the host of the VPS service?

    Thank you in advance.


  6. Hi there. That question is one of ethics. Technically speaking the hosting company can access the EA if it is uploaded in unprotected mq4 (ie source code visible) format. This is one very big legal liability though and thus I don’t think it will happen.

    I assure you though that my VPS platform will not access/copy/steal your EAs.

    Also one advantage of my VPS platform is that it will NOT be windows based which means it is by far more secure against hackers and other malicious activities. Realistically you have a higher chance of getting your EA stolen by some hacker than by the hosting company itself – especially one that uses Linux as the server OS (Linux has strict user controls and security restrictions)

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