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World Class Trading Stars is now live and selling fast

world class trading stars

Hi everyone. I’m a bit late with this news but I thought I’d post it nonetheless. The World Class Trading Stars system’s sales page is now live so feel free to hop on over to their homepage to get your own copy of the product. Keep in mind that you are  getting a REAL physical product, not something you download.

There’s a few things that separate what Mark McRae (the main man behind this product) and his team do from every other forex operation out there today.

Their systems are always real, verifiable, tradable systems that work in the real world. They’re never hypothetical pieces of junk that die on you when the market changes.

Their focus is always on personal attention. It’s their goal to help you succeed. They do this in several ways and they’re always on hand to
assist you when you need it.

They’ve been around forever! They’re not going anywhere. I keep in touch with Mark via skype from time to time and have always found him to be a very friendly and professional guy. All the forex products he has been involved with have been of high quality.

World Class Trading Stars is supposed to be just three systems, but the package contains bonus systems, trade assistants, strategy room access, webinars – in other words it gives you a lot for your money. It’s meant to be and is a complete trading solution.

Have a look:


If you’re looking for proof, you’ll find all you need. You can log in to their accounts right now and see for yourself.

Go here:


Everything that you need to know is on the webpage, read through
everything, but try not to take too long to decide.

This is a physical product, only a certain number of copies have been
produced and they will not be doing a second run of this.

All the best,


Rover North Forex System (RoverFX) Has Gone Live

rovernorth forex systems aka roverfx

Hi everyone. If you remember my last post regarding this new Rover North Forex System (aka RoverFX) you’ll know that that the product was supposed to go live on February 1’st, but due to some technical dificulties they had to push the launch date until today February 2’nd.

So there you have it, the Rover North Forex System is now officially live. Those of you who are early adopters please be kind and share your experiences with the rest of us who are a bit more cautious 🙂 You can post your impressions/opinions of this system on the following forum thread:


So what is the Rover North Forex System?

Well I do believe I mentioned in my previous post that it is a MANUAL forex trading system. Rover North is the manual trading system that won the Sure Fire Trading Challenge. That’s pretty much it’s biggest “claim to fame.” All the forex marketers that e-mail me on a daily basis claim that this one is good and everything, but I dunno, they say that about every single thing they promote. So I guess we shall have to give it a try and see what the fuss is all about.

For more details you can checkout the RoverFX homepage.

Happy trading everyone.


Rover North Forex System – New Manual Trading System

rovernorth forex systems aka roverfx

Greetings traders! It looks like the forex trading systems marketer – Mark McRae – is up to something new. He is going to be releasing a new manual trading system that won his latest Surefire Trading Challenge. The name of this winning system is apparently RoverFX or Rovernorth Forex System if you will.

At this stage there isn’t much info on their website. There is an mailing list sign-up box you can use if you’re curious to learn more about this new manual trading system. Or alternatively you can wait until February 1’st when the sales page goes live – it’s up to you.

Being a manual trading system no doubt it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea (ie. those obsessed with “forex robots”). However I think it merits a try once they release it and I may get a copy for myself as well.

I’ll keep you all up-to-date on the latest regarding this trading system.

Happy trading everyone!

Alan out.

Forex Crescendo Performance Update #2 – Last One!

Forex Crescendo

Hi everyone. I’m back with another update on my ongoing testing of the Forex Crescendo EA. So far the latest version has been working out pretty good for me. My account is now at $10471 (starting balance of $10,000)  so I made $471 in about one month and a few days (account was started somewhere around Nov 31’st ). Although some of you may scoff at a “mere” $471 please remember that Crescendo is now a frequent trader and it is not a “high risk” EA so the performance level is actually quite good give then low drawdown/risk setting.

I’m thinking this will be my last performance update before I write a final “formal” review. I also have in mind to place it on a live FXDD account.

You can monitor the performance of my DEMO Forex Crescendo EA account over here:


So stay tuned for my final review. But so far I’d say it’s safe to say that Crescendo at the very least merits a try. You can find out more about it on the Forex Crescendo homepage.



Forex Crescendo Performance Update #1

Forex Crescendo

Hi everyone. OK, so it’s been a while since I last blogged about the Forex Crescendo EA that I’m currently testing on a demo Alpari UK account, so I figured why not quickly whip up a short blog post to let you all know how this EA is performing thus far. The short and quick answer is that Forex Crescendo v1.2  is currently losing money. The $10,000 demo account I started a while back is now down to $6,305 (roughly). You can check out my statement and keep an eye on this EA’s performance by following this myfxbook link:


I’m using version 1.2 at the moment, but I heard on Andrea’s (the EA’s creator) blog that he released version 1.3 which is supposed to be more of a “total rewrite” instead of an upgrade from 1.2. So I am going to upgrade REALLY SOON and start testing that version. I am NOT however going to start a new demo account. I’m going to just plug 1.3 on the same accoutn 1.2 traded and see if this newer version can trade itself out of the hole that 1.2 created.

I’ll keep you all up-to-date on how its performance progresses.

If you wish to join me in a discussion regrading the Forex Crescendo EA please see this forum thread:


That about does it for this post.

Best of luck with your trading!



Get access to the Surefire Trading Challenge Systems for only $7!

surefire trading challenge

Greetings everyone!

I’ve got a very pleasant surprise to share with you all. You all remember my posts about the Surefire Trading Challenge? OK, if you do not or aren’t a regular reader of my blog I suggest you read this blog posting of mine.  Alright, so let’s get down to business. I was cleaning up some of my older blog posts and I happen to come across one of my old postings regarding the Surefire Trading Challenge, and as I scrolled down to the bottom of their sales page to checkout the current price and to my surprise it shows as “$7” !! The normal price is $499 but apparently they are running a marketing test and thus allowing people to get their foot in the door sort of  speak for just $7.

However, this being a monthly subscription product you will still have to pay the $47/month fee if you decide to remain a member. But the cool thing is that you can sneak a peak at the Surefire Trading Challenge trading systems and their “Traders Secret Library” forum/knowledge database without paying the (IMHO rather high) $499 initial fee.

If you’re curious to know more about the Surefire Trading Challenge product or you want to take advantage of this surprise (and limited time) pricing I recommend you visit the Surefire Trading Challenge homepage:


Once/if you gain access to the surefire trading challenge site I (and no doubt others) would appreciate if you were to review/share your opinion of it over at my Forex Robots Forum. Checkout this forum thread link:




Forex Crescendo Loss

Forex Crescendo

Hi everyone. I hope the market is treating you well this morning. I’m here with a much needed post regarding the performance of the Forex Crescendo EA that I’ve been testing for the past two weeks. It seems my testing account got its but kicked. I’ve had two rather nasty loses on the GBP/JPY pair which brought my account badly below the original starting balance ($10,000). Here are the two trades in their glorious failure:

Uploaded with ImageShack.us

Here are the details regarding the two GBP/JPY positions:

153352112 2010.10.29 12:00 sell 0.50 gbpjpy 128.428 0.000 0.000 2010.11.03 14:51 131.055 0.00 0.00 -4.65 -1 614.27

153871522 2010.11.01 12:00 sell 0.50 gbpjpy 129.139 0.000 0.000 2010.11.03 14:51 131.055 0.00 0.00 -3.16 -1 177.36

Thus my account balance is sitting at: $7 586.26

Does this mean Forex Crescendo is no good and I should dump it? Not necessarily. I’m going to give it a chance to recover – maybe two more weeks is all it needs. I guess the best strategy before I jump to any conclusions is to wait and see how it performs for the long term. But there is no denying that it started out strong, but this recent loss is a big setback.

Also in case you are wondering, I’m using version 1.2 of the Crescendo EA – the latest one. Just thought I’d let you know before someone jumps in and says that the loss was due to me carelessly using an “out-of-date” version of the EA.

I’m wondering has anyone else had the same losses as me? Please share your experience, ideas, suggestions if you’d like. I’d recommend you make a post on the Forex Robots Forum thread dedicated to this EA. Here is the link:


I’ll keep you all posted either here or on that forum thread as to how my testing progresses. Wish me luck!


Forex Crescendo EA – Version 1.2 Is Out

Forex Crescendo

Hi everyone. This post may come a little bit on the late site, but I though that I’d let you all know that there is a new version of the Forex Crescendo EA out – specifically version 1.2. Those of you who – like me – have a copy of this EA should have received an e-mail from Andrea (crescendo’s creator) so if you did not get it I’d suggest you make sure it wasn’t improperly tagged as spam.

I’ve already upgraded to this version and so far I haven’t ran into any bugs or any such digital gremlins. Performance wise I think it’s pretty much the same as version 1.1. I did not notice any radical changes in the way that it trades. But anyways, how about I post a list of what’s new in this version? Here it goes (straight from the Crescendo’s creator – Andrea).

1. You no longer require MSFT libraries to make it
work and you no longer need to manually add suffixes
to the options as Crescendo automatically adapts to
all the suffixes now.

That means that you can use the EA with IamFX,
FXCM etc and even free VPS’s.

2. Crescendo now is completly invisible to brokers.
You can customize or hide the comments sent with
every order.

You can also change the referral time used to check
for opening new orders. So you’re no longer tied to
use the broker server time. You can shift from -11
hours to +11 hours from the broker server time.

Here is the complete list of what’s new in this

– ADDED: Shift option to shift the referral time
from the broker server time (its value can go from
-11 to +11 hours);

– ADDED: the EA automatically checks if it is
applied to the right pairs (GBPUSD and GBPJPY);

– ADDED: the EA automatically checks if the lot
size is equal to or higher than the minimum lot size
allowed by the broker;

– ADDED: the EA can hide the comments so that it is
“invisible” to brokers;

– MODIFIED: the text interface now shows only the
orders information regarding the pair it is applied

– MODIFIED: the EA no longer requires you to enter
a value on in the “suffix” field, instead it
AUTOMATICALLY recognizes the symbol name;

– FIXED: on some brokers an order may opened as soon
as one is closed, even if the frequency is set to a
non-0 value;

– FIXED: on some brokers, when the target profit
is reached not all the orders are closed;

– FIXED: the EA freezes after changing the time frame
and/or options;

By the way, Andrea is already working on version 1.3!

Ok, that does it for this post. I’d recommend that you’d join me at the forex robots forum if you wish to discuss this EA with other owners. Here is the direct link:


Until next time,