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FapTurbo 56 Without FX Choice Optimized Settings = Big Time Fail


My fapturbo saga continues. A while back I made a post about how the fapturbo team have improved performance via better settings. The bad news is that at the time those customized settings were only available to people who would open up an account with their preferred broker – FX Choice. Essentially you had to sign-up through their IB (introducing broker) link which means that no only do they get money from you when you pay for fapturbo itself but they also get regular commissions from FX Choice for as long as you continue to use that broker. But anyways,  I was expecting the fapturbo team to eventually release these custom settings to everyone (as they said they would) that is a rightful owner of the product.

That has not happened!

So while I waited for them to release the fx choice optimized settings to everyone I thought I’d just run the default settings on FX Choice. The end result was not impressive at all. My demo $50K account is now at $43K after 3 months of testing.

So the conclusion is that I guess if you want at least the chance of making profits with fapturbo you have to give in and open up an account with their preferred broker and through their IB link.

I’m going to ask the fapturbo team to let me use the optimized settings on a DEMO FX Choice account but I doubt they’d be willing to do that. It’s worth a shot though as at this point I can’t open a live test account with that broker.

I’ll keep you up to date if I succeed in getting this accomplished. If I do I will restart my demo testing.

Until next time,

Happy Trading!


Fapturbo Increased Performance Update 56


Hello fellow traders!

It has been quite some time since I last blogged about the Fapturbo expert advisor,  but I guess now is as good a time as any since the fapturbo team have released a new update which they claim will dramatically increase performance. We shall see about that. I must confess that I stopped using fapturbo a while back mainly because  with the stock settings it was not profitable. I ran all the scalper pairs and also the long term strategy, but from what I heard on a few forums the stock settings are basically junk so I never got far with my fapturbo test account.

Now that this update 56 is supposed to bring on a huge performance increase I intend to resume testing fapturbo again. The fapturbo team’s sales pitch is that we should expect “a HUGE PERFORMANCE INCREASE in just about every aspect.. our programmers have spent months to finetune those settings and add new algorithms.. so prepare yourself for HUGE gains!” Well now, they are just begging to be put to the test. All I can say is – Game on!

I do have some bad news though. Apparently not everyone will have access _initially_ to the improved fapturbo 56 settings. They want you to become a “premier member” to gain access to these settings. What this means is they want you to sign-up for an account with their recommended broker through their IB link. I guess selling just forex robots is not as lucrative as it once was. Anyways,  let me clear it up for you:

FAPTURBO 56 is optimized for their broker called “MyFXChoice”

For now I’m going to stick with a DEMO myfxchoice account and if all goes well I’ll be nice and open a live account through their IB link.

So now it’s time to install it and see how it goes.  I’ll make another post with a link to a myfxbook page once I get everything setup. From there on you can monitor my performance via the myfxbook page.

For those of you who have never heard about fapturbo you can find out more on the Fapturbo homepage.

Happy trading everyone!

Alan out.

New Fapturbo Version – Fapturbo Ichimoku

Hi everyone.

I’ve got some news to share regarding the popular Fapturbo forex robot. The news is that there is a new Fapturbo version called “Fapturbo Ichimoku.” Its creators claim that it will be “twice as profitable” and “twice as safe.” As you can probably tell by its name, this new version of Fapturbo used a trading system based on the trading concept of the “Ichimoku Cloud”

What the heck is an Ichimoku Cloud you say. Well, permit me to lay down some forex schooling on you. The ichimoku cloud indicator shows support and resistance, and momentum and trend directions.

The ichimoku cloud was developed by Goichi Hosoda, a Japanese journalist, and published in the late 1960s. It provides more data points than the standard candlestick chart.

The overall trend is up when prices are above the cloud, down when prices are below the cloud and flat when they are in the cloud itself. When senkou span A is rising above senkou span B the trend is stronger upward, and is typically colored green. When senkou span B rises above senkou span A, the trend is stronger downward and is denoted with a red-colored cloud.

This new version of Fapturbo has also been rewritten from scratch apparently, and I also found out that it uses a much smaller stop loss than the previous version.

At any rate I own the previous copy and I intend to put this new version to the test. First though I gotta find a forex broker that has demo accounts that do not expire. Once I have the demo account setup I shall make a post here to let you all know of my performance results.

Current Fapturbo members can download this new Fapturbo Ichimoku for FREE – just log into your members page and download it there. The rest of you will have to buy it from the Fapturbo homepage: http://www.fap-turbo.net

I shall keep you all up-to-date on my performance testing.

Oh, by the way, I also intend to share my performance results on the Forex Autopilot Forum here: http://www.forexautopilotforum.com

Happy trading everyone!



Started Testing FapTurbo on ForexMeta


Greetings everyone. As you may have noticed already in my previous post I announced to the world the availability of a new version of the popular FapTurbo forex robot – specifically version 52 (see this post for details.) As I mentioned in that previous post I have upgraded my FapTurbo to this latest version and I have also decided to test it with the broker that the FapTurbo crew recommend. The first broker to be tested shall be ForexMeta.

ForexMeta as far as I know is somehow related to FXDD. I’m not 100% sure of this but I think they are a whitelabel for FXDD. As such they use the GMT +2 setting and as far as spreads go they’re not all that low so I’m not sure how well suited this broker is for FapTurbo’s scalping strategy. But I guess since the FapTurbo crew recommend this brokerage firm I may as well see how well their EA performs there.

I’ve decided to use myfxbook to keep track of the performance instead of regularly uploading pdf performance statements to this blog as I have done in the past. This will not only make it easier for me to test more forex robots without overworking myself but it will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on my performance testing.

To checkout the performance results of the FapTurbo scalping strategy (ALL scalper currency pairs, M15 time frame) see this link:


To checkout the performance results of the FapTurbo EUR/USD M1 aka “long term” strategy see this link:


For FapTurbo newbies or curious visitors I recommend you see the FapTurbo homepage at:


I’ll keep you all posted on any FapTurbo related news as well as on how my performance testing goes.

Oh, and before I end this post I should also mention that I will also be testing FapTurbo on two more “recommended” brokers: FXCBS and IamFX. Two other blog posts will follow with more details, so stay tuned to this blog. Don’t you dare close the browser window! lol


FapTurbo Update 52 Just Released!


Greetings dear fellow forex traders. It’s been such a long time since I last blogged about the FapTurbo forex robot, but today I just found out that the FapTurbo crew released a new version and I though I’d let you all know.

So what’s new in Fapturbo version 52?

– New trading strategy: EUR/USD M15 scalper
– Improved default settings for all trading strategies (that means they’re MORE profitable)

That’s pretty much it. I guess the big news is the new EUR/USD scalper strategy. I’ve looked at their backtests for 2009 to 2010 and performance seems pretty good. They’ve managed to achieve a profit of $57715.50 with a starting balance of $10,000. Maximal drawdown is 18.46% which is not that bad but as always the lower the better is the name of the game. A profit factor of 1.53% with an expected payoff of 97.92 is also not too shabby.

As the other scalping strategies this new EUR/USD based one also trades during the 20 to 23 GMT time frame – it’s an Asian trading sessions scalper.

They also have a forward test on the details page but I’m not so sure whether it’s REAL money or DEMO. The reason I doubt that it’s a real money account is because the initial deposit being $100,034.00 and that they’ve forward test statement ends at 2009.09.30 06:58. I dunno, maybe they really do have $100K kicking around to play with, who knows.

Well anyways, I’m going to update my Fapturbo sometime today or tomorrow and demo forward test it on a MB Trading account since they have low spreads on the scalper pairs Fapturbo uses. I’m also thinking of testing it on Gallant FX’s platform as well.

Now, all you Fapturbo owners go visit your members page and update. Those of you who have never heard of Fapturbo feel free to checkout the Fapturbo homepage to find out more. If you already have a copy or if you plan to get one I recommend that you join me and other Fapturbo users at the Forex Autopilot Forum. There is a section dedicated there to Fapturbo. The link is: http://www.forexautopilotforum.com

That’s it for this post. I wish you all the best of luck with your trading – be it automated via forex robots or manual.


Fapturbo 50 update is here


Greetings! I’ve got some good news for all you FapTurbo users. The FapTurbo team have released FapTurbo version 50.  The biggest reason you may want to upgrade to this version is that FapTurbo can now trade on a new currency pair – GBP/USD to be precise. Additionally Fapturbo 50 includes new and improved default settings for the EUR/CHF and USD/CAD to improve trading performance.

Speaking of Fapturbo’s performance, I’ve got a few Fapturbo 50 backtests for you to checkout (PDF format. You can right click and save the files if you want):

1) Backtest of the new Fapturbo 50 currency pair – GBP/USD – from 2009 to 2010

2) Here you can see a full GBP/USD Backtest from 2005 to 2010 with default settings

3) Backtest of Fapturbo 50 trading USD/CAD from 2009 to 2010

4) Backtest of Fapturbo 50 trading EUR/CHF from 2009 to 2010

5) Backtest of Fapturbo 50 trading EUR/GBP from 2009 to 2010

6) Backtest of Fapturbo 50 trading GBP/CHF from 2009 to 2010

*By the way, make sure your broker has low spreads on this currency pair otherwise this pair will NOT be profitable for you*

7) Backtest of Fapturbo 50 trading USD/CHF from 2009 to 2010

*This pair was introduced in Fapturbo 49*

As you can see from the above backtests the performance of Fapturbo 50 isn’t too shabby. The key as always is finding the right broker. You gotta have low spreads, no scratch that, you gotta have STABLE low spreads to even stand a chance of making profit with this forex robot. Please keep in mind that the spread must be 1-3 (maximum 4) for EURCHF, USDCAD and USDCHF.

My suggestion is to visit the Forex Autopilot Forum to see what other Fapturbo traders are using as their broker. The link to the forum is:


Incidentally this forum is also a good place to be if you want to find out what other people think about fapturbo and to see how fapturbo is performing for them. You will get non biased opinions, unlike most so called “review” sites.

Now if you’ll excuse me I gotta get going and update my Fapturbo 49 to version 50.

I wish you all profitable trading!


FapTurbo On MB Trading MT4


Hi everyone. I’ve got an update for those of you who have been following my  FAP Turbo performance testing story. I finally gave up on InterbankFX as a viable broker to use FapTurbo on. The spreads during the time FapTurbo traders are so often ridiculously high that my account balance pretty much goes nowhere. I’ve ran FapTurbo on a demo $5000 IBFX account since December of last year and all I’ve got to show is a profit of $2844 – not all that impressive. And you want to know the reason for such crappy performance. Here it is:

2009.11.11 17:11:04    Fapturbo47 EURGBPm,M15: Current spread = 0.00100,  MaxSpread = 0.00050
2009.11.11 17:04:01    Fapturbo47 EURCHFm,M15: Current spread = 0.00080,  MaxSpread = 0.00050
2009.11.11 17:04:01    Fapturbo47 EURCHFm,M15: Trade signal is missed due to invalid high spread.

My MT4 “Expert” tab is filled with such messages. I’ve had it! I’ve decided to ditch IBFX and go for an ECN broker with super low spreads. The broker I chose to go with is called MB Trading and since they recently started offering the MetaTrader 4 platform I figured it would be a good alternative.

I’ve heard that ATC brokers is another good broker to use, but they have a pretty high (for me at least) minmum opening account balance compared to MB Trading. Thus if I wanted to trade FapTurbo with live money I’d more than likely go for MB Trading, hence my decision to demo test FapTurbo with them.

However I still have in mind to demo test FapTurbo on ATC Brokers as well. The reason being that even with MB Trading I get “spread too  high” errors, so this way at least I’ll find out which is the better broker to use with FapTurbo.

What really ticks me off about MB Trading is that FapTurbo misses a trade by such a narrow spread.

2009.11.11 16:59:24    FapTurbo49 GBPCHF,M15: Current spread = 0.00065,  MaxSpread = 0.00060

*For your info V49 is the latest FapTurbo version – see this post for details*

It’s almost as if they somehow knew I was running FapTurbo and deliberately raise the spread by that tiny amount to prevent it from trading. Hmm, I dunno, maybe that’s just my paranoia talking.

Ok, well that does it for my rant. If you want to share your FapTurbo trading experience/settings or just want to rant on just like me, I invite you to join me at the Forex Autopilot Forum:


See you there!



New and Improved FapTurbo With the USDCHF Pair


It has been a really really long time since I posted anything related to FAP Turbo, but alas the time has come. This time around what I have for you is double the good news. Not only is there a new version of Fapturbo, but it now features a new currency pair you can use -USD/CHF! That makes for a total of 5 currency pairs that you can trade with FapTurbo. Well, technically it’s 6 if you consider the non-scalper EUR/USD “long term strategy,” but I personally prefer not to use it.

I’m still using FapTurbo on an InterbankFX account and in maybe two weeks I’m thinking of posting another performance update. The gist of it is that the market hasn’t taken my account down and it’s still in profit. But admittedly I have to find another broker for it, and just recently I opened up an MB Trading MT4 account so I’m going to move fapturbo to that account.

I’ve taken the liberty to paste the official press release from the FapTurbo guys, so here it is:

As you may know we are continually improving and developing FAPTurbo behind the scenes to make our flagship increasingly better, more profitable and up-to-date with modern market conditions. We listen to your suggestions and try to implement most of them!

Our Renewed Commitment to You!

Fapturbo has been going strong for over a year now and we wanted to let you know that we keep working and developing so you can get the most out of your membership! (FREE of any future charges with your lifetime membership!) Our trading community grew to over 53,000 happy customers now and we want to make sure each one of you is on the perfect track for raking in tons of profits in the forex market. In those troubled times when the forex niche is overrun by worthless and not working crappy products we want to make a stand.

We believe in true customer care and we know if we can milk the forex markets together for our mutual benefit. We work as a team and we want to include you in the process.

Forex is wonderfully profitable for a relatively small learning curve (thanks to automated trading robots as fapturbo) and once you got the hang of it you will be glad you took the time and effort to understand what forex is all about.

But enough talk… it`s time for the facts!

It is our pleasure to announce our latest development for us and our clients! It`s been amazing profits secretly however we wanted to make sure to iron out every glitch and issue before releasing our baby to you.

Introducing *drumroll* —> Fapturbo version 49!

What is new with FAPT49? Why the buzz??

Meet the FAPT NEW currency pair! Finally after 6 months of live testing we are extremely pleased to introduce a 5th currency pair to the Fapturbo trading portfolio. Welcome the USDCHF (US Dollar vs Swiss Franc). Additionally Fapturbo49 includes new and improved default settings for the EURCHF and USDCAD to improve your trading performance.

If You are an active Fapturbo Member you are entitled to a free update and can download fapturbo49 in the members area!

Kind regards,
Steve, Mike Uli and the whole
Fapturbo Programming TEAM!

That about does it for this post. If you’re not an existing FapTurbo owner and want to find out more it or get your own copy check out the FapTurbo homepage below:


There is also a forum you can join to discuss all things related to this forex robot – that and you can get free support from the fapturbo users community. I’ll be there to answer your questions too! See you on the forum!


Alan out.