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My own Forex VPS solution – anyone interested?

Forex VPS

Hello everyone.

Alan here with an important announcement geared
toward all of you who trade foreign currencies (forex) like me.
I am seriously considering putting together my own Forex VPS
solution and I thought I’d send out an e-mail to see if any of
you would be interested in signing on board.

I’m not sure how many of you know what a forex VPS or even a VPS is
all about so I’ll briefly explain it here. Those of you who already
know this stuff can just skip it.

Basically a VPS is a dedicated computer/server that is hosted in a
high-end data center with a very high speed and reliable internet
connection. This VPS server’s job is to run your forex trading
platform and any forex robot(s) (automated trading systems, also
known as expert advisors) you may wish to use. It is the ultimate
in piece of mind for traders. IT ensures that power outages, slow
home internet connections, and other such problems do not affect
the performance of your trading applications. I think that every
trader should use a VPS solution if they’re serious about what
they’re doing.

Suffice it to say that what I have in mind to setup will be a very
advanced platform. It will be Linux based so you can’t get virus
infection, it will be rock solid stable, it will be portable
(you can log into your vps platform anywhere in the world), and
last but not least it will offer you unlimited bandwidth plus
unlimited memory usage – so you can run as many forex robots (EAs)
as you’d like.

Platforms that will be made available: MetaTrader 4 (MT4) and
MetaTrader 5 (MT5)


The vps servers will be spread across 3 data centers – US, UK , and
Hong Kong. I will configure your VPS account to use the server
which is nearest to the MT4 server of your chosen broker thus
providing the lowest latency connection possible.

One thing that may interest affiliates and system sellers/marketers
is whether we will have an affiliate program. The answer is yes.
You can even have it so that your clients will not have access to
whatever EA you’re selling but merely “lease” it while running on
the VPS account.

To launch this venture I’d need about 100 clients to start.

What about cost?

Well, I did some research and I decided that given the fact that
there will be no bandwidth and memory restrictions then $45 /month
would be a reasonable price to ask. Most other forex vps providers
charge double!

So whoever is seriously interested please let me know by signing up
to the interest group mailing list I setup for this purpose. Here
is the link:

If I get 100 or more people on board then I’ll get the wheels
rolling and in a short while the vps platform will be made

If you have any comments or suggestions feel free to e-mail me or post a comment.
Also if you have further questions I recommend you checkout this mini FAQ I’ve put
together over here:

P.S. Feel free to share this info with your forex trading friends
and associates.

Thank you for your support.


Forex VPS News – PhotonVPS Makes Improvements

PhotonVPS logo

Hello fellow traders. I’ve just received an e-mail with some news from a popular forex VPS provider – PhotonVPS – letting me know that they made some improvements to their services. I though some of you may be interested in knowing this info. Here is what the folks at PhotonVPS have to report:

1. Bandwidth on all plans have been doubled and you should see the new values in SolusVM already.
2. We now have SolusVM in both English and Chinese, this can be changed from the dropdown menu at the login.
3. IPv6 support is around the corner and there will be another announcement once it’s available.
4. We’ve added nLayer which by popular demand has the best transit to APAC as well as for gaming clients.

Good to see that they doubled the bandwidth. This should make them far more competitive in an increasingly heated “forex vps” marketplace. In the interest of disclosure I had a demo account with PhotonVPS but never got around to opening a real account. By demo I mean I had one for review purposes. I haven’t written he review yet, but I’ll get around to it someday hopefully. During the time I demoed their services I never had any issues.

For more details about this company checkout the PhotonVPS website.


Mathematic Proof of a VPS being cheaper than a home computer

There has been many questions about how much it costs to run a home computer 24/7 and if a VPS would be cheaper or more expensive.

There is a lot of people giving their opinion, however there is nothing compared to scientific proof of the fact that a VPS is cheaper.

I will prove this logically and mathematically:

I will start by explaining the simple principles of Electricity and the power used.

As we all know, electrical components consume power (va), one Watt of Electricity is also known as 1va. Calculating the voltage in a component and multiply it by the current used amount arrives at this figure.

Example 1:

Component A has a supply rated at 12V (Vn) and measurement shows it draws about 4.5A  (In) from the electricty supply. To figure out the power rating of the circuit you simply multiply the Voltage by the Current therefore..

P = Vn * In = 12 * 4.5 = 54 watts or 54va

Now that we understand that part, there is one important point to make at this stage. If you change the Voltage, you will also change the current drawn from the circuit, however the power will remain the same at 54va.

Example 2:

P = Vn * In = 200 * 0.27 = 54 watts or 54 va.

If you are thinking about the 0.27, then that is the current drawn from the circuit. As I said, the power must remain constant for the circuit, so by increasing the voltage you are reducing the load taken from the circuit.

If you have any doubts about this then do the calculation in reverse.

Calculation in reverse:
In = P / V = 0.27A

Now that you understand that, I will get to the cost of running a home computer 24/7:
Your computer has a 650W (650Va) PSU (the power supply Unit at the back of your computer) and runs at 120V, therefore it will draw  some 5A from the supply. Most computers have a 650 Watt power unit (the exception being servers that have 900 W or more PSU’s)

Now remember the examples above I mentioned?

650 / 120 = 5.41 where

650 is the maximum power of the PSU
120 is your electricity supply Voltage.

There are things inherent in all electrical circuits that have a bearing on the actual power used and these are called losses.
They occur due to electrical circuits being far from perfect and take the many forms. The average domistic PSU in a computer will operate at about 80% efficiency due to the nature of the circuits employed. This means that for the PSU to deliver 650W (va) as rated then it will actually draw about 520W (520va).

Now we have that information, we can begin to look at a more accurate cost running calculation:

Your PSU, as I have shown above, uses 650W (va) of electrical energy from the supply. Therefore to do the cost calculation is rather simple.

Example 4:

Power used at maximum (Pmax) = 520va

So now calculate the total power used in 24 hours,

P(max) * 24hrs = 520 * 24 = 12480va or 12480W (12.48Kva or 12.48Kw)

If you pay, for example, 32 cents for each unit of electricity, then your cost of running the computer is :

12.48 * 32 = $3.39c per day

If you wish to know the monthly cost, then calculate as follows:

12.48 * 7 * 4.3 = 375.648c or $37.56 per Calendar month.


The 4.3 in the above equation is the multiplier required to calculate any figure on a calendar month basis.

Therefore if you used a home computer running 24/7 you pay $37.56 in electricity bills, or you can pay $35 for a VPS.

Concluding notes:
The power supply in the USA is 120 V
The power supply in most of Europe is 240 V
So calculations will need redoing for Europe voltages

ForexHoster VPS 37% Discount


I just learned a few minutes ago that ForexHoster, a popular forex VPS (virtual private server) provider is offering a pretty sweet discount. You can now get VPS hosting for your Metatrader expert advisors with a 37% discount for your first month payment, which is available for all new customers from August 3 – August 10, 2009.

The window of opportunity is a bit small in my opinion, and I wish they extended it for a month so a lot more people can take advantage of the opportunity, but it’s their call.

Check out the features section on their website and see the comparison
of ForexHoster service with other Metatrader VPS hosting providers:

The main advantages and main features include:

– Web-based VPS customer control panel – access your Metatrader from
anywhere and anytime using any computer or device supporting web
– 100% uptime guaranteed by our datacenter – we are the only forex VPS
hosting service with a 100% uptime network guarantee!
– Pre-installed MT4 trading platform with the broker of your choice
– Pre-installed Fapturbo Expert Avisor
– Simple upload of other Expert Advisors (3 clicks only)
– Multi-Operating System Support
– Complete independence from the Microsoft Environment
– No Windows Security Flaws
– Zero Virus , Spyware, Malware or other fears
– 24/7 monitored Systems
– Prevent ‘Ghost Trades’ commonly found in Windows servers or home

In case you missed the links lightly peppered across this posting, to get your discount simply visit the ForexHoster homepage over here.

By the way, on the front page of the ForexHoster website it still  shows the regular price, but if you click on the “Sign Up!” link at the top they do mention the 37% discount at the bottom of the page, so don’t worry you will get the discount.

At the moment I know of no other forex VPS providers that are offering discounts and special deals, but when/if I find out I will be sure to let you all know.

I’ll end this post by wishing you guys a profitable week ahead. Now go get some pips!